Sunday, Jan 25, 2015
January 24, 20154:55 pm

Police are investigating whether the four people detained were planning an attack in Spain.

January 24, 20156:15 pm

Mariupol is the major city between mainland Russia and the Russia-annexed Crimean Peninsula.

January 23, 20154:42 pm

Separatists have warned, however, that they intend to continue their advances and take more territory.

January 22, 201512:03 pm

"Russian President Vladimir Putin's new plan would free Moscow from its commitments under the Minsk agreement," said Power.

January 21, 20156:08 pm

"Beyonce's latest oeuvre" heard in Cabinet meeting after music started playing on Government's Chief Whip watch.

January 20, 201510:34 am

Francis said there are plenty of church-approved ways to regulate births.

January 19, 20152:20 pm

Rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko said at a press conference early Monday in Donetsk that the rebels had taken control of the airport.

January 19, 20159:35 am

The Security Council is due to discuss the worsening crisis in Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday, requested by Lithuania.

January 18, 20157:32 pm

Meziane was a close associate of Djamel Beghal, a convicted terrorist who mentored two of the Paris attackers while they were in jail together, the report said.

January 18, 201512:01 pm

Belgium has increased its terror warning to 3, the second-highest, following the anti-terror raids.

January 17, 201511:48 am

Supporters say the cartoon on the cover of Charlie Hebdo is a defiant expression of free speech.

January 17, 20155:59 am

Police kill two militants in Belgium. France, Germany crack down.

January 16, 20158:46 pm

An armed man has taken several hostages at a post office northwest of Paris, French media reported.

January 16, 20155:15 pm

The Gare de l'Est is one of several major train stations in Paris, serving cities in eastern Paris.

January 16, 20151:28 pm

Police said there were no indications that the group had been planning attacks in Germany.

January 16, 20156:26 am

French Muslims have reported dozens of attacks on mosques since Islamist gunmen targeted Charlie Hebdo last week.

January 16, 20152:57 am

The incident comes as Europe is on high alert after 17 people were killed in the Islamist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

January 15, 20152:11 pm

The official said two people were later were arrested, and two others in the car fled.

January 14, 20154:09 pm

Iran has strongly condemned the deadly assault by two masked gunmen that killed 12 people last week.

January 14, 20154:10 pm
APTOPIX France Attacks Charlie Hebdo

The new edition of Charlie Hebdo after attacks was sold out within minutes in France.

January 13, 20154:40 pm

Slavova said the warrant cited his possible association with one of the attackers, Cherif Kouachi.

January 13, 20153:30 pm

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano will step down in hours, PM Matteo Renzi said on Tuesday.

January 13, 20152:05 pm

Angela Merkel has assured Germany's four million-strong Muslim community that they are an integral part of the society,

January 13, 201512:33 pm

In other cities across Germany, counter protesters outnumbered the anti-Islam demonstrators.

January 14, 20158:29 am

French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is publishing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad on its new cover.

January 13, 201511:03 am

France scours african desert for Jihadist commander and his 3½-ft executioner.

January 12, 20153:55 pm

In the video, Coulibaly pledges allegiance to the Islamic State group.

January 12, 20153:52 pm

The Metrorex subway managers said that those "who disturb public order or are indecent will be fined," and reported to the police.

January 12, 20153:16 pm

A gun used in the supermarket attack has also been tied to bullets that seriously injured a jogger Wednesday night.

January 12, 201511:15 am

The result meant that Grabar-Kitarovic won by a slight margin of about 21,000 votes, mostly by Croats living abroad.

January 11, 20157:13 pm

Five men were charged last Oct in connection with an alleged plot to shoot police and soldiers.

January 11, 20151:21 pm

Loyalists of al-Qaida and the Islamic State group alike described the assault on Charlie Hebdo's offices as revenge for mockery of Islam.

January 11, 201512:39 pm

Ahmet Merabet was killed at an attack on newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday by two men.

January 11, 20152:15 pm

An incendiary device was thrown at the newspaper building at night and documents were burnt inside.

January 11, 201511:54 am

The rally Sunday is also a huge security challenge for a nation on alert, for more violence.

January 11, 201510:00 am

The teenager was released without charge on Friday evening, relieved but badly shaken.