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China marks 50 years of Tibet government, lauds its economic successes

The Chinese govt lauded its economic successes while activists criticized its record on human rights.

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The same bad movie

Currency devaluation is the latest example of Chinese leaders’ misplaced faith in the power of the state


Chinese police pull out infant girl from public toilet pipe after cries heard

The baby girl was in stable condition at a hospital in the Chinese capital, and authorities were trying to identify her parents, Beijing police said.


Hong Kong unveils Beijing-backed election reform plan

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam outlined the reform package’s details on Wednesday to lawmakers.

2 cult members executed for McDonald’s China killing

Two of five members of a banned cult were executed for beating a woman to death at a McDonald’s outlet in China,

China growth at 24-year low; India to overtake: IMF

Fourth-quarter growth held steady at 7.3 percent from a year earlier, slightly better than expectations.


China to punish tourists in Thai air rage scandal

It comes at a time when the Chinese are traveling more but also becoming notorious for rough behavior.


Hong Kong protesters revitalise flagging movement, clash with police; 40 arrested

Protesters carrying umbrellas battled police armed with pepper spray, batons and riot shields.


Beijing bans smoking in public spaces

China homes the most smokers of any country, with 300mn smoking & 740mn exposed to secondhand.


US pollution data on Beijing blocked on mobile app

By Monday evening, Beijing’s levels of PM2.5 had reached nearly 200 — or about eight times the level considered safe by the WHO.

Hong Kong Democracy Protest

Hong Kong: Pro-democracy protesters face arrest, warn officials

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said also there’s no room for further dialogue with the student-led protesters.


Hong Kong priority is to avoid violence: Barack Obama

He says the U.S. won’t stop speaking out about the things it cares about.


Hong Kong protest talks show a wide gap between students, Beijing-backed government

The students passionately explained why they had taken to the streets for more than three weeks to fight for greater democracy.


No endgame in Hong Kong

Beijing is likely to restore order in the short term. But does it have a long-term solution to the crisis of governability?


Hong Kong leader claims ‘external forces’ at play in pro-democracy protests

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s statement was the first time he has alleged foreign involvement in the unrest.