Thursday, Oct 23, 2014
October 23, 201412:53 am
Baltics NATO Russia

NATO fighter jets intercepted a Russian spy plane over the Baltic Sea after it breached Estonian airspace.

October 22, 201412:36 am

A batch of experimental Ebola vaccine was on Tuesday set to arrive in Switzerland from Canada.

October 21, 20144:14 pm

Indian airlines such as Air India and Jet Airways, however, reported no disruptions and said they were "operating on time".

October 14, 20145:01 pm

The Ebola patient was the third to be flown to Germany for treatment.

October 14, 20144:23 pm

Pins bearing the militants' black-and-white flag are on sale at a jihad-themed bookstore near the Istanbul University campus.

October 13, 20146:27 pm

Tirole, 61, works at the Toulouse School of Economics in France.

October 9, 20147:04 pm

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down on July 17 while flying over eastern Ukraine.

October 7, 20141:14 pm

The nurse's illness illustrates the danger that health care workers also face in medical centers of Europe and the United States.

October 6, 20143:55 pm

"There is no contradiction between a strong NATO and building constructive relations with Russia," said Stoltenberg.

October 5, 20141:54 pm

A woman in the UK who was fed up of being single got married to herself in a full wedding ceremony attended by 50 guests.

October 5, 201410:30 am

Opinion surveys predict the biggest vote winner will be the center-right GERB party led by a former prime minister, Boyko Borisov.

October 4, 20147:25 pm

He said the murder of taxi driver Alan Henning is "abhorrent and senseless."

October 4, 201410:06 am

Islamic State militants beheaded British aid worker Alan Henning in a video posted on Friday.

October 3, 20147:12 pm

If the plan pans out, Sweden would be the first country to recognise Palestine while being a member of EU.

October 3, 20149:48 am

Special forces troops to operate on the ground in Iraq as Australian bombers to begin hitting Islamic State targets

October 1, 20141:37 pm

The latest clip has been circulated as the US and the UK launched airstrikes against IS in Syria.

September 29, 20149:41 pm

Buoyed by Scotland's referendum, 1.8 million Catalans are demanding their own vote.

September 29, 20145:06 pm

Violence has continued despite a cease-fire declared on September 5.

September 29, 20142:59 pm

It was the largest single number of Ukrainian soldiers killed since a fragile ceasefire came into force on Sept. 5.

September 28, 201410:06 am

"The Security Council should no longer serve as a forum for telling lies," Ri told the UN General Assembly.

September 26, 20149:13 pm

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is using sonar to map the new "priority" search area in Indian Ocean.

September 26, 20141:30 pm

Australia has been a strong supporter of US efforts in Iraq, and is expected to join in international air strikes against IS fighters.

September 25, 20148:44 pm

Livieres had been criticised by his colleagues for defending an Argentinian priest who has been accused of sexual abuse.

September 24, 20148:16 pm

IS has been accused of forcing Christians and other minorities to convert to Islam during their sweep in Iraq.

September 24, 20143:46 pm

Ummi Abdullah's experience illustrates the pull of the self-styled caliphate straddling Iraq and Syria.

September 24, 20143:06 pm

Lawyers for the three men said Wednesday they were not on the run and available for police questions.

September 24, 20142:48 pm

Sarkozy and Herzog argue that wiretaps of phone calls to each were not legal.

September 24, 201410:57 am

The video follows the similar pattern to the first video featuring the journalist and is introduced with the title "Lend Me Your Ears".

September 23, 20142:38 pm

Cameron will meet Rouhani on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, sources said.

September 23, 201412:03 am

Migrants pelt freight trucks headed to the port with stones to slow them down so they can hop into the back.

September 22, 20142:50 pm

Steinmeier denied reports Germany was under pressure to join the US and France in air strikes against the IS in Iraq.

September 21, 20147:44 pm

Kiev and pro-Russian rebels are supposed to pull back their forces and weaponry to create a 30-kilometre wide buffer zone.

September 21, 20146:46 pm

The Catalan parliament passed a law on Friday enabling regional head Artur Mas to call such a vote.

September 21, 20143:16 pm

Belgian police reportedly found guns and bulletproof vests during the crackdown.

September 20, 20147:31 pm

The NATO talks started hours after negotiators representing Kiev and Ukraine's pro-Russian separatists signed a new nine-point deal.

September 20, 20142:15 pm

Al-Maqdisi was the mentor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida.


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