Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton

For Clinton, deciding how to prepare for a low-key primary

“All indications are that she’s casting a wide net, talking to smart people, and being methodical about thinking through her next steps.”


At Clinton center, the past and the future collide

Bill always said campaigns must be about the future, but Hillary’s potential bid is bound to bring up the past.


Clinton political network gathers amid 2016 talk

Clinton’s political family gathered in Arkansas, reminiscing about his two terms and relishing a first for his wife.

Poser for PC

Not to be outdone, a visibly amused Chidambaram pointed out that the two belonged to the same party and so Clinton was included in the government.


Chelsea Clinton quits TV journalist job to focus on family

Clinton said that it has been a “privilege” for her to work at the network.


Russia’s Putin ‘can be dangerous': Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: His latest aggression in Ukraine must be answered with a joint reaction by the West.


Clintons raised USD 1 bn for politics in two decades: Report

The Clintons’ personal wealth has rebounded, the Journal reported.


Bill Clinton defends wife Hillary’s commitment to poor

Clinton’s comments came on the opening day of the annual Clinton summit, focusing on issues like youth employment and child literacy.


When Obama forcibly entered secret Sino-India-SA-Brazil meet at climate change conference

Hillary Clinton in her memoirs ‘Hard Choices’ wrote that the purpose of China was to isolate United States.


‘Manmohan, Sonia told me no restraint if another 26/11’

On India’s foreign policy, Clinton has written that New Delhi prized its “strategic autonomy,” a factor that came to play during the 2012 crisis with Iran.

The isolated Mr Putin

Shut out of the G7 meet, the Russian president retaliates — by attacking Hillary Clinton.


‘Hard Choices’, Clinton’s foreign policy memoir distances her from Obama

Clinton’s book, seen as an unofficial start to her expected presidential run, is set for a June 10 release.


Hillary Clinton says she has ‘moved on’ from Lewinsky scandal

I think everybody needs to look to the future, said Clinton.


Hillary Clinton a weak woman, her statements were never too graceful: Vladimir Putin

In an interview, Putin did not hide that he found Clinton’s Hitler-like comments extreme.


VIDEO: Shoe hurled at Hillary Clinton during speech in Las Vegas

The woman was immediately taken into federal custody by the Secret Service.