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In Search of Lost Time

A book that traces the growth of the hill stations of Landour and Mussoorie from the days of the Raj


The Colour of Money: How does a financial system driven by Islamic scholars work?

Harris Irfan’s Heaven’s Bankers (Constable & Robinson) is the first inside job on the rather opaque world of Islamic, Sharia-compliant finance.

Death in the Slush Pile

The publishing world, and your credulity, is savaged in Robert Galbraith’s new novel.

The Islamic Origins of Capitalist Enterprise

The instruments of modern finance, like cheques and letters of credit, were innovated by Islamic bankers before the Crusades

Bird in Search of a Cage

Delhi is the bad character in this debut novel about a young woman in the city.


Reading Nietzsche in India

How a dialogue across continents shaped modern Indian thought.

A Parsi on the Persians

Keki Daruwalla reconstructs an ancient world

American Nightmare

Stephen King has written a horrifying tale, without a ghoul in sight


How to Manage Adversity: Account of a reformist in the public sector

This book chronicles the achievements of a brilliant manager working under very adverse conditions.


Book review: Understanding the Ramayana through Sita’s eyes

Author Devdutt Pattanaik succeeds admirably, by retelling the country’s most popular story through the eyes of Sita.


Starsky and Hutch Take Control

Reprinted with permission from Simon and Schuster Book: Hard Choices Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton Publishers: Simon and Schuster Pages: 656 Price: Rs. 999 What happened when US President Barack Obama gatecrashed a secret meeting at the 2009 Copenhagen conference on climate change, attended by world leaders including former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. No! No! […]


Long Day’s Journey

How small-town India negotiates life after dusk.


Building Bridges Across a Pagoda

Allan Sealy’s ambitious new book is an intellectual treat that demands to be savoured over time.


First Things First

Roshen Dalal’s book on the Vedas is a comprehensive and intellectual analysis of the foundational texts of Hinduism.


Power Play

In his autobiography, Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo shows as much finesse with the pen as he does with the ball in the mid-field.