Wednesday, Sep 03, 2014
September 2, 20147:04 pm

The man has admitted to the crime, the report quoted police as saying.

September 2, 20141:48 pm

Dr Puar will get the award at the summit of leaders and International Socrates Award ceremony in UK.

September 1, 20142:55 pm

Veena Sahajwalla, director of UNSW was recently awarded AUD 2.37 million for her research.

August 31, 201412:33 pm

Kumar was found motionless at an industrial estate after he was reportedly attacked.

August 23, 20145:04 pm

He has also been invited by Lancashire County Council to attend a reception for Gold Award winners.

August 20, 20141:07 pm

The green temple has solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system and other green technologies.

August 14, 20142:50 am
Manjul Bhargava (second from left) with the other winners.	Source: Reuters

Manjul Bhargava was awarded the Fields Medal for "developing powerful new methods in the geometry of numbers'.

August 6, 20143:24 pm
A protestor carries the Bahrain flag. (Source: Reuters)

Sivankutty was found lying motionless in the morning on the back seat of the car.

August 6, 201412:02 pm

US said that a cease-fire will only be sustained if both sides who are a party to this conflict make the decision not to prolong the violence.

August 4, 20149:58 am

SINDA has expressed concern about "increasing" domestic violence among Indian families in Singapore.

August 1, 201410:03 pm

The MEA spokesman said the Indian embassy in Tripoli is urging everyone to leave as the situation has further deteriorated.

July 29, 20148:21 pm

Pranay Shah received the award shortly after graduating with a Masters in Biochemistry.

July 29, 20146:02 pm

Several Indian nationals have begun to return using the land route from Libya to Tunisia.

July 28, 20143:49 pm
Overhaul of Chinese military (Express Archives)

She had been suffering from ill-health from some time.

July 28, 20143:42 pm

Indian-origin Israeli soldier Refael Degorker was laid to rest on Sunday in a military cemetery in his hometown.

July 23, 20149:54 am

The New York City Port Authority Police Department in May had issued a criminal summons to Maninder Singh.

July 22, 20148:58 am

Sandip Shah and Shailesh Shah are residents of California and were arrested in February this year.

July 20, 20143:40 pm

An iqama is a residence permit issued to the expatriates who arrive in Saudi Arabia on an employment visa.

July 17, 20145:52 pm

Of the total 5,986 Indians in foreign jails, 1,400 (23 per cent) of them are in Saudi Arabia alone.

July 13, 20143:33 pm

Rama, who was a passenger in a car driven by Carvalho, persuaded the victim to get in the vehicle and raped her in a secluded wooded area.

July 13, 20142:45 pm

Padmashini's son Drew Dees, now 10, has been reunited with his father Dean Drees.

July 12, 20142:43 pm

Singh claims the suspect walked towards him with a knife in a plastic bag and stabbed him in the chest.

July 12, 20142:41 pm

He will be sentenced on October 24 and faces up to 15 years in prison.

July 12, 20149:53 am

Professor Prasant Mohapatra had served as interim vice provost and CIO in the meantime.

July 10, 201410:58 am

China tops the list of foreign nationals with USD 22 billion in real estate investment for the one year period.

July 9, 201412:38 pm

The trainee teacher will take on Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro next month, the daily reported.

July 8, 20142:59 pm
Ravi Venkatesan Venkatesan is also the founder and chairman of Social Venture Partners India. (Source: Reuters)

Venkatesan was appointed on Monday for his commitment to philanthropy and innovation.

July 7, 20142:31 pm

Twenty-five Indian nationals, working in Singapore on permits, were charged for rioting.

July 5, 20145:22 pm

Anish Rao pleaded guilty to a charge of disfiguring with intent to injure and one of assaulting a female.

July 3, 20143:38 pm

The ad demonstrates through words and images how Sikh-Americans' values are America's values, including a love of service, family and community.

July 3, 20143:14 pm

The gang trafficked more than 100 women into the UK.

July 2, 201412:46 pm

Sruthymol was selected as the winner of 2,500 sqft of prime property in Kerala.

July 1, 20144:15 pm

Akhouri Sinha was recognised by the US Geological Survey for his work he did as an explorer in 1971-72.

June 29, 20148:42 pm

He allegedly sold half-kilogramme of bulk bath salts to an undercover officer in the parking lot of a gas station.

June 27, 201411:38 am

Based on 2011 census data, there were 295,373 India-born people living in Australia, an increase of 148,000 people when compared to the 2006 census.

June 26, 20149:56 pm

The FCO will also be publishing an online digital archive of all the overseas Victoria Cross recipients.


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