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Pace of walking and memory loss can predict dementia

The pace of walking and memory loss of an individual can now predict dementia accurately, according to a recent study.


Vitamin D deficiency increases schizophrenia risk

Individuals with Vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as compared to others.


Heart attacks kill younger women faster than men

Women have longer hospital stays and are more likely than men to die in the hospital after a heart attack.


Cinnamon can prevent food poisoning

Cinnamon can not only tickle your taste buds, the ancient cooking spice is also an effective anti-bacterial agent.


Smoking may contribute to suicide risk

Nicotine in cigarettes may trigger psychiatric disorders, raising a smoker’s risk of committing suicide, a new study has warned.


Pre-diabetes no category: Study

Calling people with moderately high blood sugar as “pre-diabetic” is a drastically premature measure with no medical value.


How Parkinson’s boosts creativity

Parkinson’s patients offered more original answers and more thoughtful interpretations than their healthier counterparts.


First dengue vaccine shows promise

A potential new dengue vaccine has demonstrated that it provides 56 per cent protection against the disease.


Scorpion’s venom can help detect cancer

Researchers have found a compound that appears to pinpoint all of the malignant cells in a patient’s body.


Babies born to healthy moms similar in size worldwide

Newborn babies born to healthy, educated and well-nourished mothers are strikingly similar in size the world over, according to a study.


Donate blood to keep your heart healthy

If you are a shift worker, donating blood could be an easy way to reduce the risk of heart disease, says a study


Older sperm donors as good as young

Sperm donors up to the age of 45 are just as likely to conceive children as those in their 20s, says a study.


Soon, an anti-depressant without side effects

Researchers have identified a compound that may treat depression without the unwanted side effects associated with it.


Japan to start clinical tests to regenerate spinal cord

Researchers will begin conducting clinical tests to try regenerating the spinal cord of people who have suffered from injuries.


Mammograms may cut breast cancer deaths by 28%

Experts say the tests can reduce the chances of dying from breast cancer by nearly 30 per cent and that national screening programs should continue.