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Breast cancer recurrence risk down since 1980s

  Rates of breast cancer recurrence fell by half or more between the 1980s and the early 2000s – likely due to improved treatments and increased screenings, according to a new study from Canada. The analysis of data on Canadian breast cancer patients offers reassurance that breast cancer survival is improving and also provides updated […]


Powdered measles vaccine found safe in early trials

Countries dabbling with conventional injectable vaccine against the measles virus may soon have an alternative.


Weight-loss surgery reduces diabetes risk

Weight-loss surgery could reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by around 80 percent in obese people, says a study.


Diet Diary: Fight the flu with home remedies

By: Ishi Khosla With winters arriving, the flu virus is spreading rapidly. It is not surprising that the medical term for flu, comes from the Italian phrase ‘influenza del freddo’ — the influence of the cold. Flu is slightly distinct from the common cold. Colds develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come suddenly and strikes […]

Treat food addiction to combat obesity epidemic

The key feature of any addiction is loss of control. In food addiction, loss of control is manifested by either more frequent or larger meals.


North civic body may pay Rs 5 lakh for dengue deaths

Over 5,500 dengue cases and six deaths were registered in the national capital last year, the south civic body states in its report.


Smoking linked with schizophrenia

There is a close association between schizophrenia and increased rates of tobacco smoking.


Tweaking brain circuits may cure autism

Researchers have discovered two intermingled but distinct population of neurons in the amygdala.


Diabetics at a higher risk of heart failure

People with diabetes who otherwise appear healthy may have a six-fold higher risk of developing heart failure.


Watch your diet to reduce diabetes risk

What you eat and drink, and not just the number of calories, is a significant factor in diabetes risk, a study showed.


Are you suffering from sleep ‘drunkenness’ disorder?

Sleep drunkenness is a sleep disorder that may be as prevalent as affecting one in every seven people.


Low-dose aspirin reduces blood clot risk

Low-dose aspirin can help prevent new blood clots among people who are at risk and have already suffered a blood clot.


Heart exercises also benefit brain

Exercising to improve your cardiovascular strength may protect from cognitive impairment as you age.


New vaccine offers protection against tuberculosis, leprosy

In a breakthrough, US researchers have found that an improved tuberculosis vaccine can offer strong protection against leprosy.


Men too prone to breast cancer

Though rare, incidents of breast cancer in men are not unheard of – and health experts call for awareness and timely treatment.