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arvind kejriwal, yogendra yadav, AAP, aam aadmi party, prashant bhushan

Leaders outraged at AAP stand on dissenting voices

In an FB post, the AAP has said the decision to act against the errant leaders was taken following the party’s national council meeting.

arvind kejriwal, yogendra yadav, AAP, aam aadmi party, prashant bhushan

Anti-corruption helpline to be relaunched on April 5

The government had earlier announced its plan to bring back the helpline it had started during its 49-day rule in 2013-14.


AAP crisis: Party ‘theek thaak hai’, says Arvind Kejriwal

The party has sacked Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the National Executive.

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Delhi govt to follow Singapore model of water re-use

Kejriwal said government will also initiate a major anti-corruption mechanism in the national capital to fulfill its electoral promise.


‘Split was on the cards since Lok Sabha polls’

The first signs of the gathering storm clouds was seen on Feb 26 during the first NE meeting.


How the AAP’s weapon against corruption turned against it

Even before it came to power, the AAP had been warned of the unpredictability and dangers of sting politics.


Hard Look: Sting In The Tale

The start by the government, with 44 days gone, has been measured, more practised and less frenetic.


Victor’s unravelling

AAP has won Delhi but for it to be successful, there is much work to be done within the party.

AAP, Aam aadmi party, arvind kejriwal, yogendra yadav, prashant bhushan, aap meeting, aap expulsion, delhi news, india news

WATCH VIDEO: Before duo’s expulsion, Kejriwal told council, ‘Knifed in back, betrayed’

Kejriwal says “he was betrayed” and ends with an appeal to the council to choose between them and him.


Aam Aadmi Party split: Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav out of national executive

Allegations of hooliganism at meeting; Kejriwal camp says Bhushan, Yadav in ‘anti-party activities’; CM asked council to ‘choose’.


AAP posters: ‘How have we come to this?’

While the two factions inside fought it out tooth and nail, equally heated debates and arguments broke out in the crowd as well.


Opinion: Where does the Aam Aadmi Party go from here?

The leadership must make amends now. Or else the party will head for a crash.

arvind kejriwal, yogendra yadav, AAP, aam aadmi party, prashant bhushan

Arvind Kejriwal threatened to quit AAP if Bhushan-Yadav were not removed

Kejriwal also said that he preferred to go to jail with just following instruction from Bhushan.

Arun Jaitley, AAP

AAP should not waste opportunity with ‘immature’ politics: Arun Jaitley

Jaitley said people of Delhi had high hopes when they voted for Kejriwal government and he never expected ‘such politics’ to emerge.

arvind kejriwal, kejriwal news, yogendra yadav, AAP, AAP news, prashant bhushan, AAP rift

Explained: All you need to know about AAP’s national council meeting today

It is unclear how many voting members the NC has. Some say there are 352, others say it is closer to 380.