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Book review: She Will Build Him a City

This novel is of the new century where time is here and now, places ever-changing, and writing an act of dare


Big Brother is Watching You

A convincing case for how everything that we do on the internet will be used against us if necessary


Cricket’s Complex Riddle

A book that explains Pakistan, the wild child of international cricket


Fire to Ashes, Star to Dust

The tragedy and triumph of Rajesh Khanna, India’s first superstar


How Not to Read an Election

This mix of second-hand gossip and first-hand conspiracy theories tells you zilch about Verdict 2014


Amazing Grace

In Lila, as in Marilynne Robinson’s other novels, there is compassion and perception on every page.


The Eye of the Tiger

For lovers of wildlife, some unique snapshots of the tiger from Indian sanctuaries.


The Lucknow Boy Returns

In the sequel to his autobiography, Vinod Mehta brings the world of the media to life with a refreshing lack of tact


When You Say Nothing At All

The spectre of silence looms large over Pranab Mukherjee’s narrative on the events of the tumultuous Seventies.


How to Catch a Star

A book that cashes in on the curiosity over India’s space programme after its successful Mars mission


In the Winter of Our Lives

A doctor speaks for the elemental desire of the elderly to age with grace and dignity


In High Places

The book meanders through the past and recent history of Nepal and the layer upon layer of myth and legend which anoint every nook and corner of its capital city.


Book Review: Transform your life with 12 holistic principles

If you want to let go and feel easy, you find practical solutions in a new book “Feeling at Ease with Yourself” by Rajiv Parti.


Adi, Anta and a City

A novel steeped in India’s past and illuminating about its present


The Loose Ends of History

Fukuyama is as erudite as ever, but his catchall analysis does not add to the literature of political sociology