Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014
July 29, 20148:51 pm

Zhou Yongkang was the ninth-ranking member of nine-membered Standing Committee of the CPC.

July 29, 20148:44 pm

A gang armed with knives attacked a police station and government offices in Elixku Township.

July 29, 20142:22 pm

Hashmat Karzai was a campaign manager in Kandahar for Ashraf Ghani, one of the two presidential candidates.

July 29, 20149:43 am

US federal judge in Washington ruled that N Korea had provided weaponry to the militant Hezbollah group.

July 28, 20142:30 pm

Abu Sayyaf militants attacked two vans carrying civilians and killed at least 18 villagers in Philippines.

July 25, 20144:01 pm

Hung Yu-ting escaped through a hole in the fuselage that opened up after the plane plowed into homes.

July 25, 20143:04 pm

Tyler's comments came at the end of a disastrous week for the aviation industry.

July 25, 20142:19 pm

Only one man escaped the execution-style killing in Ghor province when attackers shot dead the civilians.

July 25, 201411:00 am

Stormy weather and low visibility are suspected as factors in Wednesday's crash of the twin propeller ATR-72.

July 24, 20143:58 pm

The bomb, which was placed on a motorcycle, wounded 26 people, including children.

July 24, 20143:12 pm

Philippines has filed a complaint to an international tribunal alleging China's claims are illegal.

July 24, 201412:57 pm

Minorities in Russia disagree with 90 percent of the country who support Putin's political policies.

July 24, 201411:38 am

Taiwan airline suspects stormy weather caused the crash, killing 48 people.

July 24, 201411:33 am

Investigators believe the 38-year-old man contracted the bacterial infection after contact with a marmot, Xinhua said.

July 24, 20149:07 am

The plane was arriving from the city of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan.

July 24, 20141:53 am

The two belonged to Kerala and arrangements were being made to bring back their bodies, the sources said.

July 23, 201410:20 pm

The plane was making a second landing attempt in stormy weather when it crashed at an airport.

July 23, 20143:50 pm

The new charter will allow the cabinet to begin governing the country in tandem with the military.

July 23, 20143:14 pm

A 63-year-old woman who was fleeing on a motorised tricycle had a heart attack and died, cited a local hospital.

July 23, 20141:37 pm

The health ministry began collecting DNA blood samples of relatives of those who died in the MH17 crash.

July 23, 201410:53 am

Authorities stepped up patrols to watch for breaks in coastal and river embankments.

July 23, 20143:12 am

Separatists hand over MH17 black boxes to Malaysia.

July 22, 20143:34 pm

The PM said the crash site must be secured and flagged Australian participation in police force in Ukraine.

July 22, 201412:45 pm

Lankan navy personnel seized nine fishermen boats for crossing International Maritime Boundary Line.

July 22, 20148:52 am
MH17 crashed over eastern Ukraine, where the military has been fighting pro-Russia separatists.

Many airlines flying over crisis-stricken eastern Ukraine abandoned the route between Asia and Europe.

July 22, 201410:52 am
A Malaysian investigator takes a black box from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 as it is handed over from Donetsk People's Republic officials to Malaysian representatives in the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. (Source: AP)

International pressure has forced the Pro-Russia rebels to hand over the bodies and black boxes from MH17.

July 21, 20148:50 pm

Three persons were arrested for trafficking Rs 22 lakh worth meth pills.

July 21, 20147:30 pm

A TV channel reported that expired beef and chicken were supplied to KFC, McDonald's in China.

July 21, 20141:37 pm

The companies said they immediately stopped using meat from the company, Husi Food Co., Ltd.

July 21, 201412:11 pm

Putin says the tragedy is being used for others' "mercenary objectives," although he does not say specifically who.

July 21, 20148:46 am

Head of the Women for Afghan Women shelter was at one point driven into hiding by death threats from the girl’s family.

July 20, 20147:11 pm
A monk prays during a special prayer for the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Malaysia on Sunday. (Source: AP)

Russia's govt is being accused of not doing enough to ensure proper access of authorities to crash site.

July 20, 20143:24 pm

Rumors that teashop owners had raped one of their employees set off attacks on Muslims.

July 20, 20143:08 pm

Passengers can change or cancel their tickets without attracting financial penalty by Thursday.

July 20, 201412:27 pm

Merkel had underlined the importance of a ceasefire to carry out an investigation into the air disaster.

July 20, 201410:16 am

The reports of fatalities came in as repairmen struggled to restore electricity to hundreds of thousands of households.