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Saarc without a backbone

At Kathmandu, Modi could seize the chance, sketch a new regional imagination.


Left over on the table

Many battles remain to be fought to fix the WTO Agreement on Agriculture.


Don’t just look East

It’s time to act. Deeper economic engagement is the only route to strategic clout.


Forcefeeding democracy

Compulsory voting hasn’t had intended effects in countries that tried it out.


Reaching out Down Under

Modi could begin by offering to help Australia with the MH-370 search.


The right medicine

Medical education is in a crisis. Curriculum and training need to be revamped.


For Rahul to be bold

He needs to take a leaf out of his great-grandfather’s book.


The erasure of a president

To his opponents, Obama’s greatest sins are his success and his self.


Crime and consent

A Delhi HC judgment has read consent into sexual intercourse so violent that it killed the woman. It raises troubling questions.


Kabul breakpoint

Is Ghani engineering a significant reversal in Karzai’s India policy?


Just add to cart

While the Diwali fireworks have died down, it is becoming clear that as far as the annual shopping season goes, 2014 has brought some explosive changes. The business of Diwali may never be quite the same after this year. According to some retailers, not enough shoppers were lining up at the shops, upending a time-honoured […]


High price of cheap oil

Why India cannot continue to stay away from the anti-IS coalition.


The Vietnam model

Vietnam PM’s visit is an opportunity to explore shared learnings in the social sector.


Two deluded

Left is flailing. But India’s right also substitutes abstract logic for historical judgement.


He imagined a different Australia

Gough Whitlam’s vision of a productive and peaceful Indo-Pacific region remains a tantalising prospect.