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Man getting a headache in the middle of marital quarrel

An unhealthy marriage may actually lower the risk of diabetes in men: Study

Studies have shown that unhappy marriages could end up being fruitful for diabetic men but not so much for women.

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Combination of insulin, diabetes pill can cut mortality risk

Increased dosage of insulin has been previously known to raise the risk of cancer, heart attacks and mortality.

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Chandigarh health department to screen residents for cancer, diabetes

The residents will be screened for non-communicable diseases like cervical and breast cancer, leprosy, skin problems and others.

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Studies say Maharashtrians at highest risk of developing diabetes

People from Karnataka, New Delhi and West Bengal follow.

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Study says diabetes can impair hearing

Clinicians should include the testing of hearing in managing Type-2 diabetes.

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Living around green spaces checks diabetes, BP

The findings revealed that higher levels of greenness around homes is associated with a significantly lower risk of chronic diseases.

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World Health Day: How to beat diabetes

Diabetes affects 387 million people globally and by 2035 the figures are estimated to rise to 592 million. The question here is, can you beat diabetes? We believe you can!

Diabetes Puzzle

World Health Day: India among top 3 countries with high diabetic population

Diabetes cases up to 422 million worldwide; India ranks among top 3 countries with diabetic population.

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World Health Day: Week-long drive on diabetes to be conducted in Pune

he main goals of the campaign are to scale up prevention, strengthen care and enhance surveillance.

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Losing weight through low calorie diet can help reverse diabetes

There’s still hope for diabetics!

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Man Suffering From Stomach Ache

Have a weak gut? It may trigger Type 2 diabetes, obesity

A weak gut can change the richness of the human gut microbiota and the community of microorganisms living in the gut.

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Everyday mindfulness may help keep glucose levels healthy

Scientists have found that mindful people tend to maintain healthier levels of blood glucose, making it a potential determinant of diabetes risk.

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Did you know that diabetes during pregnancy can up risk of low milk supply?

Low milk supply is often cited as the reason for new mothers to stop breastfeeding earlier than planned and in reality it can prove dangerous for the infant.

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Genetic link found between type 2 diabetes and mental disorders

Researchers hope that this genetic association will uncover mechanisms to improve therapies for both type 2 diabetes and mood disorders.

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Did you know that weekend catch-up sleep can cut diabetes risk?

Short-term sleep deficit, with four or five hours of sleep per night, can increase the risk of developing diabetes by about 16 percent.

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