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Kurds in Europe take up arms against IS group

There are no exact numbers on how many people have left Europe to fight the Islamic State group.


PM David Cameron proposes new laws to seize passports of terror suspects

Intelligence and security services suspect that around 500 Britons have gone to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq.


World Ebola fears grow with Europe and Asia on alert

Ebola can kill victims within days, causing severe fever and muscle pain, vomiting and organ failure.


China seals parts of a city after bubonic plague claims one life

Bubonic plague killed millions of people in Europe and China in the 14th and 19th century, respectively.

World’s oldest faeces no laughing matter

The oldest known samples of Neanderthal faeces have revealed that the early humans enjoyed some salad with their steak.


Europe driving growth; media, life sciences growing faster: TCS

TCS said smaller verticals growing better than overall average growth.

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The Modi breakpoint

He is viewed with excitement and anxiety in UK, but is unlikely to prioritise Europe.

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Luxembourg: A tourism hotspot in the heart of Europe

The fact that people from over 150 nationalities live here, is reflected in the diversity of its cuisine.


A vote against Europe

Why the rise of France’s National Front spells trouble for the EU.

Forget it

The Net remembers everything. But should we press the delete button?

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India Europe Mango Ban

India dines on top quality mangoes after EU ban

The stores in the crowded lanes of Mumbai’s markets are piled high with crates and baskets of perfectly ripe Alphonso after the Eu ban.

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Seeds of innovation flower for this farmer

After winning an MSc in landscaping and floriculture from Punjab Agricultural University in 1979, the journey has been a bumpy ride for Dhindsa, who jumped from job to job in landscaping before taking up seeds production.

Stela record

The world’s oldest weather report reveals how climatic changes turn the tide of history.


Both sides now

Through the new Cold War, and in crises like Crimea, developing countries are rediscovering their relevance.

Those born more than two months early were three times as likely to be affected as babies born at full term.

Asthma risk to premature babies higher

Babies born more than three weeks before the usual 40-week term early were almost 50 per cent more likely to develop asthma.


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