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Elderly breast cancer patients still on radiation despite less benefit

The results from clinical trial showed that adding radiation therapy does not reduce five-year recurrence rates .


New drug could transform leukaemia treatment

AG-221 drug has the potential to transform the treatment of leukemia.


Nanowires to combat cell damage, breakthrough to prevent ageing

Nanowires made of vanadia can reduce cell damage in the human body and can prevent ageing.


Red wine can prevent head, neck cancer

Researchers have found that a compound known as resveratrol in red wine and grape skin may prevent head and neck cancer.


Don’t ignore cancer symptoms: Dismissing potential warning signs of cancer risky

People often prefer to dismissing potential warning signs of cancer, thereby putting their lives at risk.


Cancer, Ebola, AIDS, no I prefer road accidents: Stupid reasons to break traffic rules

We prefer landing at the hospital than wearing a helmet, we love to multi-task even if it means risking our lives.


Breast cancer recurrence risk down since 1980s

  Rates of breast cancer recurrence fell by half or more between the 1980s and the early 2000s – likely due to improved treatments and increased screenings, according to a new study from Canada. The analysis of data on Canadian breast cancer patients offers reassurance that breast cancer survival is improving and also provides updated […]


Half a million cancers a year fuelled by obesity

Obesity is to blame for nearly half a million cases of cancer a year, with overweight women at a far greater risk than men.


Noida villages say have ‘proof’ of rising cancer

Newsline found seven families from three villages who had documented records of treatment.


AIIMS’s al fresco cancer ward

INTERACTIVE: Going by the last annual report (2012-2013), AIIMS records 91,100 OPD attendance out of which only 4,230 OPD procedures were performed.


Travelling with a smoker increases cancer risk

“This is the first study to measure exposure to these particular chemicals in people exposed to second-hand smoke.”


Scorpion venom to fight brain cancer

Scientists have received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use “Tumour Paint”, a product derived from scorpion venom.


High calcium in blood may signal cancer

High levels of calcium in blood, a condition known as hypercalcaemia, can be used by doctors as an early indication of certain types of cancer.


Eat chikoo to fight cancer

The sweet and succulent chikoo could well be the answer to halt cancer from spreading, according to a study.

Lisa Ray

Never Say Never

Actress Lisa Ray has certainly come a long way since her battle against cancer. The hazel- eyed beauty talks to Screen about her struggle, overcoming fears and why she thinks cancer awareness is still lagging in rural India