Friday, Aug 01, 2014
August 1, 20149:15 pm

The WHO raised the death toll by 57 to 729 on Thursday.

August 1, 20148:39 pm

On Thursday, rescuers had recovered bodies of 27 men who had ventured into the seas.

August 1, 20146:59 pm
13 soldiers were injured and 11 were still missing as clashes continued.

Clash broke a brief lull that had reigned around the site after Ukrainian authorities ordered a ceasefire.

August 1, 201411:18 am

The practice of consuming bushmeat in many parts of Africa may be one of the main reason’s for the infections.

July 30, 20147:09 pm

Tensions rose after an Israeli man tore down the placard daubed with a Swastika which had been pinned to a coconut tree.

July 30, 20145:16 pm

The agency did not provide details or cite any reasons for the delay in reporting the news.

July 30, 20144:46 pm

The paper issued photographs of Jackass star Ryan Dunn thinking they were of a dead Israeli soldier.

July 29, 20148:19 pm

Pinto says pursuit operations are continuing but there has been no encounter so far with the gunmen.

July 29, 20146:19 pm

The UN says at least 1,129 people were killed between mid-April, when fighting began, and July 26.

July 29, 20145:03 pm

Victim was found decapitated, with her left hand chopped off, the investigator said.

July 29, 20143:32 pm

Owner Larry Eckert is asking $500,000 for the 65-year-old, 170-foot (52-meter)-tall landmark and adjacent warehouse.

July 29, 201412:16 am

As the worst-ever Ebola epidemic sweeps West Africa and the toll crosses 600, panicky villagers are resisting all outside contact, including aid.

July 28, 20149:56 pm

Seven children killed when the Israeli missile hit the playground, a Palestinian official said.

July 28, 20147:00 pm

Yuriani, who lived in Amsterdam, had planned to fly to Jakarta and then to her small village in central Java to celebrate Eid with her family.

July 28, 20144:40 pm

A U.N. report from mid-June put the death toll at 356.

July 27, 20142:46 pm

I hope that this agreement with Mr Borodai will ensure security on the ground, said Najib in the statement.

July 27, 201411:26 am

"Avengers: Age of Ultron," the highly anticipated sequel to 2012's superhero ensemble "Avengers".

July 27, 201412:58 am

Given the placenta’s vital role, relatively little is known about it.

July 27, 201412:58 am

Hundred-foot mirrors, 3,200-megapixel cameras — the mega-telescopes are on the way

July 27, 201412:04 am
The search for MH370 has been continually frustrated and last week Australia ruled out an area considered a possible resting place of the plane after a mini-sub dived repeatedly to the seabed and found nothing. (Source: AP)

India: In May, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation directed all domestic airlines and non-scheduled operators to track aircraft carrying passengers and cargo real time by using ACARS or ADS-B.

July 26, 20141:33 pm

Abbott stressed that Australia's involvement in the planned mission was only to secure the remains and help the investigation.

July 26, 201412:00 pm

Hong Kong is one special administrative region of China, and its affairs are China's domestic affairs.

July 26, 201411:35 am
Last evening, around 6.15 pm, Simran boarded a metro from Noida to visit her aunt’s place.

Two years ago, two other Chinese graduate students were gunned down near campus.

July 25, 20143:55 pm

Human remains continue to be found a full week after the plane went down.

July 25, 201412:41 pm

The crash was the third airline disaster within a week.

July 25, 201411:28 am

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which was shot down over eastern UKraine killing all 298 people on board.

July 24, 20144:46 pm

An interactive look at the three worst plane crashes that happened in the last three months.

July 24, 20141:26 pm

The Boeing 777 was shot down last week in eastern Ukraine, twenty eight Australians were killed.

July 24, 201412:15 pm

Malaysia, a majority Muslim country, had initially sought to have the remains returned by July 28 for Hari Raya.

July 23, 201410:01 pm

A senior security official in Kiev claimed that Russia had massed over 40,000 soldiers along its border over the past week.

July 23, 20144:38 pm

Flight 17 took off around 12:15 p.m. on what should have been an 11 hour and 45 minute flight.

July 23, 201412:47 pm

The majority of export licenses that remain in place for Russia are for commercial use.

July 23, 201411:43 am

Malaysia also called for a comprehensive investigation by international independent bodies into the crash.

July 22, 20142:33 pm

The syndrome is mostly noted in the Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

July 20, 20141:10 am

CDC has for the time suggested the US turn back the rapid-fire proliferation of labs working with the planet’s most dangerous microbes.

July 19, 20144:50 pm

Abbott reacted to claims from Russian foreign ministry officials that his comments about blaming pro-Russian separatists for the attack was unacceptable.

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