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Putin, Merkel discuss downed plane investigation, peace talks

Putin and Merkel want a thorough and objective investigation of all the circumstances of the downing of MH17.


German chancellor Merkel laments breakdown of trust in US spy row

Germany expelled the US CIA chief in Berlin recently over spy row.


Germany asks top US spy to leave the country

German media have reported that the men are suspected of passing secrets to the US.


PM Narendra Modi in Berlin, Merkel at FIFA final

The Indian delegation had done its groundwork for Modi’s first bilateral visit beyond the subcontinent.

Germany wants Modi to meet Merkel on his way to Brazil

Modi will be making a transit halt at Frankfurt on his way to Brazil to attend the BRICS summit in July.


Ukraine urges Merkel, EU help end pro-Russian revolt

Russia insisted that the week-long unilateral ceasefire that Poroshenko ordered on Friday be extended over the long term.


Germany opens criminal probe over Angela Merkel phone tapping

The probe, which follows an explosive allegations last year that US spies had eavesdropped on Merkel’s mobile in the past, is against unnamed persons.


US knocks plans for European telecom network

Germany and France have been discussing ways to build a European network to keep data secure after the US spying scandal.


Russia risks ‘massive’ consequences on Ukraine: Merkel

With its intervention in Crimea, Russia is openly questioning the territorial integrity of Ukraine, said Merkel.

Power play: Power subsidies around the world

Power subsidies are one way to keep voters happy and, once given, very difficult to take away — around the world.

US diplomat plays down leaked call, Merkel angry

US officials have not denied the authenticity of the recording and said Nuland apologized to EU colleagues for the comment.

German President JOACHIM GAUCK has been described by Chancellor Angela Merkel as a “true teacher of democracy” and a “tireless advocate of freedom.

‘A comprehensive agreement on free trade and investment would be a great opportunity for India, as well as Europeans’

‘A comprehensive agreement on free trade and investment would be a great opportunity for India, as well as Europeans’


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