Rio 2016 Olympics: Dutch cyclist Laurine van Riessen avoids crash by climbing wall, watch video

Dutch cyclist Laurine van Riessen avoided a crash by cycling on the advertising hoarding post a collision. She finished fourth in the end.

Published: August 15, 2016 1:23 pm
Laurine van Riessen, Laurine van Riessen crash, cycling crash, cycling crash olympics, cycling crash video, Laurine van Riessen hoardings video, rio 2016 olympics, rio olympics, olympics Laurine van Riessen of Netherlands and Virginie Cueff of France almost came together but the Dutchwoman climbed the wall to avoid the crash. (Source: Reuters)

Dutch cyclist Laurine van Riessen climbed the side wall during the final lap of the women’s keirin race to stop herself from become a casualty in a pile-up that happened after a collision. At the Olympic velodrome, the cyclist performed the move in high speeds to add to the skill level and intelligent handling.

The initial crash saw a collision between New Zealand’s Olivia Podmore, France’s Virginie Cueff and Spain’s Tania Calvo, with the third being thrown off her bicycle and slid down the wooden track.

With Cueff swerving right and into van Riessen, the Dutch cyclist used the advertising hoardings to stay in the running in the race and avoid injuring herself. People in the crowd were also left surprised with the move with some gasping by putting their hand over the mouths and some capturing it on their phone.

Thanks to her high intensity manoeuvre, she was able to finish the race and finish fourth. Wai Sze Lee of Hong Kong came first.

The crash also caused a delay in the subsequent events with repair required on the gouge in the wooden surface of the velodrome. And the surface was repaired with the help of duct tape with competition resuming soon after.

Keirin was included in the Olympic sport programme in the 2000 Sydney Olympics after being born in Japan in 1948.

Crashes in the event aren’t few and far between with cyclists going at fast speeds after going at set speed for a few laps early on.

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