Sunday, Nov 23, 2014
November 23, 20142:49 pm

Some cyclists were riding along a bicycle lane beside the M7 Motorway in Quakers Hill when they heard a baby's cry coming from the drain.

November 23, 20143:09 pm

A European source in the talks said there had been "no significant progress" and "the chances of getting a deal are pretty reduced".

November 23, 20143:53 pm

Order non-Muslims to get off, open fire in retaliation for police raids on mosques

November 21, 20144:28 am
Poland Local Elections

Dozens of protesters stormed Poland's main voting commission and occupied the building Thursday night.

November 21, 20144:18 am
Mexico Violence

Mexico City is bracing for demonstrations as caravans of students and family members of missing students converge.

November 21, 20143:29 am

The leader of a vigilante fighter group in Nigeria says Boko Haram militants have killed about 45 people.

November 21, 20143:18 am

A new video from the Islamic State group showed three Kalashnikov-wielding Frenchmen burning their passports.

November 21, 201412:28 am
John Kerry

John Kerry arrived in Vienna on Thursday to join troubled nuclear talks four days before a deadline.

November 21, 201412:17 am

The pardon by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei came more than 11 years before the end of Derakhshan's prison term.

November 20, 201410:47 pm

A Cuban doctor who caught Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone left the country on Thursday afternoon.

November 20, 20148:45 pm

"We want to do with paid and dreary English tuitions what free and enriching WhatsApp has done to paid SMS".

November 20, 20145:56 am
John Kerry

Kerry embarked Wednesday on a frenzy of high-stakes diplomacy in a last-minute push to secure an agreement.

November 20, 20144:38 am
Mideast Libya Islamic State

UN Security Council is imposing sanctions on two branches of the Libyan Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sharia.

November 20, 20141:50 am
John Kerry

John Kerry held an unexpected second meeting in two days with a key Arab mediator in the Iran nuclear talks.

November 20, 201412:41 am
Mideast Syria Assad's Pivot

Nine civilians, including a woman, were killed in a Syrian government air raid on Wednesday on the city of Raqa.

November 20, 201412:35 am

Looking at these challenges solely through a military lens has shown its limits, said UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

November 20, 201412:27 am
Austria Iran Nuclear Talks

British Foreign Secretary said he was not optimistic that world powers and Iran would clinch a deal by November 24.

November 19, 20148:38 pm

Singapore government, business bodies and Singaporeans with Indian roots say India can do with a bit of flexibility in its archaic laws readiness to use high technology;

November 19, 20144:52 pm

Ban took office in 2007, was re-elected in 2011 and would continue to serve till December 2016.

November 19, 20149:52 am

Dr. Ada Igonoh, a doctor who got Ebola and recovered, expects to donate plasma and recruit others for the study.

November 19, 20144:15 am

UN rights chief called for a campaign led by Muslims to undermine the ideology of the Islamic State terrorist group.

November 19, 20141:40 am
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Sergey Lavrov

German minister called for drawing a division line between the government troops and pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.

November 19, 20141:22 am
Liberia West Africa

The World Health Organisation voiced hope the number of Ebola cases would start falling sharply early next year.

November 19, 20141:14 am

US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that West Africa is “nowhere near out of the woods” in its fight against Ebola despite some improvement in the three countries hardest hit by the virus. Obama said the disease remains a threat to the world, including the US, and he urged Congress to quickly approve his […]

November 19, 201412:42 am
Austria Iran Nuclear Talks

Iran and world powers ratcheted up the rhetoric today as they entered a final round of nuclear talks.

November 18, 20142:41 pm
Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Fiji on Tuesday night for a day-long visit.

Modi will be addressing top CEO's at the Government House in Melbourne.

November 19, 20149:23 am

Modi said Australia, given its location, is at the cross-currents of the region, one that holds the key to the world's future.

November 17, 20142:37 pm

Modi is the first prime minister to visit Australia in 28 years after Rajiv Gandhi in 1986.

November 17, 20149:39 am

PMO said that India’s concerns on black money and tax avoidance have been taken on board in G20.

November 17, 20141:57 am

Peter Kassig is latest killing in new video released, several Syrian soldiers also shown being beheaded.

November 16, 20148:09 pm

"The central issue is now employment as we always wanted; growth without jobs is meaningless," said Suresh Prabhu.

November 16, 201411:37 am

Putin was speaking at a G20 leaders summit in Brisbane where he has come under intense pressure over the Ukraine crisis.

November 16, 20145:23 am

World leaders prepared to release details of a plan aimed at injecting life into the world's listless economy.

November 15, 201411:31 pm

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to cut short his attendance at G20 summit in Australia.

November 15, 201411:22 pm

Russian television has released a satellite photograph that it claims shows a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down MH17.

November 15, 20148:58 pm

"Beware, because this is a sin against the creator, against God the creator," Pope Francis said.