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US-led strikes hit Islamic State, al Qaeda-linked group in Syria

US-led air strikes continued to target Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq in recent days.


Islamic State, al-Qaeda reach accord in Syria

Two Syrian opposition figures say the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda’s branch met last week and agreed to stop fighting each other and work together against their opponents. The deal could be a heavy blow to Washington’s strategy against the Islamic State group, relying on arming moderate rebel factions to push back extremists in Syria. […]

Bringing down Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda grooming Indian militants for bigger attacks: Intelligence officials

Officials had uncovered plots that included kidnapping of foreigners and turning India into a “Syria and Iraq”.


ISIS attempt to ‘lure’ Muslim youth on top cops’ agenda

The agenda assumes significance following reports that some Indian Muslims may have joined ISIS to fight in Iraq and Syria.

Attack in Pak Punjab meant to send message

The terrorist group, whose ranks included 26/11 reconnaissance agent David Headley is thought to have had contact with elements of the Indian Mujahideen.


US commando who killed Bin Laden to reveal identity

The operation was ordered by President Barack Obama after the CIA traced Bin Laden’s courier to the high-walled compound.


Al-Qaeda still offers olive branch to IS: Analysts

The Islamic State group has seized about a third of Iraq and Syrian territory and is terrorising civilians.

Have no money, how could I send people to Afghan: Terror accused

Moutasim’s father Abdul Aleem Islahi recently wrote an article on a website “Muslims should welcome ISIS’ announcement of Caliphate”.


IM planned to kidnap Jews to free Al-Qaeda-linked Pakistan scientist: NIA

The alleged conversations followed a visit by Riyaz to meet al-Qaeda leaders around June-July 2013 to forge an alliance.


Al-Qaeda regional chief an Indian, met him twice: Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir said Asim Umar was an Indian — a possibility that The Indian Express has reported investigators in India were studying.


Notes of a Jihadi

Before the naming came the writing. Praveen Swami reads between the lines of the books authored by Maulana Asim Umar, the man named chief of the al-Qaeda in the subcontinent.

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NSG chief warns of multi-city attacks

Choudhury says al-Qaeda, ISIS may join hands with terror groups active in India.


National Security Guards warns of ‘multi-city, multiple’ attack on India

The NSG at the same time said it was fully prepared and will respond to whatever required and whenever required.


6 top Pak Taliban commanders announce allegiance to ISIS

Al-Baghdadi, leader of the ISIS, declared himself as Caliph and renamed his dreaded group as the Islamic State.


Chats reveal Indian Mujahideen man’s career dilemma: Syria, Afghanistan or Nepal?

In a chat on May 11, 2013, Riyaz told Yasin that Sultan was keen to fight in Syria.