Aam Aadmi Party

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Can you name the man in BJP radio ads?

Two other radio jingles are on good governance, reduced fuel and vegetable prices.

Delhi underground: Why Mukhi needs to smile more

In a new initiative to boost safety of women, the Delhi Police are distributing pepper sprays to women, including women journalists.


Half of AAP donations come from Maharashtra

In one month from Nov 18, state donated Rs 64 lakh to Delhi’s Rs 37 lakh; Punjab elected MPs but gives little.

Kejriwal launches AAP's free membership campaign

AAP fourth election list likely soon

The list is likely to feature Devendra Sehrawat, Jarnail Singh, as well as former Congress leader Alka Lamba.


Arvind Kejriwal, AAP intensify demand for polls in Delhi

The AAP has been demanding fresh polls ever since it quit the government in February last year.


State to Bombay High Court: Won’t pay errant contractors

Chitale committee, which probed the irrigation scam, had in its report said Kondane and four other dams projects needed a separate probe.


AAP asks telecom minister to resign over ‘Reliance link’

The statement also said that before becoming a minister, Prasad had terminated all his professional relationships.

AAP’s new radio ad has tips for police to boost their image

The government says the image of the Delhi Police has been hampered because of the AAP jingle.


Damania says top bizman uses bogus registration numbers for his vehicles

AAP Mumbai treasurer Suresh Acharya added, “Our volunteers have been following these vehicles since Monday.

Breaking down news: To Be or Not To Be

When conversion is in the reverse direction, it’s a homecoming, a wapasi to a prior and authentic state

In third list, AAP fields new faces on rural seats it lost

With its third list, the party declared 45 of the total 70 candidates for Delhi.


Rajnath’s house becomes point of anti-rape protests

The party said they will also protest outside the Lieutenant-Governor’s house.


ACB sends Bhushan complaint to Directorate of Vigilance

The complaint also suggested that Sinha met with Moin Qureshi at his home.

AAP says it’s the only party with transparent fundraising

Yadav said the AAP also wanted to pose five questions to the BJP on its financial dealings.


AAP youth wing to hold Dialogues in universities

Last month, party chief Arvind Kejriwal had announced a five-point agenda for youth in the capital.