Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015
April 20, 20157:09 pm

Xi's trip is taking place ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to China next month.

April 20, 20152:59 pm

A red-carpet welcome will be accorded to Xi who has chosen Pakistan as his first foreign destination in 2015.

April 18, 20157:50 pm

Those killed include a commander and close aide of former Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan head, Hakimullah Mehsud.

April 18, 20156:48 pm
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"The shot was misfired from a gun in possession of Deepak Majumdar's bodyguard," said Nazmul Islam.

April 19, 20156:46 pm

The attacker riding a motorbike detonated his explosives while both military personnel and civilians were waiting to receive their salaries from the bank.

April 17, 20158:34 am

The leaflet said the attack was revenge for the killing of five suspected militants in Karachi the day before.

April 16, 201510:56 pm

Aslam asserted that India chose to use excessive force against peaceful demonstrators exercising their right to peaceful assembly.

April 15, 20157:22 pm
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The Interpol has issued a 'red corner' notice for arrest of Bangladesh ex-premier Khaleda Zia's eldest son...

April 15, 20156:11 pm
India China Border dispute, PM Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi China Visit, India, India border, China, China border, Huang Xilian, Huang Xilian Deputy Director General of Asian Affairs,

China on Wednesday said the border dispute has "good prospects" of resolution ahead of PM Narendra Modi's visit...

April 13, 20158:40 pm

Four vehicles were torched in Chittagong and Gazipur areas allegedly by Jamaat activists that left five passengers injured.

April 13, 20158:02 pm

A two-member bench of IHC headed by Justice Noorul Haq Qureshi gave the "two-month deadline" to the Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court.

April 13, 201512:30 pm

Lt General Jamil is only the third person to hold this post since Pakistan openly went nuclear in 1999.

April 12, 20154:44 pm

The engine accidentally shifted to auto gear and began moving backwards, Rajbarhi Station Master Kamruzzaman said.

April 10, 20151:58 pm

Pakistani lawmakers unanimously voted that "Pakistan should maintain neutrality in the Yemen conflict".

April 9, 20152:22 pm
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The accident took place early Thursday when the bus was travelling from Dhaka to Barisal.

April 6, 20153:32 pm
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Nepal and China are planning to beef up the connectivity between them with rail and road links.

April 5, 20151:56 pm

The reason behind the murders is stated to be a marriage dispute, police said.

April 3, 20152:18 pm

"They can invite, but the government may not grant a visa," said a top foreign minister official.

April 2, 201511:58 am

China is likely to offer a long-term loan to Pakistan, possibly at a low interest rate, to cover the cost of this new deal.

March 30, 20156:22 pm

Mishu was the third blogger to be killed by the suspected Islamists in the past two years.

March 26, 20158:27 pm

Owner Malik Fazal Abbas said he has had 4-year-old Queen since she was 2 months old.

March 24, 20153:07 pm
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the media alongside Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi at her residence in Yangon November 19, 2012.

Members of the U.S.-based Carter Center and the European Union will be invited to monitor general elections in Myanmar.

March 22, 20153:56 pm

27-year-old Farkhunda was buried in Kabul on Sunday, her coffin carried aloft by women's rights activists.

March 18, 20152:55 pm

Just yesterday Pakistan had executed 12 prisoners, the highest in a single day.

March 17, 20158:20 pm

'Bruce Hazara', a member of Afghanistan's Hazara community, bears a striking resemblance to Bruce Lee.

March 17, 20152:24 pm

Paramilitary troops were deployed to prevent more rioting by minority Christians after the deadly Taliban church attacks.

March 17, 201510:36 am
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UN envoy said that recent reports indicate the Islamic State extremist group has established a foothold in Afghanistan.

March 16, 20157:22 pm

After the end of the war with the LTTE, 300,000-strong armed forces don't have enough to do

March 16, 20156:55 pm
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The Taliban suicide attacks on two churches in Lahore left 15 people dead and over 80 wounded.

March 16, 20156:19 pm

Aziz rejected Indian allegations that Pakistan was not doing enough to ensure Lakhvi remains behind the bars.

March 16, 20156:26 pm
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18 people were killed when a bus slipped off a rain-drenched mountain road in northwestern Nepal.

March 16, 201512:32 pm
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"Whenever there was a bomb blast they would arrest us for it, beat us up, take our money."

March 16, 20154:29 pm
Lahore, Lahore church attack, Lahore church blast, Pakistan, Pakistan church attack, pakistan church blast, taliban, taliban pakistan, taliban pakistan church attack, pakistan christians, pakistan minorities, World News

Pakistan mourns for Taliban church attack victims; Christian minority blocked roads in protest over the attacks.

March 15, 20158:20 pm

A Pakistani national daily reported that the blast took place in Lahore's Youhanabad.

March 14, 20159:30 pm

Rajapaksa had levelled allegations against India and the US had openly used their embassies to bring him down.

March 14, 20158:56 pm

PM Narendra Modi said that he was glad his visit "is one to wipe tears from the eyes of those who suffered".