Tuesday, Mar 03, 2015
March 2, 20154:02 pm
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'Jihadi John' a relatively hardworking student who showed no signs of radicalization in school.

March 2, 20153:53 pm
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The Islamic State group released at least 19 Christians from the 220 people the militants took captive recently.

March 2, 20154:00 pm
Iraq, Tikrit, Islamic State, Tikrit recaptured, Iraq army, iraq armed forces, US led forces, Tikrit recaptured, tikrit reclaimed, tikrit retaken, World News

Iraqi security forces began a large-scale military operation to recapture Saddam Hussein's hometown from the Islamic State.

March 2, 20152:11 pm
al qaeda, al qaeda killed, al qaeda fighters killed, al qaeda millitants killed, drone strike, US drone strike, american drone strikes, World News

Witnesses say a US drone strike killed two suspected al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen.

March 2, 20151:34 pm
Australia, Islamic State, Tony Abott, Australia terrorism, australia counter terrorism, australia counterterrorism, islamic State militants, islamic state foreign fighters, ISIS< ISIL, Iraq, Syria, World News

The Iraqi city of Mosul, which is held by Islamic State, declared off-limits to Australians under new counterterrorism laws.

March 2, 20151:44 pm
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington for a “historic” quest to stop an international nuclear deal with Iran sought by the United States. He arrived here yesterday. “We know a great deal about the emerging agreement,” a member of Netanyahu’s entourage said on condition of anonymity. “In our view, it is a bad […]

March 2, 201511:33 am
Libya, UN, United Nation, Islamic State, Libya weapons, islamic state libya, united nation libya, military support libya, libya armed support, World News

Libya's ability to prevent the flow of weapons into the chaotic country is "almost nonexistent."

March 2, 201511:09 am
netanyahu white house speech, Kerry, US, Netanyahu, Obama, Isareal, Iran Nuke deal, Iran nuclear deal, netanyahu US, white house, israel iran conflict, iran israel conflict, World News

Secretary of State John Kerry tried to calm tensions with Israel before PM Netanyahu's congressional address.

March 2, 20154:18 pm
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Emwazi may become less sinister to viewers who abhor Islamic State's claim to be killing civilians in the name of Islam.

March 1, 20157:10 pm

Sinai witnessed many attacks by militants since the January 2011 revolution that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak.

March 1, 20156:45 pm
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The fate of those kidnapped, almost all of them Assyrian Christians, remains unclear.

March 1, 20154:05 pm

The move underlines Egypt's increasing hostility to Hamas, which the court blamed for violence in Sinai Peninsula.

March 1, 20153:40 pm

Benjamin Netanyahu said he will "do everything" to protect Israel.

March 1, 20152:33 pm
jihadi john, islamic state, kuwait

His father also a British national, currently works in Kuwait and is expected to be summoned by authorities.

March 1, 20159:08 am

Meanwhile in Baghdad, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi vowed to track down and punish those who smashed rare relics in the northern city of Mosul.

February 28, 201511:00 pm
Ebola, Ebola epidemic, Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, Ebola virus

The President announces new restrictions in Sierra Leone in response to rise in confirmed cases of Ebola.

February 28, 20155:30 pm

The march was aimed at informing the public, especially in the southern regions, about the threat posed by Boko Haram.

February 28, 20155:06 pm

Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980, is the world's oldest leader.

February 28, 20153:23 pm

Police officials say the attack took place Saturday morning when the first bomb exploded near a busy market.

February 28, 201512:37 pm

Their aim is to steer women away from false preachers promoting radical forms of Islam.

February 28, 201512:18 pm

The victory marks a second blow to the extremist IS group in a month.

February 27, 201512:56 pm
The official provided the information on condition of anonymity according to his department's policies. (Source: Reuters photo)

The officials said the attackers surprised the soldiers with heavy gunfire while patrolling a street in Houta.

February 27, 201511:29 am

The raids struck areas around the town of Tal Tamr, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

February 27, 20154:02 pm

The video shows them using a jackhammer to deface a large Assyrian winged bull at a huge archaeological site in Mosul.

February 26, 20159:38 pm
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The video was posted on social media accounts affiliated with the Islamic State group.

February 26, 20157:42 pm

Heavy snows this week across four northeastern provinces caused deadly avalanches and flooding.

February 26, 20156:58 pm
Boko Haram, Cameroon soldiers, Islamic extremists, Nigeria

Boko Haram militants had killed hundreds of people in Baga in a January attack after Nigerian troops fled.

February 26, 20152:47 pm
Islamic State, Islamic State Libya, LIbya, Iranian ambassador, Iranian ambassador home blast, ISIS, IS, ISIL, Islamic state attack, World News

Three policemen were wounded when another device went off near a police station in the poor district of Alwaraq.

February 26, 20159:33 am

Apache helicopter gunships killed 18 suspected militants after they destroyed four vans in North Sinai.

February 26, 201512:11 pm
Islamic State, Islamic State abductions, Islamic state kidnapping, Islamic State christians, islamic state christians kidnappin, Syria christians, christians Syria , christians Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, IS, World News

IS militants attacked communities nestled along the Khabur River, seizing dozens of people, many of them women and children.

February 25, 201511:31 am
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"ISIL continues to exact its evil upon innocents of all faiths, and the majority of its victims have been Muslims," said US.

February 24, 20155:05 pm

18-year-old man becomes the first known South Korean to join the Islamic State group.

February 26, 20153:11 pm
Islamic State, Islamic State christians, Syria christians, christians kidnapped, christian IS kidnapping, Islamic State christians, islamic state christians kidnapping, Syria, IS, ISIL, ISIS, World News

IS began abducting the Assyrians on Monday, when militants attacked a cluster of villages along the Khabur River.

February 24, 201512:17 pm

New Zealand will send a small number of troops to Iraq to train forces against the Islamic State group.

February 23, 20154:20 pm
US, Kuwait, islamic state, new pentagon chief, anti terrorism, counter terrorism, IS, ISIS,ISIL US defence, US defence secretary, Ash Carter, Lloyd Austin, World News

Carter summoned several high profile officials from the Arab nations for a closed-door meeting.

February 23, 201512:15 pm

Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohammed have been free on bail since earlier this month awaiting trial.