Thursday, Aug 21, 2014
August 21, 20143:46 pm

The President asked the govt to ensure the security of all key offices and the diplomatic enclave where foreign missions are located.

August 21, 20141:22 pm
A five-member government team last night met with a six-member committee of Khan's party but the two sides failed to make any headway. (Source: AP)

Sign of thaw came after military refused to intervene and asked the two sides to hold "meaningful" talks.

August 21, 201412:11 pm

Critics say it will only extend his time at the helm and consolidate the military's grip on power.

August 21, 20149:04 am

We do not support any extra-constitutional changes to that democratic system or people attempting to impose them, Harf said

August 21, 201411:19 am

Both Khan and Qadri have been called by Pak SC tomorrow in connection with the hearing on the protest.

August 20, 20148:54 pm

Sharif has refused to step down, while the country's powerful army has called for a negotiated settlement.

August 20, 20145:28 pm

Qadri and Imran Khan have been leading separate protests for past one week to force Sharif's resignation.

August 20, 20143:24 pm

Qadri's supporters blockaded parliament on Wednesday in response to calls from their leader not to allow anyone in or out.

August 20, 20141:53 pm

The world's oldest living person is also Japanese: Misao Okawa, a 116-year-old woman from Osaka.

August 20, 201412:51 pm

Meanwhile, the military called for calm after protesters breached the Red Zone.

August 20, 201411:53 am

He wanted to know if the military was quietly engineering the twin protest movements or if, perhaps, it was preparing to stage a coup.

August 20, 20144:09 pm

Rescuers said the victims included a two-year-old child and a 77-year-old woman.

August 20, 201411:49 am

Thousands of anti-government protesters entered the 'Red Zone' and set up camp in front of the Parliament House.

August 19, 20143:24 pm

Qadri has already declared the existing parliament a sham as it consisted of "tainted" lawmakers.

August 19, 20146:05 pm
More than 600 militants have been killed so far in the operation. (Source: Reuters)

The exact place where militants were attacked by gunships was not identified by the army.

August 19, 20141:03 pm

The protests have piled extra pressure on the 15-month-old civilian government.

August 19, 201411:19 am

Garbage is piling up, people are knocking on doors to use bathrooms as twin protests rock Pak capital.

August 19, 20142:03 am

The cricketer-turned-politician said there is no turning back and “nothing short of fake-mandated Prime Minister’s resignation will be acceptable.”

August 18, 20144:29 pm

Southeast Asia has been emerging as a film production centre, with an expanding local workforce.

August 17, 20143:01 pm

N Korean soldiers were ready to "turn the strongholds of aggression into a sea of fire and ashes", the statement said.

August 17, 20142:29 pm

Khan warned that unless their demands are not met within a certain time period, his 'tsunami' would cross into the Red Zone.

August 17, 201412:27 am

World powers, relieved by the exit of long-time premier Nouri al-Maliki, were flying aid to the displaced and arms to the Kurds.

August 16, 20143:57 pm

The assistance by India came nearly two weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "historic" visit to Nepal.

August 16, 201412:21 pm

Nepal's Home Ministry said 75 people were unaccounted for and 36 others were in hospitals

August 16, 201412:00 pm

The company is one of China's largest producer of blood products.

August 16, 201411:51 am

The protestors reached here from Lahore after travelling more than 300 kms in over 35 hours.

August 15, 20149:07 pm

The Pakistani asylum seekers consist of its persecuted Ahmadiyya Muslims, Christian and Shia communities.

August 15, 20147:40 pm

Khan and other important leaders of the Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf party were advised by police to board the bullet-proof car.

August 15, 20147:15 pm

Police were also looking for a Pakistani man believed to be involved in the fraudulent withdrawals.

August 14, 20146:00 pm

The staff member in question was detained following allegations by a passenger travelling on flight MH20 from Kuala Lumpur to Paris.

August 14, 20144:56 pm

Pope Francis said the quest for inter-Korean reconciliation was one that had implications for "the stability of the entire area".

August 20, 201411:48 am

The government has also ordered the suspension of mobile phone services and wireless Internet services in several parts of Islamabad.

August 14, 20141:15 pm

Both Imran Khan and Cleric Qadri have announced to lead their protestors from eastern city of Lahore to the capital and stage a sit-in till the government resigns.

August 14, 20149:59 am

Pope plans to reach out to North Korea during his five-day trip in a Mass for peace and reconciliation on the war-divided Korean Peninsula.

August 13, 20142:14 pm

At least 157 asylum seekers, including 84 Pakistanis, 71 Afghans and 2 Iranians remained under Sri Lankan detention, according to UNHCR.

August 11, 20141:01 am

Talk of ceasefire evaporates, army tightens noose around separatists.


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