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Blackberry CEO thinks tech firms should comply with lawful access requests

BlackBerry CEO John Chen thinks tech companies should comply with lawful requests to access protected data


Canadian police was monitoring BlackBerry messages, say media reports

Canadian federal police have been able to eavesdrop on messages sent between BlackBerry smartphones since at least 2010 using an encryption key it obtained

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BlackBerry to launch two mid-range Android phones this year, says CEO

BlackBerry is working on two mid-range Android smartphones this year, one with a physical keyboard and one with a touchscreen and plans to launch them this year

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BlackBerry BBM gets enhanced privacy features in new release

BlackBerry has announced the launch of a new BBM release on iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones for enhanced privacy.

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BlackBerry disappointed after Facebook, WhatsApp end BB 10 support

BlackBerry is disappointed as not just WhatsApp but Facebook too decides to end support for BlackBerry OS 10 services by the end of 2016.

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Facebook also joins WhatsApp to end support for all BlackBerry devices

Facebook has announced that it will withdraw support of its essential APIs for BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry plans to make BBM more fun after WhatsApp drops support

BlackBerry is committed to our BlackBerry 10 operating system, and we work closely with developers to create and deploy solutions

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BlackBerry Priv: Keyboard, Camera and App launcher updated with new features

BlackBerry Priv, the first Android smartphone from the troubled-Canadian tech company, has gotten its a new set of updates

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MWC 2016: BlackBerry announces new professional cybersecurity services

BlackBerry to provide enterprise security services via Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform

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BlackBerry Priv #ExpressReview: A lot to love here, except the price

BlackBerry Priv is undoubtedly the best Android smartphone with a physical keyboard but its camera efforts need improvement

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BlackBerry Priv review – Part 2: What I don’t love about this new phone

BlackBerry Priv’s camera is good but it seems to get really bad with red colour however

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BlackBerry Priv review – Part 1: What I love about this phone

BlackBerry Priv retains most natural elements of Android while adding their bits as add-ons and not as a wrap like other manufacturers

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BlackBerry Priv, the first Android smartphone by the company launched in India at Rs 62,999

BlackBerry Priv, the first Android smartphone from the beleaguered Canadian smartphone maker, has been launched at Rs 62,999.

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BlackBerry Priv with Android set to launch in India on January 28

BlackBerry will launch its first Android-powered smartphone ‘Priv’ in India on January 28.

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BlackBerry delays Pakistan shutdown as talks on govt access continue

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority had notified the country’s mobile phone operators that BlackBerry Enterprise Services would not be allowed to operate in the country from “for security reasons”.

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