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Ambedkar would be deeply ashamed of the way India has turned out despite his fine Constitution

It was with sadness and cynicism that I watched the unprecedented outpouring of paeans to Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar on his 125th birth anniversary last week.

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Among Dalits, a restlessness mainstream parties choose to ignore

A hundred years after Babasaheb, most SCs assert their welfare impossible in Hindu fold

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BJP and Congress go all out to woo Dalits

The Left called this love for Dalits an eyewash and motivated by vote bank politics.


Sixth Ambedkar memorial lecture- PM says it again: Reservation is a right nobody can snatch

Modi took a veiled dig at Opposition parties and said, “Some people do not even want to see us. They get a fever when they see us. That’s why they are spreading lies.”

The Maritime India Summit 2016 will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mumbai on Thursday, April 14, 2016.

PM Modi at Ambedkar Memorial Lecture: Here are his top quotes

Prime Minister Modi delivered the sixth memorial lecture, highlighting the life of Ambedkar and also reiterated his government’s stand on reservations for Dalits and tribals.

The union budget session in progress at MCCIA in Senapati Bapat road on Monday. Express Photo by Arul Horizon, 29-02-2016, Pune

Budget 2016: Pune-based Dalit body says their efforts paid off

Founder chairman of DICCI says talks for a hub have been on with govt for the last two years.

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Our obsession with caste is really a colonial hangover

The modern Indian caste system got institutionalised by the practices made use of by the British to count and classify Indian society and we as a society have firmly held on to it.

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Dalit Suicides: Socio-historical facts and remedial and corrective measures

Clearly, these suicides are the outcome of Indian Caste System-with-“Untouchability”, still omnipresent and omnipotent, and not a thing of the past, confined only to some remote areas.

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In nation’s capital, housing bias research turns real for Dalit academic

Associate Fellow at Institute of Dalit Studies has had to change several houses, some within 15 days

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Oppression of Dalits ‘intensified’ under right wing rule: Prakash Karat

“The biggest failure of state is to render justice to the most oppressed in society, the Dalits. With the advent of rightwing Hindu chauvinists (to power), the oppression has intensified,” Prakash Karat said.

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This ends with me: A ‘safai karamchari’s’ dreams for a different life

Lure of a chawl room and a BMC hereditary rule keep generations of Dalits in sanitation jobs. But all Pravin Mhashilkar dreams about is a different life


Sir said I was a Dalit so I couldn’t be part of Puja: Odisha schoolgirl

According to her, as punishment, she and 20 other Dalit students were insulted, faced casteist slurs, were barred from offering prayers, and kept locked in the school for five hours.

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Bihar Polls 2015: At half-time, the backwards’ vote is the referee

Battle for EBC, Dalit votes and prestige for Lalu the father, Nitish in Nalanda, and Paswan in Hajipur

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VK Singh’s dog remark: Can’t get away by saying statement misinterpreted, says Home Minister Rajnath Singh

Reacting to VK Singh and Kiren Rijiju’s remarks, Rajnath Singh said one should ensure that there is no possibility of their statements being interpreted in the wrong sense.

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Dalit killings: Mother of infants corroborates husband’s statement to police

Sources said the magistrate has sealed Rekha’s statement and will be submitting it in court as part of the procedure.

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