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Engines of growth

Real challenge for railways is to keep pace with a fast expanding economy.


Chinese Takeaway: Railway Lessons

By the turn of the 20th century, the subcontinent had nearly 15,000 km of railway track, in comparison to just 600 km in China.


A taxing matter

Both form and content of GST Constitution amendment bill need to be re-thought.


A distorted landscape

Land markets are skewed by policies that urgently require correction.


Unequal opportunities

Why Rajasthan’s recent ordinances limiting who can run for local office are flawed.


Whose biryani is it anyway?

The dish has come to telegraphically signal ‘anti-national’.


No more economic bandaids

There are expectations of bold reform that will shift India to a high-growth trajectory. But better implementation of socialist policies or mere announcements of projects will not deliver results. The reforms that matter are deeper institutional changes — we need high-performance government organisations, necessary in a mature market economy. Such reforms would threaten discretionary power, laziness […]


Some fresh GIAN

Can India support a global network of academics to teach in its universities?


Remaking the Centre

Union government is changing old ways. It is yet to find new equilibrium.

ISIS, IS, Al-Qaida

ISIS’s dark theatre

Contrary to the polite fictions of legal history, violent public punishment has survived across the world.


Rear view: The rise of V.P. Singh

Intrigue and confusion characterised the tenure of the National Front government.

Nitish Kumar, Bihar governor, Manjhi, BJP, JD(U)

Bihar, after Delhi

The Delhi verdict has injected a new frisson in the battle for Bihar.


To make a city smart

Begin with systematic and planned development of government land.


Don’t obsess over growth

The government has time on its side. The 2015 budget should focus on the medium term.

View from the Right: Breaking news

In the name of opinion polls and surveys, what was reported was “not only [a] deliberate misinformation campaign but [a] gross violation of journalistic conduct during elections”.