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Building half-bridges

Government doesn’t get it. Problem is not decision making, but state capacity.

Gopal Subramaniam, Raju Ramachandran

Why this deafening silence of the court?

In the Gopal Subramanium case, it is not just the executive, but also the judiciary that appears to be disrespecting the constitutional principle of judicial independence.


Now, rewrite the script

To revive growth, policy and institutional reforms are necessary. Begin with modernising the tax system.


Telescope: Munde’s death dominates news

Some channels did not apply brakes to their coverage; instead they allowed their imagination to run wild, perhaps beyond the limits of decency.


National Interest: 156-inch heart

That’s what you need after a 56-inch chest delivers you a majority. Modi knows this as he takes a national stage and makes it global.

The New Player in Politics

If gambling were legal, speculation over ministry allocation on TV could have generated huge revenues.


No one owns the city

Urban turnouts are rising. But urban issues are yet to enter political agendas.

The power of negative voting

‘None of the above’ could introduce new ways of gaming ballot and bring about surprising outcomes.

Unlisted insurance companies? Ask Parliament

Millions of Indians still can’t use stock mkts to monitor activities of insurance companies.


Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi fight gets real

Modi’s elevation has evoked both trepidation and hope in the Congress camp.


Blasts: Why Boston reminds us of Bombay

I can appreciate calls for ‘perspective’ by some people in light of attacks in other parts of world.