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A Tale Retold in Another Tongue

An English translation of the first Dalit autobiography refreshes the hard-hitting portrayal of the lives of people from the Mahar caste.

The Firebird, Book Review, Saikat Majumdar, Natyashashtra,

Behind the Scenes

A mother who acts, a child who seeks attention and a Party out to purge the city of bad art – the world of theatre comes alive in this Kolkata novel

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The Perfect Murder: Book on Aarushi Talwar poses uncomfortable questions

Through two broad chapters on the investigation and the trial, Avirook Sen presents how the Talwars were hit with a double whammy: a shoddy and insensitive investigation by the UP Police and the CBI and what Sen believed was a premeditated judgment.

Situating the Great Monastery, Book Review, Buddhism India, Ashoka politics, Buddhist sangha, Nalanda,

Learning to Unlearn

A book that questions many long-standing sources that establish Nalanda as a seat of higher learning, placing it instead in the heart of monastic practices in ancient India

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Book Review – Where Borders Bleed: An insider’s account of INDO-PAK relations

A former IFS officer’s account of Indo-Pak relations has no new revelation to make.

shovon chowdhury, shovon chowdhury books, shovon chowdhury book review, murder with bengali characteristics, book review

Book Review: Murder with Bengali Characteristics

A speculative murder mystery, more a satire about a brave new futuristic world than a crime fiction.


Book Review – Unbound: 2,000 Years of Indian Women’s Writing

To represent the immense variety of texts produced by Indian women over the last 2,000 years — in 350-odd pages — is no mean feat.

Zena Sorabjee book, zena sorabjee, the right to be, children's rights, children's right, child right, child right book, human rights, book review

Book Review – The Right To Be: An Illustrated Children’s Book on Human Rights

A handy children’s guide to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

christophe jafferlot, christophe jaffelot book review, pakistan paradox, pakistan paradox book, book review

Book Review – The Pakistan Paradox: Instability and Resilience

Christophe Jaffrelot rises to the challenge with aplomb. With erudition and energy, he presents a historical and political sociology of Pakistan, from the end of the rebellion of 1857 to the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

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Book Review: Muslim Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Empire

With the end of the Mughal Empire and the rise of British power, the 19th century Muslim intellectual had to reimagine his politics.

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Book Review – Hadal : Inspired by a True Story

A disappointing novel on the ISRO spy scandal of 1994.

ac grayling, anthony clifford grayling, ac grayling book, ac grayling book review, ac grayling The Challenge of Things: Thinking through troubled times, The Challenge of Things: Thinking through troubled times, a c grayling, book review, indian express book review

Book Review – The Challenge of Things: Thinking through troubled times

A philosopher in the swim of current affairs, AC Grayling is still trying to make us think rationally.

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Book review – Bedtime Story/Black Tulip: A Screenplay Story

Kiran Nagarkar’s play, censored for 17 years, belongs to a fine tradition of retelling the epics subversively.

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Book Review – Kusumabale: A Lover’s Death, and the Novel as Rebellion

From realism to Dalit-Bandaya writing, Devanoora Mahadeva’s Kusumabale challenged many norms of Kannada literature. An English translation, while competent, flattens his linguistic innovations.

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Book Review – Sleeping on Jupiter: Time Travel to Jarmuli

A rich, immersive novel about a group of people colonised by their pasts.