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SP’s takeaway

It must deliver on its promise of better governance if it wishes to consolidate the bypoll gains

Quest for influence

Xi Jinping’s Malé and Colombo visits highlight a challenge Delhi can’t afford to downplay or ignore

One-day wonders

Team India make a spectacular comeback after the Test debacle. But fortunes are fickle in cricket

Light bulb moment

The latest heist in an MP bungalow shows these are dark times for Indian politicians

Look who’s walking

Soon, shoes will tell you where to go and we will all be bystanders to the internet of things.

Once more in Nepal

Modi government must first take note of how Delhi has undermined a crucial bilateral relationship.

Despite their misery

Having hosted an outstanding World Cup, Brazil can now look ahead to the Olympics

Cloud classes

Self-teaching can narrow India’s education deficit

How to be secular

Antony’s Kerala prescriptions could be a cue for the Congress to reanimate its secularism principle

The measure of me

Self-tracking is a fad that’s here to stay

Strong medicine

An article in a British journal draws attention to familiar evils of the Indian health system

Gopal Subramaniam, Raju Ramachandran

Gopal Subramanium case: Handled without care

Government’s conduct in the Gopal Subramanium case raises questions that it must answer

Strings pulling strings

Delhi University fiasco reveals the toxic relationship between the HRD ministry, UGC and universities

Grabbing a bite

Because footballer Luis Suarez was hungry for more

Four-year dead end

UGC’s questioning of DU’s attempt to reform seems ad hoc and disrespectful of institutional autonomy.