Thursday, May 28, 2015
May 27, 20158:46 pm

U.S. officials are pressing countries such as Germany that have strong economies and finances to invest more and stimulate their economies.

May 27, 20156:27 pm
World hunger, World poverty, United nations, UN MDGs, UN news, world news, Millennium Development Goals,

The agencies said improved agricultural productivity, and better social protection measures like food vouchers or school meal programs had had the most impact in reducing hunger.

May 26, 20157:48 pm
A human jaw is photographed near an unmarked grave in Wang Burma at the Malaysia-Thailand border outside Wang Kelian, Malaysia on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Malaysian forensic teams exhumed a body from a shallow grave at an abandoned camp on Tuesday that was used by human traffickers, the first of what police predicted would be more grim findings as they combed through a cluster of jungle camps on the border with Thailand. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)

Malaysia exhumes bodies suspected to be migrants buried in 139 grave sites as fresh details of alleged human trafficking camps emerge.

May 26, 20158:48 am
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GM recalled 2.6 million of the cars last year, but acknowledged it knew about problems with the switches for more than a decade.

May 26, 20157:04 am
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Rohingya face a tenuous existence here, unable to legally work because Malaysia, like Thailand and Indonesia, doesn't recognize asylum seekers.

May 26, 20156:34 am
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Police said prisoners killed eight fellow inmates after the mutiny began late Sunday afternoon during family visits to the facility. A ninth died yesterday of his injuries.

May 25, 201510:59 am

A day after the little Princess was born, Prince Harry had quoted, she was absolutely beautiful and that he couldn't wait to meet Prince George's little sister.

May 25, 201512:00 am

This week, Afghanistan has been in the news, with President Ashraf Ghani making a high-stakes bet on peace with the Taliban.

May 23, 20154:08 pm
.World Bank, Albania, World bank lends, European union, World Bank helps Albania, Abania helped, World Bank help, World bank news, Albania news, world news

As Albania plans to join the European Union, World Bank plans to help Albania by lending $1.2 billion euros.

May 23, 201510:28 am
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The Solomons have been rocked by several quakes of 6.0-magnitude or higher in recent days, with the most recent a 6.0 magnitude quake which hit the islands early on Friday.

May 22, 20157:58 pm
UN, US, Anis Abid Sardar, UN life sentenced, UN imprisoned, UN bomber, Randy Johnson, US soldier, US soldier dead, UN bomber, US soldier dead, UN news, world news

1st Class Randy Johnson, 34, of 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment died by the bomb made by UN taxi driver Anis Abid Sardar. Sardar is a highly dangerous man working with murderous intent said the prosecutors

May 22, 20154:18 pm
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Toyota promises to help find cause of Takata Corp. airbag defects which has lately been causing damage, by Injuring more than 100 people. and six reported deaths.

May 21, 20158:41 pm
Uganda, Uganda deaths, Uganda killing, Uganda Cholera killing, Uganda cholera deaths, Uganda death toll, cholera deaths Uganda, Uganda News, WHO news, World news

A 'severe humanitarian crisis' is unfolding in Tanzania because an influx of refugees from Burundi is overwhelming health and sanitation facilities in the area

May 21, 20157:20 pm
Arriving from Baghdad, federal police forces create a barricade to protect the Habaniyah military base near Ramadi, Iraq, in eastern Husaybah town. (Source : AP Photo)

The offensive is primarily targeting the militant stronghold district of al-Laithi. Government fighter jets bombed multiple positions overnight and early Thursday morning.

May 21, 20156:35 pm
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Prospective al-Qaeda recruits had to fill up an application form which contained normal HR questions to peculiar queries like, "Do you wish to execute a suicide operation?"

May 21, 20154:33 pm
South Korea, South Korea PM, Korea new PM, Korean PM, new PM in Korea, South Korea news, Korean PM news, South Korea news, world news

"We believe he is the right person to root out corruption prevalent in our society and carry out political reform to build a new Korea," said the Presidential Press Secretary Kim Sung Woo.

