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Grand unification

But the quest for black money is barely begun.


Tony Abbott to visit India next week; uranium deal tops agenda

Australia holds about a third of the world’s recoverable uranium resources, and exports nearly 7,000 tonnes a year.

G20 takeaway: Tensions over money flows bode poorly for global economy

Both rich and poor say they are acting in their own self interest, and what makes the conflict so intractable is that both have very rational arguments.


India calls for communicating monetary policy with clarity

Recent risks of very low inflation in the euro zone might demand use of appropriate tools in the coming time to thwart deflation tendencies.


G20 reiterates commitment to lift and rebalance global demand

Finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of 20 Nations on Friday reiterated their commitment to lift and rebalance global demand and achieve exchange rate flexibility.

Delay in IMF reform is G20’s first failure: Mayaram

‘Fed must provide tapering guidance’

As crisis fades,G20 tries to get its mojo back

They are not nearly so glowing about their current muddle.

India asks WB and MDBs to ensure infra financing

The aim of such a provision should be to create mechanisms which can increase the flow of infrastructure financing.

‘G20 must find ways of cooperation on issues of emerging economies’

Finance minister P Chidambaram has made a strong case for encouraging growth in emerging economies at international forums such as the G20

China’s favourite country club

G-20 places no obligations on economic,political fronts,lets Beijing’s leadership look good on a global stage

G-20 extends commitment against protectionism until end 2016

The group of 20 industrialised and major emerging economies also reaffirmed its commitment to roll back new protectionist measures.

India,Japan to treble bilateral currency swap arrangement

Move will build a second line of defence for the rupee: Montek.


Barack Obama faces mounting pressure over Syria at G20 summit

Putin greeted Obama with a thin smile and a businesslike handshake.

Chemical weapons claim A ‘pretext’: says khamenei

Iran is Syria’s main regional ally.