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Hundreds evacuate from 3 California wildfires

The blaze prompted authorities to evacuate about 1,000 residents out of 400 homes.

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Strong 6.0-magnitude quake hits northern California

There were no immediate reports of deaths or serious damage.


NASA’s Curiosity rover stalled by sand trap on Mars

The mission team is now exploring possible alternative routes that would take Curiosity north of the valley.

Client No. 1

A writer’s memoir as a literary agent’s assistant recalls a year of lucky contact with Salinger.


NASA to launch satellite to track carbon pollution

Its field of view is about one square mile (three square kilometres), so even wispy clouds can obscure its measurements.


At least seven people killed in California shooting

At least seven people were killed in a drive-by shooting near a college campus in Santa Barbara.

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Increase in extreme wet, dry spells in India: Study

The data, collected from the IMD, shows that when rainfall occurs, it is much heavier.

The boy who stowed away to meet his mother

‘I miss Somalia, I miss my mom,’ teenager told his friend in California every day.

The station says that after running out of ammunition, Rhoades grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed another person.

4 dead, 2 injured in California shooting: Police

The station says that after running out of ammunition, Rhoades grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed another person.

Now, the friends behind the hot mobile messaging startup WhatsApp are the newest tech industry billionaires.

WhatsApp founders swap struggle for billionaire status

Facebook this week bought WhatsApp in a stock-and-cash deal worth up to USD 19 billion and gave Koum a seat on the social network’s board of directors.

The book may have been denounced by some but Aslan clarifies that Zealot is not out to denounce the Christian faith.

For God’s sake

Reza Aslan on writing on religion and exploring Jesus the man in his most recent book Zealot.


E-cigarettes may cause smoking addiction in teens

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that look like cigarettes.

Twitter IPO: 1,600 new millionaires to pay $2.2 bn taxes

Twitter had begun trading on NYSE on November 7.


Govt steps in to check monkey population

Primate Centre in California and WII say sterilisation the answer

iGate Q3 net profit up 12.7%

iGATE added eight new customers during the third quarter.


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