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India ‘optimistic’ about talks with China, says Ajit Doval

“The very fact that we think that there’s a possibility of conflict resolution through engagement which is not conflictual is itself an important thing,” says Doval.

India China Activists Detained

Chinese NGO considering legal action over police raid

A Chinese anti-discrimination civic group said it is considering legal action over a police raid on the group’s offices.

China claims virtually the whole South China Sea.  (Source: Reuters)

Philippines says China rushing construction in disputed South China Sea

Chinese construction is aimed at bolstering its claims to virtually the entire South China Sea, says Philippines.

China Dancing Grannies Clampdown

China’s ‘dancing grannies’ irk neighbors, face new rules

This group is a part of senior health trend that has filled squares and apartment courtyards across China.

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Explained: Border Question

Sushant Singh looks at the background and contours of the border dispute between India and China.


Ahead of PM Modi visit, India’s hardtalk on China trade: open up

China has been warned “in as many words” that New Delhi may subsequently restrict Chinese imports of “non-essential items.

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Chinese Takeaway: Border Paradox

China has long seen Myanmar and Pakistan as gateways to the Indian Ocean.

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India, China hold border talks

The talks took place ahead of Modi’s first visit to China expected to be before May-end.

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Singapore ex-PM Lee Kuan Yew had unique influence in Asia: China

China today condoled the death of former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, describing him as an Asian statesman of unique influence. President Xi Jinping praised Lee as an “old friend of the Chinese people”. Xi said Lee, who was ethnically Chinese, was “widely respected by the international community as a strategist and a statesman” […]

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After history disputes, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul resume talks

Foreign ministers of South Korea, China and Japan are set to meet in Seoul for their first trilateral talks in 3 years.


US-China ‘bromance’ sparked by stolen iPhone moves China’s netizens

Matt Stopera and Li Hongjun met for the first time on Tuesday night at an airport in southern China.


Beijing unravelling

India must invest more deeply in understanding the rumblings in China.


China has hacked ‘every major company’ in US: former NSA chief

The US government has said it has caught Chinese spies stealing blueprints and business plans.

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China: 5 women’s rights activists detained for propagating against sexual harassment

Beijing police has criminally detained 5 women activists for planning to put up anti-sexual harassment posters.

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China approves 1st nuclear power project since 2011

China is reviving growth of its nuclear power industry with the first new project since Japan’s 2011 Fukushima disaster.