Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
October 24, 201410:37 am

Raji is a Member of the President's Commission on White House Fellowships, a position she has held since 2013.

October 20, 20147:13 pm

Dewani did not look like someone who was grieving at his wife Anni's funeral, her cousin testified at the trial in Cape Town that resumed Monday.

October 18, 201411:02 am

The prison term is well below the eight to 10 years Ramnarine faced. He has to report to prison in January next year.

October 16, 20144:33 pm

Gupta has done trailblazing work as a civil rights lawyer and has expertise on state policing issues, criminal justice reform.

October 10, 20145:20 pm

The case pertains to a British man accused of hiring local men to kill his wife on their 2010 honeymoon.

September 30, 20143:19 pm

Antonio Costa, known as the 'Gandhi of Lisbon' for his frugal lifestyle, has his roots in Goa.

September 29, 20146:07 pm

The Indian diaspora would like to see a strong, clean and healthy India, he said.

September 24, 201411:10 am

D'Souza was sentenced for making illegal contributions to a US Senate campaign in the names of others.

September 23, 20144:35 pm

Trafficking more than 15g of heroin into Singapore carries the death penalty.

September 22, 20141:57 pm

CM Manjhi assured that those interested in investing in medical field would be provided all sorts of facilities.

September 21, 20141:33 pm

The defendant waylaid the victim who was on his way to have breakfast, and asked him if he could find him a job, Gulf News reported.

September 20, 20143:02 pm

Mushshak aircraft are widely used in Pakistan for training undergraduate student pilots.

September 20, 201411:56 am

Time said Shetty is "finding simple solutions to complex problems."

September 20, 20149:57 am

Rajpaul Singh, 59, of Queens operated a medical clinic and pleaded guilty to first-degree falsifying business records.

September 13, 20145:22 pm

Dasharati Sattaih from Telangana was working in Jeddah with a leading maintenance company.

September 13, 201412:19 pm

The drugs were allegedly intended to be supplied to an online pharmacy, based in Costa Rica that catered to customers within the US.

September 12, 20146:28 pm

At the first day of the hearing it emerged that the four further calls were logged from the Australian radio station to the hospital

September 11, 20146:30 pm

At the first day of the hearing it emerged that the four further calls were logged from the Australian radio station to the hospital.

September 6, 20141:18 am

The couple’s son Arnav was found dead inside a dry bathtub in the family’s home on January 29.

September 4, 20145:52 pm
The former child actor, who was arrested on Sunday (August 31), is currently lodged in a state-run rescue home.

Vikram Singh has been charged on four counts of rape of a girl under the age of 16.

September 4, 201411:34 am

Rana was an international student and had arrived in Australia in 2008.

September 2, 20147:04 pm

The man has admitted to the crime, the report quoted police as saying.

September 2, 20141:48 pm

Dr Puar will get the award at the summit of leaders and International Socrates Award ceremony in UK.

September 1, 20142:55 pm

Veena Sahajwalla, director of UNSW was recently awarded AUD 2.37 million for her research.

August 31, 201412:33 pm

Kumar was found motionless at an industrial estate after he was reportedly attacked.

August 23, 20145:04 pm

He has also been invited by Lancashire County Council to attend a reception for Gold Award winners.

August 20, 20141:07 pm

The green temple has solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system and other green technologies.

August 14, 20142:50 am
Manjul Bhargava (second from left) with the other winners.	Source: Reuters

Manjul Bhargava was awarded the Fields Medal for "developing powerful new methods in the geometry of numbers'.

August 6, 20143:24 pm
A protestor carries the Bahrain flag. (Source: Reuters)

Sivankutty was found lying motionless in the morning on the back seat of the car.

August 6, 201412:02 pm

US said that a cease-fire will only be sustained if both sides who are a party to this conflict make the decision not to prolong the violence.

August 4, 20149:58 am

SINDA has expressed concern about "increasing" domestic violence among Indian families in Singapore.

August 1, 201410:03 pm

The MEA spokesman said the Indian embassy in Tripoli is urging everyone to leave as the situation has further deteriorated.

July 29, 20148:21 pm

Pranay Shah received the award shortly after graduating with a Masters in Biochemistry.

July 29, 20146:02 pm

Several Indian nationals have begun to return using the land route from Libya to Tunisia.

July 28, 20143:49 pm
Overhaul of Chinese military (Express Archives)

She had been suffering from ill-health from some time.

July 28, 20143:42 pm

Indian-origin Israeli soldier Refael Degorker was laid to rest on Sunday in a military cemetery in his hometown.