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Eating a full course seafood meal once a week can help you stay sharp

As we grow older, our memory span declines. Studies show that seafood helps keep your memory intact and concentrate.

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Want to remember something? Ditch writing it down, turn to drawing

Drawing pictures of information that needs to be remembered is a strong and reliable strategy to enhance memory.


Suffer from derailed train of thought very often? It’s not your fault

A small lens-shaped cluster of densely packed neurons in the midbrain is to be blamed.

Unfolding of the Mind

Here’s a sneak peek into how our working memory functions

Our brain operates in a very sporadic, periodic way, with lots of gaps in between the information the brain represents.

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Here’s what your brain does when you reveal more on Facebook

The more you share on Facebook, greater is the connectivity of both the medial prefrontal cortex and precuneus.

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Here’s why you keep sharing stuff about yourself on Facebook

Scientists have found a network of brain regions involved in self-disclosure on Facebook.

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Is your child obese? Practising mindfulness while eating can aid weight loss

Unhealthy eating behaviours and obesity could reflect an imbalance in the functional connectivity of brain areas associated with response inhibition, impulsivity and reward.


It’s true: Your brain can store information as much as the World Wide Web

According to a study, brain’s memory capacity is 10 times more than thought.

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Lost at poker again? Blame your brain, not your luck

It’s not plain bad luck. The reason behind your poker losses lies in your brain.

Brewing Coffee

Drinking coffee makes little changes to your brain; good or bad is not known

Researchers now want to study the phenomenon in patients with neurological disorders, who may suffer from disrupted connectivity.

Encouraging postmenopausal women to exercise at least 300 minutes/week, longer than the minimum recommended for cancer prevention, says a study.

Daily exercise boosts brain power

Neuroplasticity — the ability of brain cells to change with experience — occurs in adults too, and exercise was found to enhance the process.

Flagging interesting research: In collective intelligence of ‘Brainets’, germ of an ‘organic computer’

Neural privacy is important to humans, and brain-to-brain interfaces may not be sensible or practical, scientists have cautioned.

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How exercise keeps your brain young while you age

The study concluded, “Habitual aerobic exercise ameliorates vascular health, an effect which may further translate into improved cognitive performance.”

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Emotional brains physically different from rational ones, reveals study

They examined the extent to which grey matter density in 176 participants predicted their scores on tests that rated their levels for cognitive empathy compared to affective or emotional empathy.


Not able to quit smoking? Blame your brain

Some smokers who are able to quit might actually be hard-wired for success, says a study.

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