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Bashar Al Assad

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UN envoy pushes Syrian govt as peace talks intensify

But the High Negotiations Committee (HNC), the main opposition umbrella group, remains sceptical, insisting that the regime to allow humanitarian access to besieged towns, stop the bombardment of civilians and release prisoners.


Vladimir Putin: Too early to speak about sheltering Bashar Assad in Russia

Russia began carrying out air strikes on the positions of Islamic State fighters in September in support of Assad’s army.


Syria no breeding ground for ISIS: President Bashar al-Assad

IS “didn’t start in Syria, it started in Iraq, and it started before that in Afghanistan,” he said

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Syria must ‘eradicate terror’ for political deal, open to fresh polls: Assad

A Russian lawmaker said on Sunday that Assad had expressed a willingness to hold new parliamentary and presidential elections, but only after Syria is “liberated” from Islamic State group jihadists.

Bashar al-Assad

Kremlin’s guest

An embattled Assad is now increasingly emboldened, or so thinks Washington

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Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad blames the West for the refugee crisis

“As long as they follow this propaganda, they will have more refugees,” Assad said in an interview with Russian media.

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Syria crisis: Rebels seize army base, another defeat for Bashar al-Assad

The Free Syrian Army’s Southern Front is an alliance of rebel groups backed by the US and its allies, including Syria’s southern neighbour Jordan, which offers the group logistical support.

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Syrian air force kills 45 civilians in stepped-up raids

British-based group said at least 110 civilians are killed in 470 plus air strikes in Syria in last 72 hrs.


UN wants countries to take in 180,000 Syrian refugees

After three years of fighting in Syria, more than 3.2 million refugees are registered in neighbouring countries.


Assad says ready to study UN plan to ‘freeze’ Aleppo fighting

De Mistura had previously said Aleppo would be a “good candidate” to become a “freeze” zone.

Bashar al-Assad

Syria escalates barrel bomb attacks as world attention shifts to combat ISIS

“Barrel bombs kill those we love most, they destroy houses, dreams and memories,” said a Syrian civilian.


‘Contradictory’ Syria policy helps Bashar al-Assad: Barack Obama

“I recognize the contradiction in a contradictory land and a contradictory circumstance,” Obama said.


Deadly barrel bombs ‘hit taxi stand’ in Syria’s Aleppo

Last December, President Bashar al-Assad’s regime launched a massive aerial campaign against rebel districts.


Assad is no anti-terrorism partner but a jihadist ally: France

President Hollande comments came after Assad’s regime said it was willing to work with the international community.


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for new seven-year term

The opposition National Coalition branded the election a ‘farce’.