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French tax police raid Google’s Paris offices

A Google spokeswoman told reporters, “We respect French legislation and are fully cooperating with the authorities to answer their questions.”


Google’s Project Abacus wants to put a lock on password-based logins

Google’s Project Abacus could be the next best method of authentication after Apple’s TouchID and Microsoft Windows Hello


Microsoft to take a more measured approach with Hololens; avoid Google’s mistakes

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Sony are among the many tech firms that are betting on augmented reality, virtual reality or both.

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Google Play Award winners announced; Houzz is the best Android app

Google has finally announced the winners of its first-ever ‘Google Play Awards’ for apps and app developers on Android across a variety of category.

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Snowden asks people to avoid Google Allo over privacy concerns

Google’s Allo messaging apps, announced at the annual I/O 2016 conference, is already under criticism over privacy concerns.

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Google is building its own chip called Tensor Processing Unit for AI

Google has designed its very own custom chip for deep neural networks calling it a TPU, Tensor Processing Unit.

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Google Project Jacquard Smart commuter jacket announced in tie-up with Levi’s

Google and Levi’s have developed a new jacket that lets users interact with their smartphones by swiping at the garment

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Google’s Project Ara modular smartphones to be available in 2017: report

Google modular phones will work on a simple concept – once a basic model is bought all the bits can be pulled off and swapped as the consumer sees fit.

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Google Wi-Fi launched at three more railway stations in India

The minister said the government planned to introduce the service at all major railway stations in the country in three years.

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Google Play Store coming to Chrome OS later this year with native support for Android apps

Chrome OS is finally getting native support for Android apps and Play Store later this year

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Google plans to set startup incubator ‘Area 120’ within premises

The incubator, dubbed ‘Area 120’, is a new approach – part incubator and part new take on the spirit of the 20 percent time programme.

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Google, Google free speech, Google search engine, Google French regulator, National Commission on Informatics and Liberty France, Google European Extensions, European court of justice

Google invokes free speech in French fine appeal

Google argued that French authorities should not have the right to decide beyond the country’s jurisdiction.

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Android N Beta release at Google I/O: Top features to know

Android N will be available later this year, and promises better productivity and security features. A look at the top features.

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Google I/O 2016: Allo and Duo messaging apps, and what they offer

Google I/O saw the two new messaging apps: Allo and Duo getting launched. Here’s what they offer in terms of features.

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Google’s Daydream: Opportunities and hurdles in virtual reality world

Google’s new Daydream VR system won’t be as sophisticated as Facebook’s Oculus Rift, could give more people a taste of VR