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Britain on the brink

Whether Scotland votes for independence or stays with the union, the UK will never be the same.


Degradation and denial

The charade of the abolition of manual scavenging plays on.


Going back to Rawalpindi

Once more, Pak army shows it does not need to seize power to be most powerful.


Catalyse, don’t control

A forum for states, Centre to learn from each other should replace Planning Commission.

Narendra Modi

Countries in arms

The focus has shifted from the nuclear liability act and trade issues to Javelin missiles and Apache helicopters.


Factual and fearless

The Ramnath Goenka Awards for Journalism are truly a fitting tribute to the man they are named after.


Past is political

A potent mix of nostalgia and unresolved hurt has come to drive world politics.


Dear Pradhan Mantriji

Spare a thought for our ill-treated and demotivated teachers when you take the stage on Teachers’ Day.


Is this the way to energise civil servants?

CBI move to investigate the disinvestment of Udaipur’s Laxmi Vilas hotel on the basis of an anonymous oral complaint.

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Selfie and the simian

Why we can’t copyright what exists in nature.


The myth of love jihad

In its orchestration and inflammatory appeal, the current campaign shares similarities with Hindu revivalist projects in the 1920s in UP.


Needed, a new headline

The media should encourage a fresh regional perspective on the Northeast that captures its reality.


Politically coloured, legally suspect

The JAC does not address any of the concerns that purportedly plague the collegium.

Chinese Takeaway: One Belt, One Road

New Delhi must make up its mind on Beijing’s invitation to jointly build the new silk roads in inner Asia and the Indo-Pacific littoral.


The loudspeaker provocation

A blanket ban would not violate religious rights of any individual or community.


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