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10 foods you should never refrigerate, and why

Unknown to us, many foods lose a lot of their nutrient value when stored in the refrigerator. Here’s a list of 10 such food items that would be better off unfrozen.

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Breads, pavs, buns and pizza bases contain cancer-causing chemicals, says latest CSE report

According to the report, 84 per cent of bread and bakery samples collected from across Delhi contain residues of potassium bromate, potassium iodate or both.

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Adopting a healthy lifestyle could reduce cancer risk

You can avoid cancer by dropping bad habits and a defective lifestyle, and adopting a new healthy lifestyle with healthy habits.

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New method may preserve fertility during cancer treatment

More research will help develop of specialised therapies to prevent ovarian failure in cancer patients.

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New eyeglasses to help people with severe vision loss

New, better eyeglasses have been designed for patients of hemianopia — a condition in which the visual fields of both eyes are cut by half.

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Keep yourself busy to boost mental health

A study showed that at any age, a busier lifestyle can lead to superior processing speed of the brain.

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Eating potatoes four times a week may up high BP risk

Replacing one serving a day of potatoes with one serving of a non-starchy vegetable may lower hypertension.

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Child’s brain responds more strongly to mother’s voice

Many of our social, language and emotional processes are learned by listening to our mom’s voice.

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Exercise at any age could keep Alzheimer’s away

Being physically active improves blood flow to the brain and confers some protection from dementia.

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Obese women react differently to taste

Women with eating disorders find flavours either too intense or hard to distinguish from each other.

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Snoring kids may score low grades at school

Persistent snoring is linked to concentration and learning difficulties.

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Proper food, exercise can prevent youth from hypertension: Doctors

Doctors emphasise regular check-ups as, if ignored, hypertension can reach a stage where it cannot be reversed.

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Running barefoot could boost your memory: Study

‘If we take off our shoes and go for a run, we can finish smarter than when we started.’

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Shahnaz Husain’s tips on a healthy diet to keep your body cool and skin glowing this summer

The summer heat tends to drain out every ounce of energy from our body. Have a look at these tips by an expert on how to fight the scorching heat.

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Mothers with gestational diabetes ups body fat in babies

Is your baby gaining fat faster than other babies his or her age? It might be a symptom of your gestational diabetes seen in your child.