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Book review – Bedtime Story/Black Tulip: A Screenplay Story

Kiran Nagarkar’s play, censored for 17 years, belongs to a fine tradition of retelling the epics subversively.

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Book Review – Kusumabale: A Lover’s Death, and the Novel as Rebellion

From realism to Dalit-Bandaya writing, Devanoora Mahadeva’s Kusumabale challenged many norms of Kannada literature. An English translation, while competent, flattens his linguistic innovations.

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Book Review – Sleeping on Jupiter: Time Travel to Jarmuli

A rich, immersive novel about a group of people colonised by their pasts.

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Book Review – Ahmedabad: A City in the World

A powerful sketch of Ahmedabad and its all too frequent complicity in communal violence.


Book Review – The Longest August: The Unflinching Rivalry Between India and Pakistan

Despite its vast scope, Dilip Hiro’s new book on the India-Pakistan rivalry is marred by factual errors and personal biases.


Book Review – ‘A Mirror to Power’ by M J Akbar: Who’s the Most Powerful of Them All?

MJ Akbar turns a merciless eye on those in power, except when he looks at Modi.

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Book Review- ‘The Tusk That Did The Damage': Born Free

An elephant gone rogue is the protagonist of this lyrical, if uneven, novel.

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Once Upon a Time

A publisher’s anecdotes about the people he has worked with in a career spanning four decades and their idiosyncrasies.

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Violent Land

Written in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots, Farewell, Mahatma is a poignant recreation of Gandhi’s last days.


Building Blocks

A book that raises designer concerns about architecture, but gives little direction about its future

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A Man of Great Characters

Siddharth Chowdhury makes a comeback with a collection of short stories that capture the essence of middle-class life in hypermasculine cultures.


Money Makes the World Go Round

A racy entertainer on everything you needed to know about money, except how to make more of it


By and By a Cloud Takes All Away

This Catalan masterpiece of the Spanish Civil War is a classic of world literature


A Lady on Grub Street

In 1950s’ Delhi, newspaper offices had little room and no toilets for women. But Kamla Mankekar barged her way in. This is her story.


In the Name of the Father

Mahatma Gandhi died at the hands of irreligion. This new book tells us why we ought not to forget.