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Sinjar siege over, says Obama

Thousands of families from the Yazidi minority community were trapped on the mountains without food and water.


US sending 130 military personnel to Iraq

United States stressed its readiness to fully support a new and inclusive government in Iraq’s fight against the ISIL.


Barack Obama remembers ‘one of a kind’ actor Robin Williams

US President Barack Obama is calling Robin Williams ‘one of a kind’ who shared his talent ‘freely and generously with those who needed it most.’ Robin Williams was pronounced dead at his home in California on Monday and officials said it appeared to be a suicide. Obama said in a statement issued on Monday night […]

Barack Obama

Obama: US strikes have destroyed Iraq militants’ arms and equipment

US President Barack Obama confirms that US airstrikes have pushed back ISIS forces .

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US will intervene to prevent ‘massacre of innocent people': Obama

Obama justifies his decision to carry out targeted airstrikes in Iraq to prevent ‘massacre of innocent people’.


Won’t let Islamic militants create caliphate: Obama

Obama said the US may eventually do more to help Iraq repel the militant group, which seeks to control its own state.


Obama authorises airstrikes in Iraq, but says the military operation will be ‘limited in scope and duration’

Obama said he has also authorised US Armed Forces to provide humanitarian assistance in Iraq.

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Shares sink, gold surges as US authorises air strikes in Iraq

Overall, Asian and European markets traded weak during the day.


Obama orders ‘targeted’ strikes, humanitarian mission in Iraq

Obama said the US “cannot turn a blind eye” when it can prevent genocide of Iraqi minorities.


No sympathy for Hamas, says Obama; expresses concern for Gaza residents

Obama also said he is glad that a temporary cease-fire has been achieved.

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Barack Obama recollects his roots at dinner with African leaders

The blood of Africa runs through our family, Obama said amidst applause.


Sikh rights group seeks info on Obama’s decision to invite PM

Last year, the group had filed a human rights violation case against the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


US hopes Kerry’s visit will ‘melt the ice’ in ties with India

Kerry visited New Delhi last week to co-chair the fifth annual India-US Strategic Dialogue with Sushma Swaraj.


Barack Obama asked to declassify Senate report on CIA interrogations

The CIA’s programme prompted a public discussion about whether these enhanced interrogation techniques produced reliable information.

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Israel hits Gaza again as Palestinians toll rises to 1650

63 Israeli soldiers, including two Indian-origin, have been killed in the conflict. Nearly 400 soldiers have been injured.


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