Sunday, Mar 29, 2015
March 29, 20152:24 pm
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Iran says its nuclear ambitions are purely peaceful; other nations fear it is seeking to develop weapons.

March 29, 20159:55 am

Boko Haram extremists killed 41 people, including a legislator, and scared hundreds of people from polling stations in the northeast, but millions voted across Nigeria on Saturday

March 28, 20158:19 pm
Hadi directly challenged Iran in his remarks and called for his supporters to rise up in peaceful protest against the Houthis.

The comment came at an Arab summit largely focusing on the chaos there caused by the advance of the rebels, known as Houthis.

March 27, 20152:47 pm
Mideast Yemen

Airstrikes and explosions are rocking Yemen's capital and key military installations held by the country's Shiite rebels.

March 27, 20152:10 pm
Switzerland United States Iran

Iran would be allowed to run hundreds of centrifuges, but an International security will ensure no work towards an atomic bomb.

March 27, 20151:36 pm
Mideast Iraq Sunni Tribes

The al-Jabouri say if the government helps them rebuild their community then the tribesmen can help sew the country back together

March 26, 20155:07 pm

The Huthis and their allies within the armed forces had been closing in on Yemen's main southern city Aden.

March 26, 20153:12 pm
(Source: Reuters photo)

A report based on accounts from witnesses and media, says Nigeria's govt is not doing enough to protect its civilians.

March 26, 201511:32 am

Many countries including Saudi Arabia and Jordan have started raining strikes on the Houthi rebel group.

March 26, 20155:54 am

Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir said Saudis "will do anything necessary" to protect people of Yemen and the legitimate government of Yemen.

March 25, 201510:09 pm

Hadi fled Wednesday morning from the presidential compound in the palace in Aden to an undisclosed location.

March 25, 20158:57 pm
Kenyan authorities have closed a Chinese restaurant in the capital which was accused by a local newspaper of refusing to serve Africans. (Source: AP)

Owners of the restaurant said that the measure had been put in place following a robbery in 2013

March 25, 20153:29 pm
Yemenis look at a building damaged during a police raid on a hideout of al-Qaida militants in Arhab region, north of Sanaa, Yemen. (Source: AP)

Witnesses said they saw a convoy of presidential vehicles Wednesday leaving Hadi's palace.

March 24, 20159:04 am
In this March 21, 2015, photo, Members of a militia group loyal to Yemen's President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, known as the Popular Committees, chew qat as they sit next to their tank, guarding a major intersection in Aden, Yemen.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Riyadh Yaseen calls for Gulf Arab military intervention to halt advances by Houthi fighters.

March 23, 20158:30 pm
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"I cut my hair and wore a man's robe and turban, and a man's shoes to get a job," writes Sisa Abu Daooh.

March 23, 20151:22 pm
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A London-based study reports that between 100 and 250 Australians have joined the Islamic State,much larger than the US.

March 23, 201512:50 pm

Human Rights Watch report documents the indiscriminate killing of civilians by insurgents in Syria, violating the laws of the war.

March 22, 201511:46 am

The turmoil comes as Yemen battles al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, the target of the drone program.

March 21, 20155:26 pm
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The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) control Hasakeh city, but IS militants have launched attacks on towns nearby.

March 21, 201510:29 am
Suicide bombings, Yemen mosque

The mosques were targeted by two suicide bombers each during midday prayers, when large crowds turn out to attend weekly sermons.

March 20, 20154:07 pm
Nigeria, Boko Haram, Nigeria Boko Haram, Boko haram nigeria, fight boko haram, anti boko hram, fighting boko haram, World News

Boko Haram extremists have attacked on a Nigerian border town, killing 11 people.

March 20, 20152:26 pm
The biggest damage to Obama came from the fact that many of his supporters felt a sense of betrayal.

President Barack Obama told Iranians there might not be a second chance at better relations with the US.

March 20, 20151:42 pm
APTOPIX Tunisia Attack

Officials did not confirm the militants' claim of responsibility, but had identified the two gunmen shot dead.

March 19, 20153:46 pm

Prime Minister Habib Essid said Tunisia is working with other countries to learn more about the attackers.

March 19, 20151:38 pm
APTOPIX Tunisia Attack

Authorities say that 1 of the Bardo museum gunmen was known to intelligence services, no formal links to any terror group.

March 19, 20158:53 am
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The victims were killed by two militants who burst from a vehicle and began gunning down tourists.

March 18, 201510:12 pm

The embassy has said it decided not to open to the public because of 'heightened security concerns'.

March 19, 20152:24 pm

Tunisia Prime Minister Habib Essid said 21 people died after an attack on a major museum, including 17 foreign tourists.

March 18, 20153:14 pm

An alarm will ring if an attempt is made to remove it or the person moves out of a designated area, the report said.

March 18, 20152:06 pm
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Syrian activists and the opposition accused the government of a chlorine gas attack on a rebel-held town, killing 6 people.

March 18, 20152:25 pm
US drone, US drone lost, US drone shot, Syria shoots drone, Syria shoots US drone, Syria forces, Syria, WOrld News

US Predator drone went down in Syria, but it's not clear whether it was shot down despite such claims from Syria.

March 18, 20154:31 pm
APTOPIX Mideast Israel Election

Exit polls showed that Netanyahu might be restricted to the opposition, but the party won after a close competition.

March 17, 20152:55 pm
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US and Iranian diplomats resumed talks seeking to resolve differences blocking a deal restricting Iran's nuclear program.

March 17, 201512:29 pm
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The Egyptian court sentenced 4 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood organization to death and 14 to life in prison.

March 18, 201511:02 am
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Netanyahu ruled out the establishment of a Palestinian state and vowed to keep building east Jerusalem settlements.

March 16, 20153:50 pm
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Yet as both US and Iran diplomats arrive to continue several days of discussions, there are no promises of a breakthrough.