Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014
August 20, 20142:57 pm

Basit said separatists are the stake holders and that there was nothing wrong in meeting them.

August 19, 20148:24 pm

The High Commissioner of Pakistan did not interfere in India's internal affairs.

August 18, 20141:31 pm

Several rivers flowing through Uttar Pradesh overflowed after water was released from dams located in Nepal

August 16, 20147:20 pm
Nawaz Sharif

Fourteen PAT supporters were killed and over 100 were wounded in deadly clashes with police on June 17.

August 15, 20147:44 pm

Shots were fired at Pakistan's Imran Khan vehicle, he was not injured.

August 15, 20142:29 pm

Fourteen persons, including twelve security men, were also injured in the gun battle which lasted for nearly six hours.

August 14, 20142:00 pm

Sharif said promotion of peaceful relations with neighbours is the cardinal principle of his foreign policy.

August 11, 201412:30 pm

The sources alleged that "unprovoked firing" continued for hours and Pakistan Rangers responded to it.

August 10, 20141:50 pm

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

August 9, 20142:08 pm
The idea of the common market is a concealed attempt at nudging the nation-state in the direction of becoming a market-driven state. (Source: AP photo)

The Prime Minister mentioned India by saying that it is time for having good relations with it.

August 8, 20146:18 pm

John Kerry opened a second day of talks in Afghanistan aimed at preventing the political chaos after disputed elections.

August 6, 20143:52 pm

Police were seeking the captain, the owner and four others to answer the case brought against them.

August 5, 20146:28 pm

Shajahan Khan told reporters Tuesday that at least 110 people either swam to safety or were rescued.

August 5, 20141:42 am

Modi trip: ‘High-level visits vital for close ties’

August 4, 20144:19 pm

Prachanda said the way Modi spoke demonstrates that he thoroughly understands the "ups and downs" of Nepal's peace process.

August 4, 20142:51 pm

The accident took place when the ferry was on its way to mawa terminal starting from Kewrakandi of southwestern Madaripur.

August 4, 20143:46 pm

Modi was at the temple on a day considered pious as it was a Monday that falls in the month of 'Shravan'.

August 3, 201410:02 pm

Pakistan’s official position is that Siddiqui had finished his tenure in Sri Lanka and hence returned to Islamabad.

August 3, 20147:40 pm

Narendra Modi spoke in Nepali before switching to Hindi in his address speech at the Nepal Parliament.

August 4, 20149:17 am

PM Modi showers Nepal with NRs 10,000 crore concessional line of credit and wants to develop Highways-Iways-Transways.

August 3, 20143:45 pm

Rescuers have so far recovered only eight bodies since the landslide early Saturday blocked a mountain river.

August 3, 20149:55 am
A Nepalese Army helicopter flies over the site of a landslide during a rescue operation in Sindhupalchowk area, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of Katmandu, Nepal, Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014. A massive landslide killed at least eight people and blocked a mountain river in northern Nepal on Saturday, causing the water to form a lake that was threatening to burst and sweep several villages, officials said. (Source: AP)

Villagers say more than 100 people were thought to have been crushed by the landslide.

August 2, 20143:29 pm

Modi to perform a special prayer at the 5th century Pashupatinath temple during his two-day visit to Nepal.

August 2, 20142:07 pm

The death toll is expected to rise as several people are feared to have gone missing in the landslide.

July 29, 20149:55 pm

Koirala himself will be present at the airport to welcome Prime Minister Modi.

July 28, 20144:12 pm

Pakistan: Mob kills woman, her seven-year-old granddaughter and a baby over a 'blasphemous' Facebook post.

July 27, 20141:16 am

The Bhutan monastery was presumably mistaken for one in either Sikkim or Arunachal Pradesh.

July 27, 20141:09 am

Her predecessor Salman Khurshid had ruffled many feathers in Nepal by having former PMs meet him at his hotel.

July 25, 20145:12 pm

The landowner's son beat up the boy, tied up his hands and then threw him onto a well.

July 25, 20143:35 pm

Natural disasters like floods, hail, typhoons and earthquakes have affected 120 million Chinese this year.

July 24, 201412:03 pm

Lavin: I sincerely apologize to all of our customers in China

July 23, 20149:20 am

Bubonic plague killed millions of people in Europe and China in the 14th and 19th century, respectively.

July 20, 20149:27 am

Last week, 11 people were killed, including eight children, when a school bus crashed into a reservoir in Hunan.

July 19, 20149:11 am

Psaki urges Myanmar to respect the rights of all media persons, as it is a critical element in democracy.

July 19, 20148:57 am

The attack came in North Waziristan, where the Pakistani military has been fighting to wipe out Taliban.

July 18, 201412:33 pm
Insurgents attacked the headquarters of the Afghan election commission in Kabul on Saturday.

Intelligence agencies have already warned of reprisals by the militants.


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