Monday, Apr 27, 2015
April 25, 20159:05 am
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The toddler stuck between the rails on a parapet of a second floor apartment block.

April 24, 20153:41 pm

He said getting injured during an operation to locate three Israeli youngsters who were kidnapped ahead of the Gaza war last year as a tough moment.

April 22, 201511:05 am

From April 2010 to present, he and his firm have profited over USD 40 million in total from the E-mini S&P trading.

April 19, 20155:42 pm

The system's algorithms anticipate the driver's maneuvers seconds before they occur and send an alert.

April 16, 20153:54 pm
Satya Nadella visits India for the first time after being CEO

Satya Nadella will be awarded for bringing about change within his company to support working families.

April 14, 20154:02 pm

Convicted Indian IT professional seeks immediate execution instead of a new trial with his lawyers.

April 12, 20159:27 pm

Pooja got a SAT score of 2390 out of 2400, a 4.57 grade point average and aced all 13 of her Advanced Placement exams.

April 12, 20151:19 pm
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The list compiled by 'Town and Country Magazine' figures Adarsh Alphons, Reshma Saujani and Shaila Ittycheria.

April 9, 20159:30 pm
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Amandeep Singh Bhogal is already making his mark on the campaign trail for the Conservative party in his trademark blue turban.

April 6, 20151:59 pm

Pratap Singh won the prize for conducting an experiment that verified an effect of Einstein's theory of special relativity.

April 2, 20153:55 pm

Rajani Ganesh-Pillai has won the prestigious Peltier Award for her innovative teaching methods.

March 28, 201511:37 am

Patel's attorney Hank Sherrod said Patel and his family were very pleased by the "prompt and decisive action".

March 17, 201512:09 pm
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Minoti Apte is an active member of the Marathi Association of Sydney, an organisation that serves Sydney's significant Indian population.

March 16, 20156:40 pm

Detectives found no signs of forced entry into her apartment or foul play.

March 16, 20156:42 pm

The body of Randhir Kaur was discovered on March 8 by her cousin.

March 15, 20153:25 pm

Renu Khator says she feels tremendously honoured to be selected for the new position by fellow presidents.

March 12, 201511:00 am
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Family of Indian who was stabbed to death in Australia recently made an emotional appeal to Australian authorities.

March 11, 20152:25 am

Prabha Shetty, 39, was stabbed to death in Parramatta Park in Westmead while she was over the phone with her husband.

March 10, 201510:08 am

The 56-year-old Democrat plans to be in fray for the US House of Representatives seat being vacated by Congressman Chris Van Hollen.

March 10, 201511:06 am

Australia announces detective squad to investigate Indian techie's murder in Australia.

March 9, 20151:48 am

A crime scene has been established and is being examined by specialist forensic officers.

March 9, 20156:32 pm

Prabha Shetty hailed from Mangalore in coastal Karnataka and held a computer science engineering degree.

March 5, 20151:38 pm

Sabharwal was first nominated in April 2014 to the position of Alternate Executive Director of the IMF.

March 4, 201512:26 pm
United States of America.

Awards in the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program are viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program.

March 3, 201510:56 am

The shocking incident has been reported in Georgia.

March 1, 201511:40 am

Buffet praised Jain, who manages the Berkshire Reinsurance Group, for the way he has grown the business.

February 28, 201511:54 am

Jindal, 43, continued with his attack on Obama's presidency in particular on terrorism.

February 28, 20159:58 am

This is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in an institution which I have always held in the highest regard, Ramesh said.

February 27, 201512:42 pm

The IT specialist pleaded guilty in a district court on Thursday and would be sentenced on March 10 this year.

February 26, 20151:45 pm
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30-year-old Indian-American physical therapist convicted in a USD 1.6 million Medicare fraud scheme.

February 25, 201510:24 pm
9/11 attacks

Robert Mathai said the role of the lawyer at the war court made no difference to him.

February 25, 201511:57 am
United States of America.

He is a C-17 Pilot and has completed a variety of command, operational, engineering, and senior staff assignments in the Air Force.

February 23, 20153:54 pm

Edathy could face up to two years in jail or a fine, if found guilty.

February 22, 201512:56 pm

Patel's wife has arrived from Gujarat to Madison to look after her husband.

February 21, 20154:36 pm

Purnendu Dasgupta is a Jenkins Garrett professor of chemistry at The University of Texas at Arlington.

February 19, 20152:25 pm

Williams proposed Gabbard when the Congresswoman was visiting Hawaii during Thanksgiving.