Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
October 21, 20141:07 am

WHO declares Nigeria Ebola-free after 42 days with no new cases, here’s why.

October 20, 20146:40 pm

The announcement comes after 42 days have passed _ twice the disease's maximum incubation period _ since the last case in Nigeria tested negative.

October 20, 20142:00 pm

The airdrops Sunday were the first of their kind and followed weeks of U.S. and coalition airstrikes in and near Kobani.

October 19, 20144:17 pm

The fate of more than 200 missing schoolgirls abducted by the insurgents six months ago still is being negotiated.

October 19, 20144:38 am
Mideast Iraq

Spain will begin training Iraqi forces later this year to battle Islamic State fighters.

October 19, 20144:30 am

US-led airstrikes kills at least eight in ISIS-held Syria border town.

October 18, 201412:35 pm

Six airstrikes took place near Kobani in Syria where reports indicate they successfully struck three IS buildings.

October 17, 20142:34 pm

The fighting took place around 130 kilometres south of Gao and lasted more than six hours.

October 17, 201411:17 am

Gonzalo was expected to slowly weaken late Thursday, a trend set to continue through Friday, forecasters said, but was still likely to hit Bermuda as a Category 3 hurricane.

October 16, 20149:03 pm

The heavily guarded capital has been under nearly daily attacks by Sunni militants who have overrun vast areas in western and northern Iraq since early this year.

October 16, 201410:49 am
A former SIMI man from Karnataka currently said to be based in the Gulf region has been identified as a recruiter for the ISIS.

"One of the reasons why you're seeing more strikes there is because there is more ISIL there," said Pentagon spokesperson.

October 15, 20145:34 pm

Larijani, formerly Iran's top nuclear negotiator, told a news conference in Geneva that it's necessary to build more confidence with West.

October 14, 20141:33 am

Bombers attack govt centre, kill at least 60

October 13, 20142:39 pm

The clash came after demonstrators protested against Jews visiting the flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

October 13, 20142:45 pm

IS poured in reinforcements and fired at least 11 rocket-propelled grenades into the town centre, said the Britain-based monitoring group.

October 13, 20143:04 am

The strikes, aimed at rolling back the militants’ gains, appear to have done little to blunt their assault on Kobani and nearby villages.

October 12, 20144:02 pm

The attack took place in Qara Tappah, in the eastern Diyala province about 120 kilometers (75 miles) northeast of Baghdad.

October 12, 201410:44 am

The attacks come as Iraq faces its greatest challenge since the 2011 withdraw of U.S. troops and overture of militants.

October 13, 201412:15 pm

A group that monitors the Syrian civil war said the Kurdish forces faced inevitable defeat in Kobani.

October 11, 20145:16 pm

Raad al-Azzawi, who was a cameraman for Iraq's Salahuddin Television, was killed by militants on Friday.

October 10, 201410:06 pm

In the town of Az-Zab, 90 kilometres (55 miles) west of the oil hub of Kirkuk, six people were executed in public.

October 10, 20147:07 pm

The war, which ended with a ceasefire on August 26, also left 100,000 Gazans homeless.

October 10, 201411:27 am

The Observatory said the militants had seized more than a third of Kobani, but Kurdish officials disputed that, saying their forces had recaptured several parts of the town.

October 9, 20148:52 pm

Despite Syrian Kurdish appeals for help, Turkey's Foreign Minister played down the likelihood of its forces going to the aid of Kobani.

October 9, 20142:47 pm

Despite the airstrikes, the Islamic State fighters managed to capture a police station in the east of the town,

October 8, 20141:48 pm

Health Ministry spokesman Sidie Yahya Tunis says the situation is "very embarrassing".

October 8, 201412:27 pm

The location is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam, and is a frequent flashpoint for demonstrations.

October 8, 201410:02 am

The outgunned Kurdish fighters struggling to defend Kobani got a small boost from a series of U.S.-led airstrikes against the militants.

October 7, 201410:52 am

In the biggest makeover ever of Islam’s holiest city, is spirituality losing out to shine?

October 7, 20141:17 pm

"The Islamic State controls three neighborhoods on the eastern side of Kobani," said an observer.

October 5, 20144:06 pm

At least 11 Kurdish fighters and 16 Islamic State insurgents were killed in the overnight clashes.

October 5, 20143:47 pm

The documents said, Kremlin will have to give up "Iran and its nuclear program and hands over its secrets.

October 5, 20141:18 pm

Israel foreign minister said he "regrets" that Sweden "rushed" to make its decision without properly understanding the conflict.

October 2, 20149:29 pm

Libya is witnessing its worst spasm of violence since its 2011 civil war.

October 2, 20149:03 pm

Seven policemen were killed when IS fighters attacked the police headquarters in the town of Heet.

October 1, 20145:05 pm

Israel has strongly opposed the commission's probe, the results of which will be published in March 2015.


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