Fifth Column

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Fifth column: An end to socialist elitism?

Modi does not see poverty as romantic or alluring. Having lived in poverty, he knows the indignities it imposes if you are not a tourist.


Fifth Column: Is Bihar India’s future?

So has anything at all changed for the better since I was last here in the reign of Rabri Devi? Yes. Law and order has improved dramatically..

The campaign begins

Neither of the two men who lead the race to become India’s next prime minister raised local issues.

A chamber of princes?

I do this in the hope that it will persuade you that democracy is weakened when parliamentary constituencies become fiefdoms

Let’s talk about Sonia

This dream of prosperity is what Sonia has killed in the decade that she has been India’s de facto prime minister.

Directionless India

It is just as well that the latest crisis on the Line of Control left the triumvirate that heads the Indian government speechless

In the name of the poor

Last week the Prime Minister met yet again with the mighty moguls of Indian industry

Demagogues harm democracy

Last week I was in Istanbul to participate in a conference on the future of democracy and the liberal order.

Socialist residue

In the drawing rooms of Lahore last week I met old friends who told me that I had become a hate object in the eyes of the ‘liberals’ they knew in India.

Reviving secularism

In case you are politically naïve and do not fully understand what that word means today let me make clear that it means Narendra Modi.

A hoax of a law

This week I have my chance as this law is the topic of the moment.

An end in sight?

It is not that the government cannot survive the bolt that came out of a clear blue sky from Chennai last week.

Petty officials take charge

There are many reasons why the Sonia-Manmohan government has taken India downhill but possibly the most important is weak political leadership at the top.

Rahul’s political thoughts

What astonishing galvanisation one speech by Narendra Modi has caused in the higher echelons of the Congress party.

Time to move

What is Robert Vadra’s Rs 300 crore ‘empire’ when compared with him living in a house that is worth Rs 100 crore more than that? A