Al Qaeda

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Yemenis look at a building damaged during a police raid on a hideout of al-Qaida militants in Arhab region, north of Sanaa, Yemen. (Source: AP)

Yemen president flees Aden home as rebels near, say Officials

Witnesses said they saw a convoy of presidential vehicles Wednesday leaving Hadi’s palace.


Dangerous flirtation

New revelations about negotiations with al-Qaeda confirm old worries about Pak ambivalence on terror.


Pak tried secret deal with al-Qaeda as terror group targeted India

Letters found in slain al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden’s safehouse show that Pakistan reached out to Said al-Masri.

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Yemen army base attacked by al Qaeda militants; leaves 4 dead

At least two militants and two soldiers died in an al Qaeda assault on an army base in southern Yemen.

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US drone kills 2 suspected al-Qaida militants in Yemen

Witnesses say a US drone strike killed two suspected al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen.

US Attorney said the defendant supplied addictive drugs, including oxycontin and heroin, to other drug traffickers in America and around the world.

US terror trial: Pakistani man denies ties to al-Qaeda

Called himself Islamic and religious; said terrorism is not compatible with Islam.

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Philipines army kills 14 al-Qaeda loyal militants

US-trained army commandos on Thursday killed 14 Islamist militants belonging to the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group in the first major battle this year on a remote southern island, as the Philippines stepped up efforts to rescue foreign hostages. The Abu Sayyaf is the smallest but most deadly of several Muslim groups fighting for independence in […]

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Osama was frustrated at al-Qaeda’s terrorist reputation: White House

Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden wanted to change the name of the group to identify it more closely with Islam before he was killed says White House

IM terrorists arrested

Two Indians held over ‘terror links’ in Saudi

According to reports, there are 32 Saudi and six Yemen nationals among those who have been detained.


Convicted al-Qaeda man linked to Paris attacks residing in UK

Meziane was a close associate of Djamel Beghal, a convicted terrorist who mentored two of the Paris attackers while they were in jail together, the report said.


Al-Qaeda posts ‘bomb recipe’ to target passenger jets

Al-Queda had outlined bomb “recipe” in the latest issue of its online magazine ‘Inspire’.


Al-Qaeda in Yemen threatens France with new attacks: SITE

“If you refuse but to wage war, then wait for the glad tiding,” Harith al-Nadhari was quoted saying in a video yesterday.


Al Qaeda planning Paris-style attack in UK, warns spy chief

British police and MI5 had “stopped three UK terrorist plots” in recent months; terror threat in UK increasing.


French hostage held by al-Qaida returns home

Serge Lazarevic arrived in France early Wednesday at the Villacoublay airport outside Paris.


Al-Qaeda suspect among four killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

Omar Farooq is the 1st Pakistani to be appointed to a senior-level position in al Qaeda, said a military official.