May 21, 20158:55 am

Berjeaut said he had done freelance work for many outlets over the years, including Charlie Hebdo several years ago.

May 21, 20157:49 am

Earlier this month, neighbouring Papua New Guinea was rattled by a 7.1 quake.

May 20, 20156:23 pm
syrian attack, terrorist attack, syrian killing, death toll syriya, students injured syria, terrorist killing, teacher dead, shell, school attacked, syria news, world news

Thaqafi school in the Syrian capital was attacked by terrorists killing one teacher and injuring a lot of students, more than 220,000 people have been killed since March 2011.

May 20, 20156:19 pm
china building collapsed, china building, building collapse, guiyang building collapse, china news, guiyang news, world news

On Wednesday, a nine storey building in the Guiyang city collapsed, leaving 16 people missing. the city government has tracked almost 15 phones on site and the work is on to find the rest.

May 20, 20153:04 pm
israel bus issue,israel prime minister,buses banned,Benjamin Netanyahu,israel bus drivers,Palestinian bus drivers,palestinian buses

Israel's prime minister has overruled his defense ministers' call on the ban and called off a proposed plan to segregate Palestinians from Israelis on West Bank buses.

May 20, 201510:25 am

A cruise ship carrying nearly 3,500 passengers and crew spent the early hours of Wednesday anchored off Bermuda after being grounded on a reef close to the British island. READ: Norwegian cruise ship runs aground in Bermuda, thousands stuck Norwegian Cruise Line said a rising tide helped free the ship and push it into deeper water […]

May 20, 201510:28 am

The ship hit the reef near Bermuda's North Channel and is in a stable position, an official with Bermuda's Rescue Coordination Center told AP on condition of anonymity.

May 19, 20155:02 pm
Unequal school system, socialist government, Europe, french teaching, Prime Minister Manuel Valls ,manuel valls, manuel valls news, French subjects , school teaching system, new syllabyus, language priority, world news, latest world news, france news

The socialist-led government came after a study where France ranked topmost unequal school system

May 19, 20154:25 pm
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Almost two hundred smugglers have been detained by the Ethiopian government for migrating into the Europe, the government is looking for another 80 smugglers.

May 19, 20154:23 pm
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Read how Michelle Obama's speech at a university commencement last week attracted an unexpected amount of ire from radio show hosts, journalists and the Twitterverse.

May 19, 20153:17 pm
islamic, syria , australian foreign fighters , prime minister of australia , Tony abbot , al-qaida, terrorism , islamic terrorism, australian passports , ibrahim , cbs

Australian Prime Minister talks down the issue of The Australian foreign fighters to come back home due to homesickness

May 19, 20151:27 pm
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High alert in Myanmar and China due to the attacks shredded by the ethnic kokang guerrillas who are trying to bring up misunderstanding between both the countries .

May 18, 20158:57 am

Kerry is expected to underline US commitment to its military alliance with South Korea, which hosts a permanent deployment of close to 30,000 US troops.

May 18, 20153:25 am

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees are beaten, chased and pushed back to sea — every day.

May 18, 20152:48 pm
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German intelligence agency informed the CIA that Osama was in Abbottabad after a tip from an informant within ISI.

May 17, 201512:32 pm

As US Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up a visit to China on Sunday, both sides stressed the importance of dialogue to resolve competing claims in the waterway.

May 16, 20156:22 pm
Russia satellite, satellite missing, russia satellite missing, russia satellite launch, russia news, world news, Mexican satellite crash

The rocket, Proton-M, was launched from the Russia-leased Baikonur cosmodrome earlier on Saturday.

May 14, 201510:40 am

The unexpected finding came when sonar equipment on board a search vessel scouring the Indian Ocean for the missing jetliner detected a cluster of objects nearly 4 km below the surface.

May 13, 20157:12 pm
hindu, hindu population

Muslims constitute 0.9 per cent of the total US population, while the population of Buddhists remained at 0.7 per cent during this period, the study said.

May 11, 20158:47 pm

That leader will be, in effect, under Baghdadi, a super deputy to the caliph —- in Arabic, na'ib al-malik, or viceroy, the report said.