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Global Gita

Bhagavad Gita is not a religious book: “it has been translated world over and is meant for the whole community.”


Song of forgetting

The dominant history of the Chennai music season has excluded a more encompassing chapter of its past.

A deep cut

The big picture points to the need for significant monetary easing.


Crude opportunity

A cess on petrol/ diesel to bankroll infrastructure projects is an idea for this moment.

Who’s scared of LTTE?

Its project is long dead. Tamil nationalism has moved on.

A special kind of evil

The world mourns the children killed in Peshawar. This is a moment to strengthen the resolve against terror.


The jihad on Twitter

When journalists are kept away from the frontline, propaganda and disinformation can rush in.


About men

Interventions that address ‘masculinity’ seem more effective than those that ignore influence of gender norms in sexual violence.


Forty-three years of denial

Imran Khan had to reschedule his plan to shut down Pakistan on December 16.


The Lashkar project

Its unleashing is rooted in the existential crisis faced by Pak’s army-led establishment.


What Uber knows

Numerous companies make it their business to track what we do. We need oversight mechanisms that cover all of them.


Exploitation, by law

Legalising prostitution will be a blow to the struggle led by women’s organisations, NGOs.


Beware great expectations

BJP won handsomely in LS polls and Modi government’s ratings remain high. But BJP supporters should worry.


Starting at minus one

Second-generation reforms are far away. First recognise the extent of regulatory rot.


Force to service

Police needs to stop passing the buck for poor service to interfering politicians.