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GAAR to be revisited, need Plan B for land law: Arun Jaitley at Express Adda

Jaitley said investors came into a country because of easier business environment, not higher limits.


Express 5: Modi govt’s fresh directives, and a little comfort from UP

Here’s a list of five exclusive stories from The Indian Express that you must go through before starting your day.


EXPRESS 5: An investigation on communal riots, ordeal of a 20-year-old victim

Here are five exclusive stories from The Indian Express that you must read. before you begin your day.

Letters to the editor

The UPA gave Jains minority status and Jats OBC status just before the general elections but suffered a historical defeat even in Haryana, west UP and Rajasthan.

Letters to the editor: Strange laws

Why can’t these dignitaries cooperate in probing the controversy around the chopper deal? Of what use is the RTI if such immunity is available to chosen dignitaries?

Slice of capital’s less-known but rich heritage

Quest organised a heritage walk at RAHIM KHAN-I-KHANA’S TOMB for the students of St Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, Meera Bagh

The Modi chill

A polarised, shrunken debate allows only two options: you can either love him or hate him


An election without end

India’s well-oiled poll machinery is capable of completing the process much faster.

A dark chapter

Iraq’s decision to shut down the Abu Ghraib prison was long overdue

Target practice

Inflation and industrial production data point to stagflation. RBI must rein in inflation expectations

Cultivating Agriculture

Alagh emphasises the need for improvements in agricultural productivity through higher capital investment, in order to move the workforce out of agriculture.

Letters to Editor

The Chinese utilisation of its military forces for the MH370 search is surely an indication of their operational readiness.


Express 5: Bhagwat’s strong message to RSS cadres and clamour grows from BJP veterans for tickets

Five best stories of the Indian Express you must read before beginning your day.

Letters to the editor

Dikshit’s appointment is in keeping with the Congress tradition of accommodating those who fell from grace at the ballot but were worthy of the grace of the Gandhi family.


‘On Telangana Bill row, Speaker cent per cent wrong, has devalued Parliament’

“Narendra Modi is one of our colleagues and he is the darling of the masses today. In the BJP, the party president and team decide.”


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