Thursday, May 28, 2015
May 23, 20151:36 pm
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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the pledge at a meeting with Pacific island nations in Iwaki in northern Japan.

May 7, 20155:19 pm

Figueres said technological advances were the first of several factors that had created "a very changed political environment."

April 18, 20154:47 pm
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US President Barack Obama said today that climate change poses the world's biggest single threat.

April 9, 20159:20 pm
Denmark UN Climate Report

Tokyo will set a target of cutting gas emissions "by at least 20 per cent by 2030, from 2005 levels."

March 3, 20153:40 pm
The project will be implemented during the next three years.

It said that the health impact of climate change on the EU's 500 million citizens is "expected to worsen.''

February 27, 20152:00 pm

Water pours into the sea- 130 billion tons of ice per year for the past decade, according to NASA.

February 10, 20151:14 pm
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"It is important to ensure that the enhanced provision of resources to developing countries for climate change and environmental concerns is additional."

January 12, 20152:06 pm
The Week That Was In Asia Photo Gallery

Volcanoes may have caused cooling of 0.05 degrees to 0.12 degrees Celsius since 2000.

December 14, 20149:58 pm

"As a text it's not perfect, but it includes the positions of the parties," said the Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.

December 14, 20149:49 am

Resolution of several contentious issues were still not in sight and negotiators were planning for another full night of negotiations.

December 13, 20146:12 am

COP president tells participants they have not come just to enjoy the city, must ‘take decisions’

December 12, 201410:55 am

Kerry also took a swipe at the US politicians who continue to deny that climate change and its devastating effects are real.

December 12, 201410:57 am
Modi-Obama joint briefing

We don't have anything in the works of the kind we were involved in with China, said US lead climate negotiator Todd Stern.

December 12, 201410:53 am

India has largely preferred to play a wait and watch game to see how the negotiations are playing out.

December 7, 20146:24 pm

The amount is roughly equivalent to the emissions produced by the entire state of Kiribati in 6 months.

December 12, 201410:46 am

Each country has to report by next year what it intends to do to contribute to the fight against climate change.

November 16, 201412:42 am

40 pc of Denmark’s power is renewable, more than anywhere else. Challenge is to market it.

September 24, 201410:51 am

Obama pressed other countries to follow US' lead on the issue of climate change.

September 22, 201411:22 am

Speaking to journalists after walking in the rally, Ban said the world needs to "galvanize our action" and harness the people's "power to change."

July 28, 201411:06 am

Over the past 6 years, the U.S. has cut consumption by 195 million tons as power plants have burned cheaper natural gas instead.

July 9, 20142:28 pm

China's Xie Zhenhua said China should not be subject to the same rules for greenhouse gas emissions as the U S.

July 1, 20142:35 pm

France will host the World Climate Conference next year.

June 27, 20145:44 pm

All of that adds to more carbon dioxide and it starts compounding. So this is something the Americans have to deal with, he said.

June 26, 201412:31 pm

Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax, or a fad, or a plot. It's a liberal plot, Obama said

June 24, 20144:20 pm

Overall natural capital cost in the consumer goods sector each year is USD 75 billion, says UN report.

June 24, 20141:35 pm

The report lands after Obama ordered US regulators to take their strongest steps ever to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

June 15, 20141:51 pm

Obama said that Congress "is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence''.

June 11, 20145:28 pm

There is a demand from our political leadership to describe what is going on in this region," said Norway's military intelligence chief.

June 7, 20144:28 pm

"We hope we do not see a recurrence of the Copenhagen scenario...," said Xie Zhenhua

June 4, 201410:54 am

US Environmental Protection agency has announced to cut carbon emission by 30 per cent by the year 2030.

June 2, 201410:21 am

The regulation is a centerpiece of President Barack Obama's plans to reduce the pollution linked to global warming.

May 20, 20147:19 pm

Rising global temperatures have shrunk the total area of Nepal's glaciers by almost a quarter between 1977 and 2010.

May 20, 20143:57 pm
Antarctic Melt

Antarctica is now losing about 160 billion tonnes of ice to the ocean annually.

May 12, 20141:42 pm

Mantle is flowing faster than expected, probably due to changes in temperature or chemical composition.

May 3, 201410:39 am

Canada followed by China occupy the top two slots in the ranking of the top 10 countries for LEED outside the US.

April 5, 20143:11 pm

The IPCC says that to keep warming in check, the world needs a major shift in investments from fossil fuels to renewable energy.