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The right not to believe

Bombay HC order on disclosure of religion expands individual’s freedom to choose.


The second chance

Modi brings much-needed clarity, assurance to Delhi’s strategic calculus on US.


Top ten reasons for inflation decline

A resurgence in inflation is a low probability event. Given low GDP growth, why is the RBI acting so coy about cutting repo rates?


Let the river take its course

The Ganga waterway project is ill-conceived.


As the US retreats

India should not bank overly on a partnership with Washington.

Narendra Modi

Modi’s American business

His journey to the US will be most interesting for its economic outcomes.


Aizawl, for example

Modi could look beyond Ahmedabad for a template for Swachh Bharat.


They made cricket a joy to behold. The memories linger on.


Two lonely powers

The US and China are isolated in their own ways.


Britain on the brink

Whether Scotland votes for independence or stays with the union, the UK will never be the same.


Degradation and denial

The charade of the abolition of manual scavenging plays on.


Going back to Rawalpindi

Once more, Pak army shows it does not need to seize power to be most powerful.


Catalyse, don’t control

A forum for states, Centre to learn from each other should replace Planning Commission.

Narendra Modi

Countries in arms

The focus has shifted from the nuclear liability act and trade issues to Javelin missiles and Apache helicopters.


Factual and fearless

The Ramnath Goenka Awards for Journalism are truly a fitting tribute to the man they are named after.


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