Monday, Sep 01, 2014
September 1, 201412:59 pm

she was excited about her research which was basically to give a technological solution for recycling e-waste.

August 31, 20146:39 am

NORAD is in charge of maritime warning, aerospace warning and aerospace control for the neighboring nations.

August 30, 201411:45 am

Only 27 per cent of the total donation is being utilised for the R&D of ALS.

August 29, 201412:16 pm

Delivery drones are being worked on in Google X lab devoted to innovative new technologies.

August 29, 201411:52 am
Filipino defense officials said no fresh troops would be sent to serve in UNDOF. (Source: Reuters)

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said it was unclear which group had staged the attacks.

August 29, 201411:18 am

Greece lies in a highly seismically active part of the Mediterranean, but most quakes cause no damage or injuries.

August 28, 20141:08 pm

Of the 136,020 Indian pilgrims arriving this year, 100,020 would be coming through the Hajj Committee of India.

August 28, 201411:56 am

Ruling party has rejected a clause in the bill to allow victims' families a role in investigating and bringing charges against those responsible for the disaster.

August 28, 201411:04 am

Azmi said all passengers were taken off the aircraft while the plane was towed to an isolation area on the runway.

August 26, 201412:03 am

Terror group, affiliates have earned at least $125 m in kidnappings since 2008, half of it just last year.

August 25, 20149:58 pm

Ebola has killed more than 1,400 people across West Africa in the countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

August 24, 20145:16 am

A 2011 eruption of Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano was far more powerful than Eyjafjallajokul but cause much less disruption to aviation.

August 24, 20142:01 am

As the creator of photography blog ‘Humans of New York’ now documents lives in conflict zones, questions arise about how apolitical he can be.

August 24, 20141:23 am

The UN claimed 70 per cent of those killed in Gaza are civilians, including women and children.

August 22, 20144:47 pm

ALS is a neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells (Neurons) in the brain and the spinal cord.

August 22, 201412:54 pm

The copyright regulator ruled that "the Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants".

August 22, 20142:47 pm

It has sparked wild speculation that the mound may contain rich treasures or the bones of an ancient celebrity.

August 21, 20146:07 pm

Another person in Nusseirat camp died of injuries sustained earlier in the conflict, Qudra said.

August 20, 201410:04 pm

The video showed a masked militant purportedly beheading the reporter.

August 19, 20145:57 pm

The exact place where militants were attacked by gunships was not identified by the army.

August 19, 201411:00 am

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries biologists were able to measure the alligator, but weighing it posed a challenge.

August 18, 201412:37 pm

Two other suspects, identified by Israel as Marwan Kawasma and Amer Abu Aysha, remain at large.

August 18, 20149:10 am

Most Muslims believe that Israelis have forcefully taken away Palestinians’ land with the aid of the Americans.

August 18, 20141:13 am

Alissa J Rubin (right), a New York Times foreign correspondent, was injured Tuesday in a helicopter crash in Kurdistan.

August 17, 201410:07 pm

A group of 35 men, women and children found inside a shipping container at a UK port are Sikhs from Afghanistan.

August 18, 20141:53 pm

There are water shortages not only in shelters for the displaced but across the entire enclave.

August 17, 201412:05 am

Sisterhood of Hip Hop features Nyemiah Supreme, Bia, Brianna Perry, Diamond and Siya; Iggy Azalea.

August 17, 201412:05 am

Much of what Pitt’s Wardaddy does may shock viewers who have rarely seen ugliness in the heroes of World War II.

August 14, 20142:02 pm

Around one million Indian men took part in the World War I in which more than 60,000 died in action, along with many others from Africa, Asia.

August 14, 20149:15 am

The infected people are in the "hot zone of disease transmission" on the borders of the three countries.

August 14, 20146:29 am

White House says American forces may be sent on humanitarian mission, but not for combat.

August 12, 20146:10 pm

The current outbreak, described as the worst since Ebola was first discovered four decades ago, has now killed 1,013 people.

August 12, 201412:14 am

Days after they fled up the Sinjar mountains to escape ISIS militants, a steady stream of Yazidis is making their way down and crossing over to Syria, exhausted and separated from their loved ones.

August 11, 20147:00 pm

The craft is named after Georges Lemaitre, the Belgian astrophysicist who proposed the "Big Bang" theory.

August 10, 201411:10 am

The deadliest Ebola outbreak in recorded history is affecting right now Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

August 10, 201412:48 am

The darkness of the material is what attracts him.

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