Harsha Bhogle

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Cricket must be the talking point this season

From a purely cricketing point of view the IPL is actually on the right path. For all that you might read in the papers, there is hardly a cricketer in the world who doesn’t want to be part of it.


Selectors believe Yuvraj Singh has what it takes to be at his best again

There wouldn’t be a person in India who wouldn’t want to see Yuvraj Singh at his best again, writes Harsha Bhogle.

Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir should tour England as third opener

Having looked beyond Gautam Gambhir for a year the selectors have told him that all is not lost.


Decision to run cricket according to commercial interests will cause inequity

Cricket needs a powerful commercial base, and rigorous money management.


In cricket, the importance of the coach is greatly overstated

Often coaches work well with certain kind of players and struggle in alien cultures where they seek to impose their style.


BCCI spends most time in courts,fighting administrative fires

I must admit I was very excited by the return of Zaheer Khan,writes Harsha Bhogle.

Haunted by their past,Proteas looked to be safe rather than sorry

On big stage,South Africa had collapsed in past and so maybe that fear was upfront.


Mitchell Johnson’s fury has put fear in the hearts of England batsmen

Single-handedly he has changed course of the Ashes and I say that carefully,writes Harsha Bhogle.


Kambli made poor choices… but Vinod still has some goodwill left

Vinod Kambli wanted to live life kingsize,as cigarette ads used to say,writes Harsha Bhogle.


Post-Tendulkar,the future looks as bright as it was at turn of century

I thought of it as I started writing this article in an atmosphere of post-Tendulkar gloom.


It is going to be a big,fat Indian wedding after all

I’m amazed that for all intensity Sachin carried onto the field he never once lost it,writes Harsha.


Sachin Tendulkar’s mastery in the late ’90s gave others time to find their feet

It was also a phase before Dravid,Ganguly and Laxman established themselves as world class batsmen.


One-day rules need to be tweaked to challenge batsmen

We need to look at the bat vs ball equation all over again,writes Harsha Bhogle.


IPL means India vs Australia is more friendly fire: Harsha Bhogle

Is the IPL almost preparing overseas players to beat the home country?


Cricket can go football’s way,clubs will get stronger than country

T20 has begun to question and refine theories on how it should be played,says Harsha Bhogle.