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Personalised treatment for cancer

A biopsy from skin nodules revealed metastatic carcinoma, which was again found to be triple negative and androgen receptor positive.

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Yoga reduces side effects of chemotherapy, says experts

Noting that while undergoing chemotherapy, patients suffer from weakness and mental trauma, he said that Yoga gives mental and physical balance to the patient’s life.

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Social media helps young adults quit smoking

A research has found that young adults who use social media to quit smoking are twice as successful in their efforts as those who use a more traditional method.

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Eat few peanuts every day to slash early death risk from cancer

A new study has suggested that peanuts can protect against early death from cancer and heart disease.

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HC directs AIIMS to give free treatment to cancer patient

The court was hearing the plea by Anand Kumar Morya, who sought directions to the hospital to provide free and continuous treatment to his brother.

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Now an online portal to help in cancer treatment

Supported by Tata Memorial Centre, Navya Network provides users three simple steps to upload all medical reports and put across queries.

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Bring civil wardens to curb tobacco use: Cancer expert Dr A K Dewan

Both push and pull factors need to be addressed to limit tobacco consumption.


How green tea could cut prostate cancer development in men

In a new study, scientists have revealed that a component found in green tea may help reduce development of prostate cancer in men facing high risk.


Cancer tumour of boy, 7, removed at Gurgaon hospital

A seven-year-old boy from West Bengal, Dildar Sheikh, who developed a major cancerous tumour on his lower back, successfully underwent a surgery at a city hospital.


New device can easily test tumours’ aggressiveness

A team of scientists, including one of Indian-origin, has found potential drug candidates that successfully treated up to 90 percent of mice exposed to the Ebola virus.


‘Cancer treatment ain’t just for the rich’

WHO added 16 new anti-cancer medicines to the model list of essential medicines (WHO EML) on May 8.


Cholesterol-lowering drug may curb lung cancer death risk

Prolonged use of statins, a cholesterol-lowering drug, may lower risk of death from lung cancer, new research has found.


Catch some sun to lower pancreatic cancer risk

Low levels of vitamin D could raise risk of pancreatic cancer as the rates of the disease are the highest in countries with the least amount of sunlight.

Coffee not associated with lifestyle diseases

Coffee shields you against breast cancer recurrence

Drinking just two cups of coffee a day can help inhibit the growth of tumours and reduce the risk of recurrence in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Lethal liver cancer can be spotted early

Liver cancer is life-threatening because it is generally diagnosed in the later stages.