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Book review: That Old Feeling

Just like Indian filmmakers of yesteryears preferred to portray young love which was naïvely disconnected from complications, Puri has concentrated on a well-treaded surface of superficial emotion.

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Book review: Insider Writing

Drawing on his stint as chief economic advisor in the finance ministry, Kaushik Basu provides an insider’s account of the workings of North Block

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Book review: Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

In his new book, former Pakistani diplomat Husain Haqqani urges India and Pakistan to engage with each other as countries rather than as communities still caught up in communal politics

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The Other Satyagraha

In the context of Ambedkarite politics and ideas, Anand Teltumbde shows how the Mahad conferences in 1927 wrested control of the movement from caste Hindus in favour of Dalits.

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Beyond Gunboat Diplomacy

The subtle art of geoeconomics and the limitations of military force form the core of this analysis of America’s foreign policy

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Book review: The female body and a scientific case for curves

A new book explores the provocative issue of the “origins and power of female body shape”, in particular, the body’s “biology, the mind it contains, the culture that surrounds it.

Indira Gandhi, The Unseen Indira Gandhi, India-Pakistan war, Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, Indira Gandhi religious, Indira Gandhi book, The Unseen Indira Gandhi book review

Book Review: ‘The Unseen Indira Gandhi’ is full of anecdotes

Indira Gandhi’s personal physician recollects her cool composure under pressure and her evolution into a leader.

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Ahmedabad– city with a Past book review: City of Memories

Through the many David homes, beginning with the first in the heart of the city, one goes through the history of Ahmedabad, right till 2007, when Esther moved out of her quaint abode bordering Juhapura.

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Winged Fire book review: Fair Are Them Fowls

An expensive but enjoyable introduction to the simple pleasures of birdwatching, with vibrant photography and classical colour plates

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Asap Science is an interesting entrant in this complex landscape, full of lively and rude illustration, all bright blue.

What Does a Hangover Do to Your Brain?

A book that delves into all the questions that intrigued you in biology class but the teacher looked too prim to ask.

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The Z Factory book review: Rising Against All Odds

Subhash Chandra’s journey up the corporate ladder can be a lesson for all business management students.

China- behind the miracle book review: From the Other Side of the Wall

Written for practitioners rather than theorists, this is a book that reflects what the Indian establishment picks up from China’s growth story .

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Dark Things book review: The Rebellion of a Yakshi

Reminiscent of the said spin-offs in the Western popular culture, Venkatraghavan’s inspiration comes richly layered as well, with complex mythological details and familiar characters, such as the Indian folkloric beings — yakshis, apsaras and gandharvas.

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Swimmer among the Stars book review: Every Old Story is Made Anew

Kanishk Tharoor’s collection of stories reveals a lively mind deeply interested in the world, and a writer with an elegant sense of brevity

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The Golden Son book review: Mustard Seeds and Arranged Marriage

A cross-cultural love story spanning India and America is hobbled by a precious and manufactured ‘Indianness’

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