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Life by the Book

Haruki Murakami’s latest novel is a reflection on platonic friendships.


Book review: In Last Wave, the author employs a wide canvas to join the minutiae of the Andaman story

Facts are effortlessly dipped in the palette of fiction.


Book review: Naseeruddin Shah’s autobiography is all about drugs, sex and acting

Naseeruddin Shah’s memoir is a blisteringly honest account of his life and the foibles of the creative community.


Book review: The making of fort Kochi

The Portuguese superstars who spiced up life on the Malabar Coast.


The Writer’s Dharma

For UR Ananthamurthy, Sanskrit and bhasha, town and country, ancient and modern, were simultaneous realities.

Book review: This Divided Island

Like Socrates, the author seeks truth through conversations and we find here a gallery of interesting characters.

Things soured badly during the production of "Mughal-E-Azam".

Dilip Kumar’s autobiography reveals his journey from Peshawar to Bombay

Dilip Kumar’s autobiography reveals his journey from Peshawar to Bombay.


Book review: For the Love of Country and Cricket

The first major history of the game in Pakistan tells a riveting story.


Child of Light

A friend looks back on the remarkable career of India’s finest political novelist, seen through the lens of two new books.


Call of the Wild: The idea of India pervades the writings of Hugh Allen and Jim Corbett

Rupa Rainlight has reissued The Lonely Tiger (1960), the solitary book of Hugh Allen, David Davidar’s favourite shikar writer.


The Return of the Butterfly: Taking stock of post Benazir Bhutto Pakistan

Moni Mohsin’s fluttering social protagonist takes stock of post-Benazir Bhutto Pakistan in The Return of the Butterfly.


In Search of Lost Time

A book that traces the growth of the hill stations of Landour and Mussoorie from the days of the Raj


The Colour of Money: How does a financial system driven by Islamic scholars work?

Harris Irfan’s Heaven’s Bankers (Constable & Robinson) is the first inside job on the rather opaque world of Islamic, Sharia-compliant finance.

Death in the Slush Pile

The publishing world, and your credulity, is savaged in Robert Galbraith’s new novel.

The Islamic Origins of Capitalist Enterprise

The instruments of modern finance, like cheques and letters of credit, were innovated by Islamic bankers before the Crusades


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