Indian Monsoon

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An average monsoon for the August-September period is when India receives downpours of between 96 percent and 104 percent of a 50-year average of 43.5 centimetres. (Reuters)

Thank heavens, El Niño unlikely to have big impact on monsoon

In the last 140 years, over half of the major droughts in India have coincided with the El Niño Southern Oscillation events

Still parched

Government must prepare to address the fallout of a poor monsoon season. It has no time to lose.


When green shoots don’t sprout

We need clarity on how the government plans to tackle the deficient monsoon.

Seasonal showers were trailing the benchmark average by 24% until July 25, picking up pace since July 10 when the deficit was 43%, according to the data by the India Meteorological Department.

India cuts 2014 monsoon rains forecast; says no evidence of drought

Jitendra Singh said there was no scientific evidence of a drought this year.


74.1 mm rainfall in 36 hours in city

296.2 mm rain brings down July deficit to 25 per cent.


Release of dam water: divisional commissioner, collector to decide

The district will continue supplying tankers to affected areas. In Pune, there are 75 tankers in operation.

In MP budget, cheer for farmers, no new taxes

Agriculture got top billing with a substantial rise in allocation from Rs 16,355 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 22,413 crore.


Monsoon to hit North India by end of week: Forecast agency

Monsoon was to hit the national capital by June 29, but has been delayed by a week.


El Nino may push retail inflation to 8-10%: Key facts

Effect of El Nino on Indian monsoon will be clear by July, but poor rains could hurt growth by 50-75 bps.

The Rain Man

‘The first sounds I ever heard were those of falling rain.’ – Chasing The Monsoon,Frater. For 88-year-old,Omkar Nath Dhar,the monsoons are his friend.