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An imagined community in Paris

Exiled from school, bereft of jobs, a radicalised minority was born.

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Schooling trap

The focus needs to shift to the teaching-learning process

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Cut in context

The 728-point jump in the Sensex immediately after the RBI announced a 0.25 per cent cut in its policy rate shows how desperately the economy was longing for a lowering of interest rates. But the absence of a further rise the next day showed that second thoughts were setting in. The market is beginning to […]


Plumbing over poetry

India, US have the grand design. Modi, Obama must focus on implementation.


Death and taxes

Why smart capitalists should demand an inheritance tax.

Disappointing U-turn

Government must explain why it thinks Section 66A should stay in its current form.


Mahatma’s ghar wapsi

The 45-year-old returning from South Africa strove to belong to all of India.


Because of India

The army’s India policy is at the root of what ails the Pakistani state.


The drawing board lives

But humour is an endangered species in India. Why we need a ‘Charlie Hebdo’


Missing leader report

As things stand, the Palestinian issue continues to defy a resolution.


Charlie Hebdo attack: The Paris trap

Every response to the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ seems to feed the perpetrators’ intent.

Coal facts

It’s time the Centre took decisive steps to allow full-fledged commercial mining.


Thank you, South Africa

A hundred years after Mohandas returned to India as Mahatma, it is time again to express gratitude.

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The Jharkhand juncture

It is a bridge between the BJP’s conquests in Chhattisgarh and its ambitions in Bihar.


UPA by another name?

NDA has embraced previous government’s worldview. It differs only in implementation.