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Why do you post ‘good times’ pictures on Facebook? Because you are jealous

According to a study, envy is a key motivator behind such posts and that contributes to a decrease in mental well-being.

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Facebook’s Free Basics now open for Reliance subscribers all over India

Reliance subscribers across India can now access Free Basics by Facebook to try basic Internet services for free

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Five couples who will benefit from the FB break-up tool

Are break-ups only about romantic couples? Ask a foodie on a diet and he/she will tell you about the heartburn of seeing a glistening jar of Nutella in a supermarket aisle. Here are five ex-couples who probably had a hard time saying goodbye.

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Samsung Gear VR, powered by Facebook’s Oculus, starts shipping in US

Samsung’s Gear VR, powered by Facebook’s Oculus, is the first consumer-ready virtual reality product to hit the stores.


Chat privately with colleagues on ‘Facebook At Work’ soon

Similar to Facebook Messenger, Facebook Work Chat will allow coworkers to message each other individually.

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Facebook testing new ‘break-up tool’ for exes to ease heartache

Facebook will allow people who have split up to turn on an option that spares them the emotional pain

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Facebook can legally block content without explanation: US Court

Facebook gains legal rights to block any content from its social media page without any explanation

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Facebook activates ‘Safety Check’ after Nigeria blasts

Facebook has now activated safety check feature after Nigeria’s deadly blast


Instagram for Business a good proposition for Indian brands: Facebook

With major users in the 18-24 age group, Instagram is trying to woo Indian brands to advertise on the photo blogging platform

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Airtel and Facebook to expand Free Basics service across 17 African countries

The Free Basics service, which has been in midst of neutrality debate, offers free access to a set of basic websites and services

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Paris attacks: Encryption debate between tech companies, governments set to reopen

Widespread use of encryption, is exactly what worries members of the intelligence and law enforcement communities

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Google mobile search will now ‘deep link’ to Facebook app content

Facebook will allow Google’s mobile search on Android to crawl and index the social media giant’s app

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IndianExpress.com among first publishers to launch Facebook Instant Articles for Android

Facebook has started rolling out Instant Articles to Android users in India with IndianExpress.com and four others publishers.

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India leads the world in censoring Facebook content

India has once again topped the list with maximum requests for content removal from Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg explains why Paris got Safety Check, and not Beirut

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the criticism over why the Safety Check tool was activated in Paris, but not Beirut