Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
January 12, 20152:06 pm
The Week That Was In Asia Photo Gallery

Volcanoes may have caused cooling of 0.05 degrees to 0.12 degrees Celsius since 2000.

December 14, 20149:58 pm

"As a text it's not perfect, but it includes the positions of the parties," said the Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.

December 14, 20149:49 am

Resolution of several contentious issues were still not in sight and negotiators were planning for another full night of negotiations.

December 13, 20146:12 am

COP president tells participants they have not come just to enjoy the city, must ‘take decisions’

December 12, 201410:55 am

Kerry also took a swipe at the US politicians who continue to deny that climate change and its devastating effects are real.

December 12, 201410:57 am
Modi-Obama joint briefing

We don't have anything in the works of the kind we were involved in with China, said US lead climate negotiator Todd Stern.

December 12, 201410:53 am

India has largely preferred to play a wait and watch game to see how the negotiations are playing out.

December 7, 20146:24 pm

The amount is roughly equivalent to the emissions produced by the entire state of Kiribati in 6 months.

December 12, 201410:46 am

Each country has to report by next year what it intends to do to contribute to the fight against climate change.

November 16, 201412:42 am

40 pc of Denmark’s power is renewable, more than anywhere else. Challenge is to market it.

September 24, 201410:51 am

Obama pressed other countries to follow US' lead on the issue of climate change.

September 22, 201411:22 am

Speaking to journalists after walking in the rally, Ban said the world needs to "galvanize our action" and harness the people's "power to change."

July 28, 201411:06 am

Over the past 6 years, the U.S. has cut consumption by 195 million tons as power plants have burned cheaper natural gas instead.

July 9, 20142:28 pm

China's Xie Zhenhua said China should not be subject to the same rules for greenhouse gas emissions as the U S.

July 1, 20142:35 pm

France will host the World Climate Conference next year.

June 27, 20145:44 pm

All of that adds to more carbon dioxide and it starts compounding. So this is something the Americans have to deal with, he said.

June 26, 201412:31 pm

Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax, or a fad, or a plot. It's a liberal plot, Obama said

June 24, 20144:20 pm

Overall natural capital cost in the consumer goods sector each year is USD 75 billion, says UN report.

June 24, 20141:35 pm

The report lands after Obama ordered US regulators to take their strongest steps ever to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

June 15, 20141:51 pm

Obama said that Congress "is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence''.

June 11, 20145:28 pm

There is a demand from our political leadership to describe what is going on in this region," said Norway's military intelligence chief.

June 7, 20144:28 pm

"We hope we do not see a recurrence of the Copenhagen scenario...," said Xie Zhenhua

June 4, 201410:54 am

US Environmental Protection agency has announced to cut carbon emission by 30 per cent by the year 2030.

June 2, 201410:21 am

The regulation is a centerpiece of President Barack Obama's plans to reduce the pollution linked to global warming.

May 20, 20147:19 pm

Rising global temperatures have shrunk the total area of Nepal's glaciers by almost a quarter between 1977 and 2010.

May 20, 20143:57 pm
Antarctic Melt

Antarctica is now losing about 160 billion tonnes of ice to the ocean annually.

May 12, 20141:42 pm

Mantle is flowing faster than expected, probably due to changes in temperature or chemical composition.

May 3, 201410:39 am

Canada followed by China occupy the top two slots in the ranking of the top 10 countries for LEED outside the US.

April 5, 20143:11 pm

The IPCC says that to keep warming in check, the world needs a major shift in investments from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

March 30, 201411:36 am

Fights over resources, like water and energy, hunger and extreme weather will destabilize the world a bit more.

March 25, 20142:36 pm

Air pollution by cooking fires to auto fumes contributed to seven million deaths worldwide in 2012, UN health agency.

February 27, 20149:42 pm

The reason for winter weather is the west and south-west winds, bringing in mild air from the Atlantic, Met Officials

January 31, 20145:30 am

The incident started with one of the umpires giving a boundary off the bat, while the other was of the opinion it was a leg-bye.

January 9, 20148:08 pm
Australia Heat Wave

Some parts of the sparsely populated Pilbara region were approaching 50 degrees Celsius

January 9, 20147:43 pm

Conducted for govts of 20 developing countries,study says growth will be cut by 3.2% of GDP by 2030.