Climate Change

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Lima stand still

The disagreements conformed largely to the rich versus poor nation faultline in climate diplomacy.


Deal reached at UN climate talks in Peru

“As a text it’s not perfect, but it includes the positions of the parties,” said the Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.


Climate talks stares at another long-drawn night in Lima

Resolution of several contentious issues were still not in sight and negotiators were planning for another full night of negotiations.


Developing countries object, climate talks flounder

The negotiations were supposed to have ended on Friday with a decision on the kind of climate actions that countries could take.


Climate talks run into overtime as India, others reject first draft

The objections raised by the developing countries on Friday were the same that have plagued this round of talks since its beginning.


UN climate talks: John Kerry appeals to all to share burden of climate change

Kerry also took a swipe at the US politicians who continue to deny that climate change and its devastating effects are real.


Students to record effect of climate change via mobile app

Mumbai-based social enterprise Ladybird Environmental Consulting are trying to engage around 3,000 students across 40 schools in the cities.


Mumbai picked for study on impact of transport on climate and environment

The research will look at change in climate as well societal conditions of everyday travel and their interactions over time.


Clean energy fund already has $ 3 bn to promote clean technologies: Javadekar

Javadekar reiterated India’s negotiating position and informed the assembly about the initiatives India had taken to combat climate change.

World has changed, all must cut emissions: US, EU

Annex-I countries are mandated to make legally-binding emission cuts under the Kyoto Protocol as they are held responsible for causing unregulated emissions.


Express in Lima: Minister Javadekar in town, Team India gets down to business

India has largely preferred to play a wait and watch game to see how the negotiations are playing out.


Cost of adaptating to impacts of climate change much more than previous estimates: UN report

It said in business as usual scenario, the costs to adapt to the impacts of climate change could be as high as $1 trillion per year.

Denmark UN Climate Report

Dealing with hot air

Adaptation alone will not help in meeting the climate change challenge. We need cost-effective mitigation strategies.


US to pledge $3 billion to help poor nations with warming

US is giving $3 billion to a UN fund to help poorer vulnerable countries prepare for a changing climate.

The China hyphen

Suresh Prabhu’s statement on climate negotiations highlights the divisions among developing nations.