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Fortaleza vs Washington

BRICS summit signalled a more purposeful solidarity among emerging economies.


Claiming the city

The scope of corporate social responsibility needs to be expanded.


Flip side: The Vaidik Age

Vaidik interview with Hafiz Saeed is still to see the light of day, but portions of it have been leaked by ISI. Here are unofficial excerpts:


What the poor want

The mindset of India has remained mired in economic and political ideas that should have died with the fall of Berlin wall.

Raise a Toast

When media goofs up, it looks silly but real life blunders can be in deadly earnest.


Just a coronation

Why its becoming economy No 1 is not causing excitement, within China or outside.


From the discomfort zone: Doubt and Confidence

The biggest post-election doubt is that the Opposition learnt no lesson from dynasty party’s defeat and has, as yet, limited confidence to select a non-dynasty leader.

Semi column: Making officers think reforms

To get workable ideas to steer the economy the Prime Minister might find he will need to ask the secretaries to think for some time more than to speak now.


When the fighting has to stop

Immediately after Bangladesh was freed, Indira Gandhi declared a unilateral ceasefire on the western front.


To err and to recover

The AAP has made a few mistakes, which it must acknowledge and move on.


Getting aggressive on defence

How to recover from UPA’s record on military modernisation and national security.


From the discomfort zone: Brand in the new context

Unless the brand creates friendship with the customer, there’s little chance of its survival in the market.


Inside track: DD wakes up

It was only after a second or two that the rest of the CWC members hastily joined the chorus of protests.


Fifth column: Economic freedom at last?

To deliver on his promises of change and development, Modi will to have to first deliver on his assurance that there will be ‘maximum governance and minimum government’.


Flip side: Dim sum to Dhokla

With Manmohan, there was no communication; anonymity was his preferred default setting. Modi is a media multi-tasker in comparison.


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