Friday, Aug 01, 2014
August 1, 20144:06 pm

The 72-hour ceasefire came into effect on Friday after Israel accepted a joint proposal from the US and the UN.

August 1, 20148:49 am

IDF released a video showing a raid by its Elite special forces in Sajya where they found sniper guns.

August 1, 20141:16 am

On the Israeli side, 59 have been killed. Rocket fire into southern Israel continued on Thursday.

July 31, 20149:15 pm

"It is too early to talk about identification, it is an operation that could take weeks, months and maybe years," said an official.

July 31, 20148:01 pm

WHO said the trend in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone "remains precarious with ongoing... transmission of infection".

July 31, 20144:40 pm

Heavy shelling resumed in Tripoli where rival militia brigades were battling for control of its airport.

July 31, 20143:54 pm

Netanyahu said he will not accept any truce that won't allow Israel to complete its mission of destroying the tunnel network.

July 31, 201412:58 pm

Such a massacre requires an earthquake-like response, said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum.

July 31, 201411:46 am

Security forces were ordered to enforce action plan placing non-essential govt workers on 30-day leave.

July 30, 20143:33 pm

At the edge of the schoolyard, some 20 donkeys lay dead, still tied to a railing.

July 30, 20142:13 pm

Medics took about 24 bodies including 13 girls to a hospital morgue after Guinean rap concert stampede.

July 30, 201412:11 pm

The Israeli assault intensified after the deaths of 10 soldiers in Palestinian cross-border attacks.

July 30, 20149:07 am

Suicide Bombers attacked two mosques in northeast Nigeria's Yobe state killing at least six people.

July 29, 20146:58 pm

The high death toll comes as Israel has escalated its military offensive in the coastal strip.

July 29, 20146:28 pm

Khamenei said Israel was acting like a "rabid dog" and "a wild wolf".

July 29, 20145:55 pm

Israel stepped up its bombardment of the Gaza Strip warning people in three densely populated areas to vacate their homes.

July 28, 20147:42 pm

"Unfortunately the world doesn't blame the Israelis," said Meshaal.

July 28, 20145:50 pm

"How should a mother feel when she opens her eyes on the day of Eid and does not see her son next to her?" said Abir Shammaly.

July 28, 20145:01 pm

Some of the casualties of the raid were jihadist fighters from the Islamic State or one of its allied Sunni militant groups.

July 28, 20145:19 pm

At least two Palestinians were killed in fresh airstrikes by Israel despite calls for immediate ceasefire.

July 28, 20149:55 am

The 20-day operation has already killed more than 1,000 Palestinians and 45 Israelis.

July 27, 20149:27 pm

The black boxes would be transferred from northern Mali to the capital, Bamako, and then delivered to Paris.

July 28, 201412:49 am
Smoke rises following an Israeli strike on Gaza, as seen from the Israel-Gaza Border. (Source: AP)

Hamas said it would be willing to abide by a new 24-hour humanitarian truce ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

July 27, 20146:02 pm

Clashes broke out on Saturday when Islamist groups launched an assault on the headquarters of a special forces unit near the city centre.

July 27, 20145:41 pm

Boko Haram militants take away Cameroon Vice Prime Minister Ahmadou Ali's wife and house help.

July 27, 20145:44 pm

Militiamen brought four bodies back and paraded through town in their cars, dragging the corpses behind them," said the police.

July 27, 20141:47 pm

Israel resume airstrikes. The 20-day operation has already killed more than 1,000 Palestinians and 45 Israelis.

July 27, 201410:07 am

Death toll rose to 1,000, 5,870 Palestinians have been wounded and 120,000 have been displaced.

July 26, 20145:41 pm

American embassy staff left Tripoli on Saturday and traveled overland to neighboring Tunisia.

July 26, 20144:22 pm

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fate of around 200 other soldiers remained unknown.

July 26, 20143:44 pm

Muslims pray in a church in Gaza as Israeli airstrikes in the city disrupt prayers ahead of Eid.

July 26, 20148:09 pm

Gaza crisis enters its 19- day conflict; close to 1000 Palestinians and 39 Israelis have been killed in the crossfire.

July 26, 20142:25 am

A man was recently whipped in public for sexually harassing a woman.

July 25, 20145:38 pm

Terrorism has not been ruled out as a cause, although officials say the most likely cause is bad weather.

July 25, 20144:39 pm

The plane disaster is the third in space of just eight days, capping a disastrous week for aviation industry.

July 25, 20143:56 pm

In a statement, the U.N. health agency said that four hospitals had been damaged in the conflict.