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House passes resolution urging Barack Obama to send arms to Ukraine

There is bipartisan support in Congress to provide the arms to Ukrainian forces battling the rebels.

The West loved to hate him, not because he was repressive, but because he managed to create an attractive version of soft authoritarianism.

Obama: Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore founding father was a ‘visionary’ leader

The father of modern Singapore and as one the great strategists of Asian affairs: Barak Obama

Return of a spectre

Is Pakistan’s arsenal secure? Sacking of staff with the country’s nuclear programme could fuel the debate.

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Japanese Prime Minister Abe to visit US next month

Obama has placed a premium on deepening US relations with Asia’s fast-growing and populous countries.


Barack Obama jabs friends and foes in comedic speech

Obama in his comedy speech left no one out from Hillary Clinton to Rudy Giuliani, saying he loves America, and he wont diminish office by taking selfies

Iran, Obama, Barack Obama, Iran nuclear plant, iran nuclear programme, iran nuke deal, iran nuclear conflict, USA, Worls News

Senator says Obama’s family a part of Islamic State, Democrats demand a step down

Sen. Michael Willette asked colleagues for their forgiveness Wednesday and promised his “mistake in judgment” won’t be repeated.

Obama’s country

Fifty years after Bloody Sunday, the US president powerfully articulated his idea of America in Selma.


Selma civil rights milestone marked by first black president

Under a bright sun, the first black U.S. president praised the figures of a civil rights era that he was too young to know.


Minor explosion triggers brief lockdown at White House

The noise was heard jsut before US President Barack Obama and his family were due to take off by helicopter.


Would have shot Barack Obama, says arrested Islamic State supporter

Christopher Lee Cornell said if he hadn’t been arrested, he would have put a gun to President Obama’s head.

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Bibi vs Barack

Netanyahu address controversy points to the limits of the political consensus in America.

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A climate of bilateralism

India should be wary of acceding to US demands on emissions cuts.

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President Obama welcomes Modi’s assurance of equal respect to all faiths

The White House responds to a petition launched by the New York-based Sikh for Justice in less than a month.


Nawaz Sharif tells Barack Obama, India’s permanent UNSC seat unacceptable

Sharif has told Obama that India does not deserve so as it has not complied with UN resolutions on Kashmir.

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VIDEO: When Obama tried to copy Robert de Niro from Taxi Driver

The two minute Buzzfeed video shows Obama like you have never seen before.