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Egypt to send Russian plane recording abroad for analysis

The Islamic State group which commands an affiliate in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula claimed it destroyed the plane, without providing details.

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Kremlin: Russian ban on flights to Egypt will last months

Other airliners from Britain and Western Europe are also bringing their nationals home, after several countries and airlines last week suspended new flights to Egypt because of the security concerns.


Russia plane crash: UK warns of airport security overhaul

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warned that if those suspicions are true, there needs to be a rethink of security at airports in areas where the extremist group is active.


Putin agrees to suspend Russian flights to Egypt after crash

The suspension came after several days of statements by British and American officials that it was possible a bomb on board had brought down the Russia carrier Metrojet’s Airbus A321-200.


Russian plane crash: Cameron says not certain bomb caused Egypt crash

Cameron said “there’s still an investigation taking place in Egypt. We need to see the results of that investigation.”

Russian Airbus A321, Egypt, Egypt civil aviation, Egypt Russian plane, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egyptian Red Sea, Russian plane black box, world news

IS insists it brought down Russian plane in Egypt

The jihadist group had claimed on Saturday that it downed the Airbus in Sinai, where its Egypt affiliate is based, but provided no details, prompting scepticism about its involvement.


Russian plane crash: Tearful relatives identify victims of plane crash

Mourners continued to come to St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport on Tuesday to lay flowers and leave paper planes and soft toys at the arrivals hall.

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Russian plane that crashed in Sinai Peninsula was in good shape, says official

The Egyptian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said he was a member of a technical inspection team that included two Russians.

A relative of those on the Metrojet flight that crashed in Egypt react as they gather to grieve at a hotel near St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport outside St.Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015. Russia's civil air agency is expected to have a news conference shortly to talk about the Russian Metrojet passenger plane that Egyptian authorities say has crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

Officials search for cause of Russian plane crash over Egypt’s Sinai

Almost everyone on board the Airbus-A321-200 operated by the Moscow-based Metrojet airline was Russian; Ukraine said four of its citizens were passengers.


Last of 3 convicted Al-Jazeera journalists leaves Egypt

Al-Jazeera spokesman Hasan Salim Patel confirmed Baher Mohammed’s arrival in the Qatari capital, Doha, on Wednesday. He says he is in the country for a temporary visit.


Egypt buys 2 warships from France, 2nd big military purchase

The assault ships, which can each carry 16 helicopter gunships, 700 troops and up to 50 armored vehicles, were originally intended for Russia.


Egypt’s PM and cabinet resigns amid corruption probe

The Egyptian government has long been plagued by corruption allegations. El-Sissi routinely emphasizes that he is fighting corruption.

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Army raids kill nearly 100 militants in Egypt’s N Sinai

Egypt’s North Sinai has witnessed many violent attacks by militants since the January, 2011 revolution that toppled the ex-president Hosni Mubarak.

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Six international peacekeepers hurt in Egypt bombings, IS involvement suspected

The peacekeepers, part of a force that monitors a 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, are based in the North Sinai region.


Egypt announces dates for parliamentary elections

Voters outside Egypt for the first stage will cast ballots on Oct. 17-18, and the rest on Nov. 21-22. The period for candidates to register opens Sept. 1 and lasts 12 days.