Sunday, Mar 01, 2015
March 1, 201512:06 am
Mohammed Nasheed, Maldives, Maldives president arrest, Nasheed, Nasheed arrest, arrest Nasheed, arrest maldives president, maldives democracy, democracy maldives, World news

Nasheed was arrested for his alleged role in the 2012 arrest of a senior judge while he was president.

February 28, 20152:48 pm

The mangled wreckage, the largest part of the plane retrieved, was pulled from the sea Friday.

February 28, 20151:57 pm

Ten Abu Sayyaf militants were killed in a two-hour clash on Friday after the army pounded their jungle lair.

February 28, 20152:50 pm

Kim's comments came after South Korea and the United States on Friday conducted a joint naval drill.

February 28, 201512:06 pm

Aung Nay Myo was detained on a charge of violating the 1950 Emergency Provision Act.

February 28, 201510:22 am
Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore first PM , Singapore PM sick, Singapore first prime minister, singapore first PM sick, Singapore first prime minister sick, World News

Lee was the first Prime Minister of independent Singapore and led the govt for three decades till 1990.

February 27, 201510:04 pm

The US Geological Service said the temblor had a preliminary magnitude of 7.0.

February 27, 20155:14 pm
Mohamed Nasheed, Indian Ocean, Maldives Police Service (MPS), Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF)

India voiced concern over the "arrest and manhandling" of the former president.

February 27, 20151:30 pm

At least five foreigners have been arrested and deported this year for taking nude photos at sacred sites.

February 27, 201512:21 pm

William laid a wreath at a cemetery in Yokohama, where British, Australian, Indian are buried who died in Japan as prisoners of war

February 27, 201511:22 am

The incident follows another shooting on Wednesday when a gunman shot and killed three people in Sejong City.

February 27, 20159:41 am

The Afghan army deployed 1,000 soldiers in the Panjshir Valley, to help in the rescue efforts.

February 26, 20152:12 pm
South Korea, adultery, adultery laws, south korea adultery, adultery south korea, south korea adultery laws, adultery laws south korea, adultery laws, World News

South Korean court abolished law that bans extramarital affairs; stock price of prominent condom maker immediately shot up 15%.

February 26, 201512:39 pm
al Qaeda, Philippines, islamist militants, islamist militants killed, Philippines army, philippines islamist militants, al Qaeda militants killed, al qaeda phillippines, World News

US-trained army commandos on Thursday killed 14 Islamist militants belonging to the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group in the first major battle this year on a remote southern island, as the Philippines stepped up efforts to rescue foreign hostages. The Abu Sayyaf is the smallest but most deadly of several Muslim groups fighting for independence in […]

February 26, 20151:12 pm
Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore first PM , Singapore PM sick, Singapore first prime minister, singapore first PM sick, Singapore first prime minister sick, World News

Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on life support in an intensive care unit: PMO office

February 26, 20153:10 pm
Afghanistan, KABUL, Taliban, Turkey embassy, turkish embassy blast, turkey embassy blast, turkish embassy afghanistan, kabul blast, afghanistan turkey embassy, afghanistan turkish embassy, taliban attck, taliban suicide bomb, World News

The attack is the first known on a Turkish target in the Afghan capital.

February 26, 201510:40 am

The Duke of Cambridge is making his first visit to Japan, starting Thursday.

February 26, 20159:57 am
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The comments injected new tension into an already strained relationship between the close allies.

February 24, 20154:25 pm
bamboo organ

World's oldest organ might not be played anymore because of lack of funds needed to maintain it.

February 24, 20153:51 pm
Afghanistan, afghanistan violence, afghanistan sunni, afghanistan shiite, afghanistan hazara, sunni shiite violence, sunni shiite conflict, shiite sunni conflict, shiite sunni violence, World News

Gunmen in southern Afghanistan kidnapped 30 members of the Hazara ethnic community.

February 24, 20153:47 pm
Mohammed Nasheed, Maldives, Maldives president arrest, Nasheed, Nasheed arrest, arrest Nasheed, arrest maldives president, maldives democracy, democracy maldives, World news

US has asked the Maldivian government to take steps to restore confidence in their commitment to democracy.

February 23, 201512:03 pm
nepal, Mout everest, nepal mount everest, mt everest, mount everest nepal, everest neoal, nepal everest, climbing conditions everest, everest climbimg condition, World News

Nepal to improve weather forecasting systems, step up security and promise swift rescues if needed during the upcoming climbing season on Everest.

February 23, 20154:26 pm
Thailand, theatre actors arrested, arrested theatre actors, thaetre activists arrested, arrested theatre activistsm freedom of speech, thailand freedom of speech, freedom of speech thailand, World News

A court in Thailand sentenced two theatre activists for insulting the country's monarchy.

February 23, 20152:19 pm
Maldives, Mohammed Nasheed, mohammed nasheed arrested, Maldives president, maldives president arrested, nasheed, nasheed arrested, maldives president nasheed, maldives president Nasheed arrested, World News

Nasheed resigned as President in 2012 following weeks of public protests against his order to arrest Criminal Court Judge.

February 23, 20154:32 pm
Bangladesh, Bangladesh ferry, bangladesh ferry drowns, bangladesh ferry sinks, bangaldesg ferry accident, bangladesh, Bangladesh ferry, bangladesh, ferry drows, bangladesh ferry sinks, bangladesh ferry accident, bangladesh boat accident, bangladesh accident death count, bangladesh ferry capsize, asia news, world news

Rescuers managed to save at least 50 passengers and were still searching for more survivors.

February 21, 20158:34 pm

Law enforcement agencies blame the influx of Afghan refugees for the deteriorating law and order situation in the province.

February 21, 20155:17 pm

BNP said the shutdown would be effective throughout the country from 6 am (local time) on Sunday.

February 21, 20151:08 pm

North Korea was attempting to demonstrate its military capabilities ahead of next month's US-South Korean drills,

February 21, 201511:58 am
In six weeks, they killed more than 700 people, mostly civilians, and forced tens of thousands more from their homes.

Staffan de Mistura will send a team to Aleppo by the end of this month to assess the conditions for the freeze.

February 21, 20154:09 pm

Carter has suggested he would be open to slowing US withdrawal plans, if necessary.

February 20, 20154:25 pm

He carries a $10 million bounty on his head.

February 20, 20153:52 pm
Thailand, Thailand bomb, thailand blast, bomb thailand, blast thailand, south thailand, thailand muslims, car bomb, World News

Thai police say suspected Muslim insurgents have detonated a car bomb that wounded 13 people and damaged buildings.

February 20, 20152:44 pm
Islamic State, Syria, Syria Islamic state, islamic state syria, ISIS, ISIL, Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, IS, Middle East,World News

About 30,000 runners are expected to take part in the race through the streets of Tokyo.

February 20, 20151:24 pm

The pre-dawn shooting Friday took place inside a McDonald's restaurant.

February 20, 20153:48 pm
Thailand, surrogacy, thailand surroacy, surrogacy thailand, thai surrogate, foreign surrogacy, foreign surrogate, surrogacy foreign, surrogate foreign, World News

The law aims to stop Thailand from being a commercial surrogacy hub for foreign couples.

February 20, 201511:46 am
Pakistan, Afghanistan, United States of America, US, USA, Sharif, Kerry, Afghanistan PAkistan relations, Pakistan afghanistan relations, World News

Kerry has praised the efforts of Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif and Army Chief General Raheel Sharif in improving ties withwar-torn Afghanistan.