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Now, treat diabetes complications with these food items

About 66.11% of children in India have abnormal levels of sugar in their body. Here’s how you can protect your child.

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Road show in Pune on November 30 to spread awareness on diabetes

This rally is specially organised for raising awareness on childhood diabetes.

Studies suggest Viagra helps eliminate malaria from the blood circulation which may reduce transmission of the deadly parasite.

Now, ward off diabetes risk with Viagra

While further studies are needed to determine whether long-term treatment can prevent the onset of diabetes in high-risk patients, Viagra and related drugs could offer a potential avenue for addressing the rising number of diabetes diagnoses.

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Quick tips: Here’s what you need to eat to cut down your diabetes risk

People who eat two homemade meals each day, or about 11-14 meals a week, have 13% lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes compared to people who eat less than six homemade meals a week.

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NIPER-A claims to have developed diabetes drug effective than others

NIPER-A director claimed that the drug was more efficient and cost effective than other drugs for diabetes available currently in the global market.

pune, pune diabetes, pune diabetes awareness, pune diabetes rally, pune news

At genetic risk for diabetes? You need to exercise more

While exercise is good for everyone, those with an immediate relative – mother, father or sibling – with Type-2 diabetes need to exercise more than others to derive the same preventive benefit, says a study.


Diabetic girl from Ahmedabad scales Greece mountain

Maitry completed the ‘Type 1 Diabetes Youth Challenge’ to scale White Mountains Crete in Greece.

pune, pune diabetes, pune diabetes awareness, pune diabetes rally, pune news

Diabetic? Exercise can help control blood sugar

Researchers found that waist circumference, percentage of body fat and hemoglobin A1c levels, a test of long-term blood sugar, all improved in diabetic participants who exercised compared to those who did not.


Diabetic kids at high risk of fractures

In children, the bone mineral content, height, weight and IGF1 were measured and comparisons were made with healthier children.


Swap one daily sugary drink for water to cut type 2 diabetes risks

If you want to stay away from type 2 diabetes, choose water instead of sugary drink every day, as per a new study.


Diet diary: You can’t blame family history for type 1.5 diabetes

LADA is a childhood disorder that occurs in adults.


Diet Diary: You can’t blame family history for type 1.5 diabetes

By: Ishi Khosla We all know that diabetes is of two kinds – type 1 diabetes also called juvenile diabetes or IDDM (Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), which occurs in childhood, and type 2 diabetes also called adult/ maturity onset or NIDDM (non-insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus), which as the name suggests happens in adults and is […]


Protein-rich breakfast help control sugar in diabetics

Individuals with Type-2 diabetes generally have difficulty regulating their glucose, or blood sugar, levels, particularly after meals.


Love to watch late-night TV? You might develop diabetes

Love to watch late-night TV or chat with your girlfriend till the wee hours? You may run a greater risk of developing diabetes.


Sweet poison: All you wanted to know about Diabetes

Over the time, people suffering from Diabetes can face serious damage to many of the body’s systems.