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After splits, more tickets and more Muslims

One of the BJP’s Muslim candidates is Pasha Patel, who will contest from Ausa in Beed district where the Muslim population is small.


The game is open

With breakdown of alliances, artificial bipolarity of Maharashtra politics is over.

Devendra Fadnavis1

‘Objective of Shiv Sena’s Mission 150+ was to get CM post’

The BJP that demanded 135 seats agreed to come down to 127 seats.


Whose decision is it anyway

The cabinet system of governance was eroded in UPA’s tenure. Modi’s challenge will be to restore credibility of its key decision-making bodies.


Modi happened in Election 2014

This Lok Sabha election was a structural break for India as its voters comprehensively rejected their Nehru-Gandhi past.


New India, new ideas

The young care about achievement and opportunity, reject fear mongering


Fifth Column: Why Modi won

At the risk of blowing my own horn I have to say that it was more than a year ago that I saw the first signs of a Modi wave.


200 metres between despair and ecstasy

Some parties didn’t even have spokespersons to defend their dismal performances.


No proof required: The measure of Modi

The intelligent Indian voter has responded to Modi’s charms. If he had not been the BJP’s PM candidate, the instability feared by all would have become a nightmarish reality.


Will states matter on May 16?

Electoral data does not support the argument that the influence of regional parties is waning.


As much for land as for votes: Kokrajhar killings more than an election issue

The May 2 killings in Kokrajhar were more than an election issue. At their heart lie insecurities relating to land and demographics.


Washington is ready to engage Modi

When the US kept its distance from Modi, Asian powers like China and Japan had aggressively courted the Gujarat Chief Minister over the last decade.


Long, bumpy road between development and votes

A visit to West Champaran to find out why a rural roads revolution does not seem to be working for the Nitish Kumar government this election.

An evening spent watching the Aarti on Dashashwamedh Ghat, However, reveals more writings of change

Writings on the wall: Before the secular dip, hold your nose

A thug wanted for murder has joined the fight against communalism, a firebrand secular isn’t pleased they threw eggs at his rudraksh.


UP set to vote tomorrow for 18 LS seats; Modi, Kejriwal and Mulayam in fray

Over 3 crore voters, including 1.35 crore women, are expected to exercise their franchise at 19,881 polling centres.


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