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Express LOL: 7 Chinese names that Doordarshan will misunderstand next

A Doordarshan anchor was fired on Friday morning for reading out Chinese President Xi Jinping’s name as Eleven Jinping.


Narendra Modi – Happy Birthday Cards

At Express LOL we have created a set of fun happy birthday cards for PM Narendra Modi.


Express LOL: 6 benefits of replacing your photo with a supermodel’s

Check out six good things that could happen to you if you replace some of your photos with a supermodel’s at Express LOL.


Express LOL: Why Creature 3D is the greatest film created by humankind

Its gripping screenplay and innovative storyline will make it the logical contender for an Academy Award sweep.


If Vinod Rai did a CAG audit of Bollywood

What if he had looked at other industries as well, and brought his unique brand of scam valuation to them.


Express LOL: Similarities between Apple products and the Indian Cricket Team

Find out the similarities between Apple products and the Indian Cricket Team at Express LOL!

Express LOL: Apple Watch vs. everyday things

Express LOL: Apple Watch vs. everyday things

All the people of the world – technical wizards, aam aadmis, and Rajinikanth – are talking about the new Apple Watch.


EXPRESS LOL: Apple Watch vs. Everyday Things

Check out the Apple iPhone 6 compared with everyday things at Express LOL.


Express LOL: Things that Modi and Obama will say to each other

Here is a funny conversation that could hypothetically take place between Indian PM Modi and US President Obama.


Express LOL: The tongue-in-cheek ‘Mary Kom’ review

Priyanka Chopra saves ‘Mary Kom’ from becoming a history book come to life.


Express LOL: Happy Teacher’s Day: Celeb Version

Here are 7 pieces of wisdom that we have to thank our celeb teachers for teaching us:


Express LOL: Funny reactions to the nude celeb pictures leak

Everyone agrees that leaking nude celebrity pictures was a gross trespass of personal freedom.


What if every famous event had Bigg Boss style taglines

Bigg Boss 8 released its tagline: ‘Bigg Boss Aath, Sabki Lagegi Vaat’


EXPRESS LOL: 100 days of Modi – as a cricket scorecard

Check out the Express LOL what 100 days of Modi might look like, as a cricket scorecard.


Express LOL: How Air India can stop their site from crashing in the future

Air India needs to put up content on their site that no one is interested in.


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