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Tele Scope: Hooked to the telly

What is it that we gain from listening to the likes of Abhishek Manu Singhvi (Congress) and Sambit Patra (BJP) discussing Sonia Gandhi’s birthmark?


How to be smart

First, India must clearly articulate its vision of what constitutes a smart city.

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Trader and the king

Our kings didn’t build systems to mobilise savings or mop up revenues. We haven’t learned from history.


Aryans and Others

How Europeans and Indians deployed myths regarding ancient Aryans in their various reform and nationalist projects.

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Objection, your Lordships

The Supreme Court judgment that a Dalit Christian or Muslim who converts to Hinduism will qualify for reservation benefits if his forefathers belonged to a Scheduled Caste amounts to an incentive to ‘ghar wapsi’.


From Congress to AAP

Can our political parties manage their internal affairs democratically, viably?


Tele scope: Moving eastward

In television entertainment, it is goodbye Viranis, hello Shuklas and Mathurs.

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Putting the ‘universal’ in healthcare

India needs prudent compromises to achieve its health coverage goals.

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Why I am a dissenter

Finance Commission initiated shift to greater federalism. But let’s hasten slowly.


A triumph for plumbing

This budget makes a radical new promise — policy will pray at the altar of jobs.


Engines of growth

Real challenge for railways is to keep pace with a fast expanding economy.


Chinese Takeaway: Railway Lessons

By the turn of the 20th century, the subcontinent had nearly 15,000 km of railway track, in comparison to just 600 km in China.


A taxing matter

Both form and content of GST Constitution amendment bill need to be re-thought.


A distorted landscape

Land markets are skewed by policies that urgently require correction.


Unequal opportunities

Why Rajasthan’s recent ordinances limiting who can run for local office are flawed.