Flight Mh370

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‘MH370 may have turned south earlier than previously thought’

MH370 vanished during a flight that was meant to go from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing.


Missing Malaysian Jetliner: Relatives announce USD 5 million for whistle-blower

Many of the families believe there has been a cover up by Malaysian authorities.

The search for MH370 has been continually frustrated and last week Australia ruled out an area considered a possible resting place of the plane after a mini-sub dived repeatedly to the seabed and found nothing. (Source: AP)

Chinese ship in latest glitch in MH370 search mission

JACC said an Australian contracted survey vessel will also be involved in conducting the bathymetric survey, and will arrive in the search area in June.


‘Maps in Malaysia report indicate MH370 flew to avoid radars’

The investigation report offered no explanation of why the Boeing 777 flew off course during a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.


Malaysia Airlines asks kin of MH370 passengers to go home

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 people had mysteriously vanished on March 8 after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysian Flight MH370: Obama offers support as search enters 50th day

Up to 8 military aircraft and 11 ships were assisting in Saturday’s search for missing airliner.


Malaysia to release MH370 report as plane search continues

The report has already been sent to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the UN body for global aviation, but not made available to the public.


MH370: Malaysia Airlines to provide financial aid to families

The assistance would come solely from Malaysia Airlines (MAS), with the Government only stepping in to bear some of the costs if there is a need for it.


Malaysian Airlines MH370: Current underwater search for missing plane could end within a week

More than two dozen countries have been involved in the hunt for the Boeing 777.


Robotic submarine launches 5th mission to locate missing Malayasian plane

A mini-submarine deployed to find the crashed Malaysian jet has touched record depths in the Indian Ocean beyond its operating limits.


Malaysian Airlines MH370: Malaysia refuses to confirm report of call from missing jet

The probe into the missing plane have been focused on four possible areas – hijack, sabotage, as well as personal and psychological problems.


Malaysian Airlines MH370: Long hunt for missing jet looms as pings go silent

No new electronic pings have been heard since April 8.


Malaysia plane MH370 black box signals ‘rapidly fading’

Signals possibly from the black box of the ill-fated Malaysian jet were “rapidly fading” and the ongoing massive search for the plane was likely to continue “for a long time”, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on . “Given that the signal from the black box is rapidly fading, what we are now doing is […]


Malaysian Airlines MH370: Co-pilot of missing plane made mid-air phone call says report

Fariq’s last communication through the WhatsApp Messenger application was about 11.30 pm on March 7, just before he boarded the jet for his six-hour flight to Beijing.


Malaysian Airlines MH370: With no new signals, Abbott sees long jet search

No one should underestimate the difficulties of the task still ahead of us,” Abbott said on the last day of his China trip.