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Anything is Possible

Neil Gaiman’s new collection leads you on a trail of possibilities, and there is darkness on the way.


The Rebel Time Forgot

In recovering the life of an Indian suffragette, this biography is not political enough.


Notes from a Divided Land

Ilina Sen’s memoir of her days in Chhattisgarh does not quite bring to life the interesting times she has lived through.


Make it New

A survey of Sanskrit kavya explores its vitality and continuous change. If only it had been less pedantic in style.


Book review: Urdu Literature and Journalism – Critical perspectives

The book holds an ample coverage on Ghalib, Firaq, Faiz, Iqbal, Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Manto and Kalam, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Josh.


Home is Where the Trade Winds Take You

An Africa of warmth and many-splendoured exuberance comes alive in this yatra.


Once Upon a Time

Mamang Dai exhumes the unwritten stories of the northeastern tribes in this historical novel.


The Marginal Men

The village in Pakistani writer Ali Akbar Natiq’s remarkable collection of stories is a violent, unforgiving and acutely real place.


Revolution Half-Done

The universe of ideas that once formed JNU is laid out in this new history.

Poetry and Renaissance

The More Things Change

A reprint of an old favourite and why it continues to be relevant in modern times.


What Makes Us Sapiens?

Did plants enslave humans in the agricultural revolution? Yuval Noah Harari uses such contrary theses to undermine the traditional account of human history.


Blood, Fire and the Birth of a Nation

The heroism of ordinary people is the focus of this book on the 1971 Bangladesh war.

Book Review: Life’s Like That

A study of handpicked Indian cartoons across generations that will be a treat for lovers of the contrarian art.

Book Review: Rooms with a View

The story of Habib Rehman and his role in the success story of one of India’s biggest hospitality chains.

Book review: Scenes from a Marriage

A debut novel explores the interior life of a modern family.