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Five bombs explode in Cairo, one killed

Three policemen were wounded when another device went off near a police station in the poor district of Alwaraq.


Security hightened on Cairo airport: Officials

Security officials assure Cairo airport on alert after 2 bombs were bombs found.


Central Cairo hit by bomb explosion

A homemade bomb exploded in central Cairo; no immediate word on casualties and possible target.


Bomb blast aboard Egyptian train kills 4

They say the blast took place shortly before midnight on Wednesday and that the four killed included two policemen.


Israel holds off on attending Gaza truce talks in Cairo

A Palestinian delegation including Hamas officials was due to arrive later on Saturday in Cairo for new talks.


Hamas invited for Cairo truce talks

An Egyptian foreign ministry official said he could not confirm or deny the new invitation.


Egypt government raises fuel prices dramatically

The new prices were made public only a few hours before the decision was implemented.


Five Egyptian soldiers shot dead in Cairo

The attack comes two days after gunmen attacked a military bus in the capital, killing a soldier.

The protests that began  ended the 30-year-old dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Cairo awaits its saviour

Why most Egyptians want their charismatic army chief as president.


US embassy employee detained by Egyptian authorities without any charges

Egyptian citizen Ahmed Aleiba was detained by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo for three weeks without any charges.


Ousted Egypt leader Mohammed Morsi arrives at prison break trial

The case is rooted in the 2011 escape of more than 20,000 inmates from Egyptian prisons, including Morsi.

At least 18 people died in violence on Friday.

Nearly 50 killed on third anniversary of 2011 Egypt uprising

Most of the deaths were in Cairo and its suburbs, and others in Alexandria and Minya, while 247 were injured, the health ministry said on Sunday.


17 killed in clashes as Morsi’s supporters rally in Egypt

More than 1,000 people,mostly Islamists,died in street

Briefly World: Syria peace talks planned for Nov 23: Arab League chief

A keenly anticipated peace conference for Syria will convene in Geneva on November 23.


Pro-Mursi marches across Egypt; policeman killed in Sinai

A policeman was killed in El-Arish in north Sinai,security and medical sources said.