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Powerful explosion in Philippines nightclub kills one, wounds 9 others

The southern Philippines has long been wracked by violence carried out by Muslim separatist guerrillas, Al-Qaeda-linked extremists and extortion gangs.

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US-led airstrike kills leader of al-Qaeda cell in Syria

Pentagon said Fadhli was an al-Qaeda facilitator, who had advanced information on the September 11 attacks.

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Kenya mall reopens two years after al Shebab massacare that killed 67

Two years ago Somali Islamists al Shebab massacred 67 shoppers and staff in four days of carnage in Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall.


Syria mosque blast kills 25 Al-Qaeda affiliate members

Civilians were also killed Al-Nusra Front members while worshipping in the mosque.


US working to verify evidence of killing of al-Qaeda’s number 2 leader Nasir al-Wuhayshi

al-Wuhayshi is considered a top lieutenant to al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahri.

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Libyan Islamist denies US claims of killing al-Qaeda militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar

The Libyan Islamist says that that the US airstrike in Libya aimed at al-Qaida-linked extremist responsible for 2013 Algeria gas plant attack missed him and killed others.

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20 minority Druze villagers killed by Syria’s Al-Qaeda branch

The killings in Idlib are the deadliest against the minority Druze sect, which has been split between supporters and opponents of President Bashar Assad, since Syria’s crisis began in March 2011.

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Libya: Al-Qaeda militants declare war on ISIS after their leader shot dead by gunmen

The ensuing clashes killed at least nine IS militants and two from the Shura Council, including Salem Derbi, the commander of the so-called Abu Salem Brigade, which has history of enmity with IS.


Al-Qaeda’s Syria chief says Islamic State caliphate ‘illegitimate’

Al-Qaeda’s Syria chief refused to call IS fighters “infidels” — a term usually referring to non-Muslims — but instead said they had strayed from the path of Islam.


Four Karachi bus attackers linked to ‘al-Qaeda sleeper cell': Pakistan

“They have all studied from reputed institutions and one of them has personally met Osama bin Laden and Aiman al-Zawahari in the past,” said a police officer.

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Bid to reunite Osama Bin Laden and son before deadly raid, documents reveal

Osama bin Laden’s aides tried to reunite him with a beloved son Hamza before the US operation in Abbottabad.

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Al-Qaeda described 26/11 Mumbai attacks as ‘heroic’, reveals declassified document

The 15-page document “Terror Franchise: THE UNSTOPPABLE ASSASSIN: TECHS Vital role for its success”, originally in English, lists the Mumbai terror attack as one of the “blessed” operations.

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Al-Qaeda-linked Belmokhtar group in N Africa claims allegiance to ISIS: report

Al-Akhbar said it had identified the voice in the recording as that of Saharaoui.


Al Qaeda Indian Subcontinent branch claims murder of Bangladesh-born US blogger Avijit Roy

Asim Umar, head of AQIS, has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks, including Avijit Roy.


Between al-Qaeda and history’s dead-letter archive, a few “good men” and a plan

Al-Qaeda seeks to stage operations against India and the wider region.