Thursday, Aug 28, 2014
August 27, 20142:59 pm

Iraqi warplanes carried out nine air strikes on Tuesday against the militants besieging Amerli.

August 27, 20142:43 pm

Egyptian-mediated deal calls for an easing of Israel's eight-year blockade of the impoverished Gaza strip.

August 27, 201410:05 am

According to WHO, the Ebola outbreak has killed over half of the more than 2,600 people sickened.

August 27, 20149:50 am

More than 2,100 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict. On the Israeli side, 64 soldiers died.

August 26, 20148:33 pm

An official announcement will be made in Egypt, where the agreement was mediated, a Hamas spokesman said.

August 26, 20145:22 pm

The explosives-laden car went off during the morning rush hour in the main commercial area of the New Baghdad district.

August 24, 20145:59 pm

Qatar threatened to expel exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaa if Hamas accepted an Egyptian peace proposal.

August 24, 20142:06 pm

The executions raise the total number of Palestinian "suspects" paraded to their deaths to 25.

August 25, 20141:49 am

The tallest building ever to be brought down by Israel - It housed 44 families.

August 23, 20143:56 pm

There was no immediate reaction from Israel, which has opposed involving the court.

August 23, 20142:08 pm

The Israeli military said it bombed about 20 targets across the Hamas-dominated strip.

August 23, 201412:24 pm

Hamas has warned that Israel will "pay the price" for killing the high-ranking leaders of its military wing.

August 22, 20147:33 pm

Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric has called on the country's leaders to settle their differences in a "realistic and doable" manner.

August 22, 20144:10 pm

The Hamas-run website said the 11 were killed and warned that the same punishment will be imposed soon on others.

August 22, 20144:01 pm

A Gaza security official said the suspected informants were killed in the Gaza City police headquarters.

August 22, 20141:50 pm

Israel killed three top Hamas military leaders in an airstrike on Thursday.

August 21, 20143:31 pm

The official admitted that the group's military wing was behind the murders of the three Israeli teenagers.

August 21, 201412:11 pm

Last month, many international airlines briefly suspended flights into Tel Aviv.

August 21, 201411:13 am

The death of the Palestinian teen sparked rioting and helped unleash the conflict under way between Israel and Hamas.

August 20, 20146:00 pm
Israeli and Palestinian delegations have been negotiating in Cairo through Egyptian mediators in an attempt to find a more lasting end to hostilities. (Source: AP)

Hamas' armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, said Israel had opened "the gates of hell" and would pay a heavy price.

August 20, 20142:08 pm

Leila Patel undertook pioneering work in the social welfare field for a post-apartheid country.

August 20, 20141:36 pm

The ceasefire collapsed after rockets from Gaza reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Israel resumed airstrikes in Gaza.

August 20, 20141:39 pm

Egyptian mediators have been struggling to end the five-week-old Gaza conflict and seal a deal

August 19, 20143:06 pm

Media reports said the both sides are to sign an agreement on long-term ceasefire before the end of the truce.

August 19, 201410:37 am

Obama said that the US is building an international coalition to address the humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq.

August 19, 20141:49 pm

The peshmarga were formally organised as a national fighting force after the fall of the Ottoman Empire post World War I.

August 18, 20143:50 pm

The recapture of Mosul dam marks the biggest prize yet clawed back from Islamic State (IS) jihadists.

August 18, 20146:43 pm

In April last year, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Iran and neighbouring Pakistan, killing 40 people.

August 18, 20149:53 am

White House said President Obama notified Congress that the widened mission would be limited in duration and scope.

August 17, 20148:24 pm

A commander said Kurdish forces later were hindered by roadside bombs planted by retreating Islamic State fighters.

August 17, 20146:04 pm

The main Gaza militants demand revolves around lifting of a crippling seven year blockade over the coastal Strip.

August 16, 20145:35 pm

It was not clear whether the airstrikes were being carried out by Iraq's air force or the US.

August 16, 201412:06 am

Abadi has 30 days from the time of his appointment on Monday to form a new government.

August 15, 20148:58 pm

Incident came four days after IS militants wrested control of the town from Kurdish peshmerga forces.

August 15, 20146:31 pm

Iran and the P5+1 group, the U.S., Britain, France, Russia China plusand Germany, in July extended their nuclear talks until November.

August 15, 20149:49 am

Iraqis of all sects welcomed Thursday's announcement.


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