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Woman drinking water.

Looking to lose weight? Drinking more water may help you

Drinking more water can alter messages from the stomach which can be interpreted as fullness by the brain.

Young sad woman with a plate of salad.

Can’t follow your diet plan? It’s probably because the strategy is all wrong

Dieters who restrict themselves from consuming the foods they love most may be setting themselves up for failure.

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Your mug of coffee might be why your hearing recovery from noise is slow

Regular caffeine consumption can greatly impede hearing recovery from loud noise, even making the damage permanent, says a study.

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elderly woman keeping red heart in her palms isolated on white background, symbol of care and love

Immunotherapy cuts heart disease risk in arthritis patients

Immunotherapy, a boon for rheumatoid arthritis patients. A new finding suggests that immunotherapy can reduce the risk of heart disease in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

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Weight loss from surgery could reverse premature ageing

Surgical weight loss may reverse the process of premature ageing, according to a research.

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Brisk walk boosts memory in breast cancer survivors: Study

Brisk walking and even jogging can lead to improved memory in breast cancer survivors, a study says.

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Increased exposure to traffic noise increases heart attack risks: Study

The study was conducted on people over the age of 40, to investigate the health consequences of traffic noise.

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Slim woman with measuring tape

Want to lose weight and cut that extra flab? Eat more pasta

According to researchers, eating pasta can lead to a decrease in the body mass index as well as decrease the likelihood of both general and abdominal obesity.

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Not just a case of extreme vanity: What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and why you need to know

Body Dysmorphic Disorder sounds like describing a person who is vane, but the problem lies much deeper – and it’s one that needs to be addressed.

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Walk more at workplace: Hold walking meetings for super health

Converting seated meetings at work into a walking meeting have the potential to positively influence the health of many individuals, new research indicates.

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Smartphones may boost emergency care for stroke, heart patients

Digital technology can boost their survival odds of heart patients in need of immediate emergency care.

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Novel test helps faster detection of pathogens in lungs

In a research, after using the molecular detection methods, most patients knew whether they have an infection with tuberculosis pathogens or not.

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Overuse of electronic gadgets triggers early ageing: Doctors

Excessive use of electronic gadgets, including mobile phones and tablets, can cause ‘tech neck’ that leads to early signs of ageing.

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Low birth weight increases risk of Type 2 diabetes

The study provides a potential causal relation between birth weight and risk of Type 2 diabetes

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Have curd daily to lower breast cancer risk

The results of a study may ultimately to the use of probiotics to protect women against breast cancer.

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