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Consuming soft drinks increases risk of cancer

People who consume one or more cans of cold drinks per day are exposing themselves to a potential carcinogen, warns a new study.


Eight signs of losing battle against cancer

Researchers in the US have now identified eight specific signs that a patient has entered the final days of life.


Watch your belly fat, it may lead to heart disease and cancer

A thin person with a large waistline may have a low BMI but that doesn’t necessarily mean she/he is healthy.


Diet diary: Eating healthy and fighting cancer go hand in hand

The fact is that changes in our lifestyle can powerfully protect us against cancer.


World Cancer Day: Survivors share tips to fight the deadly disease

Cancer can be one of the most traumatic – both physical and mental – experiences for a person.


Tobacco biggest cause of cancer

Tobacco is the single most important factor which causes cancer.


Living in the hills lowers lung cancer risk

People who live at higher altitudes are less likely to suffer from lung cancer than those who live in the plains.


Indian Science Congress: Cancer growth is encouraged by protein p53, says researcher

Researchers have developed a means of controlling cancer by eliminating the protein, called mutant P53


Two-thirds of cancer cases due to bad luck

The majority of cancer cases can be explained by “bad luck” rather than the result of environmental factors and inherited genes,


Personalised cancer treatment soon

The new capture and culture method provides a reliable way to get usable numbers of circulating tumour cells from even early-stage patients.


Elderly breast cancer patients still on radiation despite less benefit

The results from clinical trial showed that adding radiation therapy does not reduce five-year recurrence rates .


New drug could transform leukaemia treatment

AG-221 drug has the potential to transform the treatment of leukemia.


Nanowires to combat cell damage, breakthrough to prevent ageing

Nanowires made of vanadia can reduce cell damage in the human body and can prevent ageing.


Red wine can prevent head, neck cancer

Researchers have found that a compound known as resveratrol in red wine and grape skin may prevent head and neck cancer.


Don’t ignore cancer symptoms: Dismissing potential warning signs of cancer risky

People often prefer to dismissing potential warning signs of cancer, thereby putting their lives at risk.