Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
September 2, 20146:56 pm

The referendum is scheduled for September 18.

September 2, 20145:11 pm

On August 20, UNHCR put the number of people displaced inside Ukraine at 190,000.

September 2, 20143:57 pm

The Robirds actually flap their wings to fly, in a way that makes them remarkably similar to the real thing.

September 2, 201412:00 pm

Ban Ki-moon's comments came after European-mediated talks on the fast-escalating crisis opened in Minsk.

September 2, 201412:36 am

A military statement said Ukrainian paratroopers were engaging a Russian tank battalion near the airport.

September 1, 20145:19 pm

The remarks came a day after European Union leaders gave Russia a week to reverse course in Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions.

August 31, 20146:56 pm

Russia has previously only called for greater rights under a decentralised federal system to be accorded to the eastern regions of Ukraine.

August 31, 20145:32 pm

Authorities said today's eruptive fissure was longer than the previous one, and was extending north and south.

August 30, 20141:39 pm

NATO estimates that at least 1,000 Russian soldiers are in Ukraine.

August 29, 20149:50 pm

In the light of increasing threats posed by British extremists, UK raises terror threat level to 'severe'.

August 29, 20142:03 pm

Almost half of all Syrians have been forced to abandon their homes since the conflict began in March 2011.

August 29, 201411:36 am

Putin said that a lot of Ukrainian soldiers were fighting the insurgents 'against their will'.

August 28, 20143:17 pm

President Hollande comments came after Assad's regime said it was willing to work with the international community.

August 28, 201412:53 pm
Recep Tayyip Erdogan is stepping down as prime minister and being installed as president on Thursday. (Source: Reuters)

Erdogan has ruled over Turkey as prime minister since 2003.

August 27, 20145:06 pm

Lagarde said she was returning to her work in Washington later in the day and said the decision was "without basis."

August 26, 20148:51 pm

The meeting came as Ukraine said its forces had captured 10 Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

August 26, 20148:02 pm

The majority of the perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage.

August 26, 20144:26 pm

Ukraine's security service said that 10 Russian paratroopers were captured near the Ukrainian village of Dzerkalne.

August 25, 20143:44 pm

Valls was asked by President Francois Hollande to form a new team only four months ago.

August 22, 20143:46 pm

UN criticized the world's "paralysis" over the fighting in Syria.

August 19, 201412:35 pm

Lawyer said that two-year stay in the embassy had had a "significant" impact on Assange's health.

August 19, 201412:47 pm

Julian Assange said he would be leaving the Ecuador embassy soon. Reports suggest that his health is deteriorating.

August 18, 20141:13 pm

The foreign ministry said the sides focused on ways to quickly halt fighting and establish Ukraine's control over its border with Russia .

August 18, 201412:53 pm

Britain wants to extradite him to Sweden for questioning in relation to a sexual assault investigation.

August 18, 201412:42 pm

The theft took place in northern Paris as the motorcade was making its way from the Saudi embassy to an airport.

August 17, 201412:45 pm

Four of the accused were present in court while the others were sentenced in absentia.

August 16, 201410:25 pm

All of the 34 survivors, presumed to be from the Indian sub-continent, are being treated for dehydration and hypothermia.

August 15, 20144:39 pm

Some four months of fighting have left over 2,000 people dead and forced some 285,000 to flee their homes.

August 15, 20141:19 pm

Around 50,000 displaced people are yet to find a refuge in the Kurdish area, according to UN estimates.

August 15, 20145:14 am

The law allows Ukraine to stop the transit of goods across its territory,

August 14, 20147:47 pm

It was not immediately clear when the trucks would arrive at the border or whether Ukrainian officials would allow them to pass.

August 14, 20145:37 pm

Berlin authorities said they won't tolerate Uber putting customers at risk by allowing them to ride in cars that haven't been checked.

August 14, 20144:01 pm

The hospital, however, has apologised for the error.

August 14, 20148:02 am

The plane was en route from Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont airport to Guaruja airport outside Sao Paulo.

August 13, 20145:37 pm

The group had set out to climb the "Aiguille d'Argentiere" peak on the Mont Blanc massif.

August 13, 20142:01 pm

Thousands of members of minority groups, including Christians, continue to face a major threat from the IS jihadist group.

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