Thursday, Dec 25, 2014
December 24, 20144:01 pm

The bomber blew himself up near a line of Sunni pro-government fighters waiting for their salaries.

December 23, 20147:35 pm

Figures from Congressional Research Service show economic and military aid to fall to lowest level in five years.

December 23, 20144:56 pm

Ishaq has been under detention for the last three years under a public security order for making "provocative" speeches.

December 23, 20143:28 pm

The militants rammed an explosive-laden truck into the five-star hotel and exploded it, killing more than 50 people.

December 23, 20142:34 pm
Gen Pervez Musharraf for treason trail proceedings.

Three new accused challenged the decision of treason proceedings; trial of Gen Pervez Musharraf halted.

December 23, 20142:28 pm
The Week In Mideast Photos Gallery

The intention of terrorists was revenge and they wanted to kill as many children of Army officers as possible.

December 23, 20141:04 pm
The Week In Mideast Photos Gallery

Death sentences are handed down after trials that do not meet international fair trial standards.

December 22, 20146:22 pm

The bail to Lakhvi was granted a day after the gruesome attack by Taliban in a Peshawar school.

December 21, 20148:41 pm

All four executed were involved in an attack on former Pakistan military ruler General Pervez Musharraf.

December 21, 20143:38 pm

On Wednesday, he lifted a self-imposed moratorium on death penalty in terror-related cases, in place since 2008.

December 19, 20149:33 pm

The decision has been taken to expedite the trial of militants who take advantage of traditional courts to delay convictions for years.

December 19, 20142:06 pm

India reacted with outrage to the news that the main suspect in 26/11 Mumbai case was going to be released.

December 19, 201411:08 am

The strikes and ground operation come just days after Taliban militants attacked an army-run school in Peshawar.

December 18, 20148:07 pm

"We aren't on the offensive, we aren't attacking anyone, we are only defending our interests,'' he said.

December 18, 20145:44 pm

The mercy appeals of 55 death row inmates have been dismissed by the Supreme Court and President Mamnoon Hussain.

December 18, 20143:31 pm

A Chinese think tank said that India should avoid falling into confusion about its role in Asia-Pacific framework.

December 18, 20148:26 am

And their govt claims to fight the terror within.

December 18, 20143:12 am

The government said it was a “clarion call” to join hands against terror.

December 17, 20149:35 pm

Ibrahim is the only survivor of the terror attack from the ninth grade.

December 17, 20147:22 pm

"Today's conference has decided to draft an action against terrorists and act upon it immediately," said PM Sharif.

December 17, 20145:54 pm

The funeral prayers were organised by the chairman of moderate faction of Hurriyat Conference.

December 17, 20145:37 pm

Helmand police spokesman, Fareed Obaid, said three police officers were among those killed.

December 17, 20144:08 pm
Iran has proof that militants are entering the country from neighboring Pakistan to carry out attacks.

Dawn reported that army chief will seek the Afghan military's cooperation for "a joint operation to counter terrorism".

December 17, 20143:58 pm

"Most of the students have received bullets in the head," Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister said.

December 17, 20145:13 pm

A moratorium on the death penalty was imposed in 2008 and only one execution has taken place since then.

December 17, 20143:00 pm

The intentional killing of innocent people, women and children goes against the principles of Islam: Afghan Taliban.

December 17, 20141:19 pm

The Peshawar school attack which left 141 people, including 132 children, dead dominated the headlines of newspapers across Pakistan.

December 17, 20141:09 pm

A look at the Pakistani Taliban that has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a school in Peshawar.

December 17, 20149:19 am

Military officials said at least eight armed men had entered the military-run Army Public School.

December 17, 20142:15 am

Gunfire, smoke and dead bodies strewn across the corridors-in an instant, the peace was shattered.

December 17, 20149:25 am

The assault brought back memories of the Beslan school hostage crisis in which more than 330 people had died.

December 16, 20143:41 pm

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has left for Peshawar to personally monitor the operation.

December 12, 20143:38 pm

Air force spokesman Gihan Seneviratne said the plane crashed in foggy weather early Friday.

December 11, 20149:30 pm

Malala survived a Taliban attack on 2012 for standing up for the right of education to girls in Pakistan.

December 11, 20147:31 pm

TV footages showed the Shela river painted with black layers of oil with the oil sweeping across the surface

December 10, 20149:16 pm

Leaving one's husband is perceived as a crime and a woman can be killed to restore family's reputation.