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8 creative ideas to make India drug free

We need something different and creative. Here are 8 ideas that will work for sure.


Express LOL: The tongue in cheek review of Lingaa

Linga has Rajinikanth, and that is – alone – enough to make it a good film.


Express LOL: How Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday

Check how Rajinikanth celebrated his 64th birthday only at Express LOL!

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Express LOL: Seven people who will definitely NOT be TIME Person of the Year

What everyone isn’t talking about is who will definitely NOT win the award. Here are some possible nominations.


Express LOL: Action Jackson tongue in cheek review

Catch the Action Jackson tongue in cheek review only at Express LOL!

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Six celebrities who might be slapped next

Here is a list of the celebrities who might be slapped next:


The tongue in cheek review of ‘Ungli’

Ungli is a film about four friends trying to change India; sadly, the comedy in the film ends in that statement.


Express LOL: India’s Suresh Raina turns 28

Here’s our humorous take on Suresh Raina and the gifts he would be expecting on his 27th birthday.


Express LOL: Here is what a Bollywood Cabinet would look like

If only we had a cabinet in an area where everyone was a celebrity.


LEAKED: Upcoming cricket autobiographies

Sachin Tendulkar has finally released a tell all volume, and all the world wants to buy an expensive hard cover copy.


Express LOL: Robert Vadra’s Are You Serious moments through history

Check out Robert Vadra’s ‘Are You Serious’ comment when he attacked a journalist at Express LOL.


Express LOL: After Queen Elizabeth, who’s the unlikeliest celebrity to use Twitter?

Check out who’s the unlikeliest celebrity to use Twitter after Queen Elizabeth on Express LOL.

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Express LOL: After ‘Happy New Year’, what’s the next illogical Bollywood title?

Check out what’s the next illogical Bollywood title after ‘Happy New Year’ at Express LOL.


Express LOL: 7 easy ways to tell if you are a Diwali Greeting Only friend

On this day, we think it’s time to define a different kind of friend: the Diwali Greeting Only friend.


What if Bollywood explained films the way politicians explain election results?

What if some famously bad films from Bollywood had the benefit of these spin doctors? We might see quotes like these: