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Economy’s green shoots yet to strike roots: Private investment still frozen

Global economy still in the woods. External demand which absorbed 50% of incremental manufacturing output, virtually absent.

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Indian economy like ‘one-eyed’ king in land of blind: Raghuram Rajan

Rajan, known to have frank views on state of affairs in the Indian and global economy, said “a bunch of good things have happened” in India, but there were “still some things to do”.

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IMF cuts global growth forecast; retains 7.5% projection for India

It has estimated India’s FY16 GDP growth at 7.3 per cent before moving up to 7.5 per cent in the next two fiscals.


Naushad Forbes: 9-10% economic growth essential for job creation

Naushad Forbes believes that it might not be sufficient to create enough productive jobs to keep the gears of the economy well oiled.

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Sort out the tax maze

India needs to rationalise capital controls, simplify its tax regime to mitigate illegitimate cross-border flows.

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Unhealthy pallor

Not so good news for the economy: Investment rate continues to fall even as industrial and agricultural pickup is anaemic.

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Across the aisle: Basking in an illusory sunshine

I do not doubt the intentions of the government. My worry is, does the government have a firm grasp of the current economic situation.

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Indian economy to grow 7.7% in 2016-17: ICRA

Pick-up in consumption after the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations and OROP scheme along with a potential upturn in rural demand are likely to boost economic growth in FY17, according to a report by credit rating agency ICRA.

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IIP shrinks 1.5% on poor capital goods, manufacturing show

Consumer non-durables output contracted by 3.1 per cent in January, as against a rise of 0.3 per cent last year.

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‘Improving business activity to drive demand in Chennai’

Showing their faith in India’s economic growth after a long time after the global financial crisis the corporate occupiers also have been in an expansion mode Chennai.

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Agri, power dip: Q3 growth at 7.3% lowest so far this fiscal

July-September estimate revised to 7.7% from earlier calculation of 7.4%


Raise capital via Renminbi bonds: CY Leung

The HK Chief Executive stated that it has the expertise and capacity to arrange a diverse range of fund-raising options, including syndicated loans.

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In fact: How govts pledged gold to pull economy back from the brink

In July 1991, the RBI pledged 46.91 tonnes of gold with the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan to raise $400 million but the government was quick to repurchase it months later as the situation improved.

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Reduction in interest burden could possibly prevent more companies heading towards bankruptcy

The ‘tight fiscal, easy monetary’ policy mix can better address problems that plague private investment.


2016 expectations: Pharma, infrastructure to pick up pace

As per a prominent investor, the market has seen a correction in 2015 and is expected to gain in 2016.