Sunday, Dec 21, 2014
December 21, 20143:04 am

Pakistan is the country worst affected by terrorism in the world, Aziz said.

December 20, 20149:02 pm

After the recent attack on Peshawar's school that killed 148 people, the army has escalated its offensive in the tribal region.

December 20, 20145:57 pm

NSA Sartaj Aziz said that no joint operation but only coordinated actions would be taken against militants.

December 20, 201412:33 am

Police found the bodies of the children inside a home. The victims range in age from 18 months to 15 years.

December 19, 20144:26 am

When the pictures of the terrorists were released and later shown to Ahmad, he immediately recognised those who had opened fire.

December 19, 20144:22 am

The officials believe that five of the seven militants blew themselves up inside the administration block.

December 18, 20147:07 pm

Sri Lankan troops allegedly killed about 40,000 Tamil civilians in the final months of fighting against LTTE in 2009.

December 18, 20144:50 am

Tahira Qazi, the school’s principal, was among those killed in the attack.

December 18, 20144:34 am

This is not the time to mourn; this is the time to get angry.

December 18, 20143:09 am

As security expert Brig (retd) Mehmood Shah told a meeting of political leaders in the city, the gunmen were “wild creatures”.

December 18, 20148:31 am

The group was founded in 2007 by jihadi commander Baitullah Mehsud.

December 17, 201412:49 pm

The anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death three years ago was observed by sirens ringing out across the country at noon.

December 17, 20145:49 am

Some of the gunmen also asked students to recite from the Quran before gunning them down, the Express Tribune reported.

December 17, 20147:19 am

The brutal attack by Taliban in a Peshawar school finally ended after security personnel gunned down all the terrorists.

December 17, 20142:23 am

Perpetrators of such violence, they said, have nothing to do with religion and there is no justification for the killing of children.

December 15, 20144:23 pm

A fire broke out at a karaoke bar in central China's Henan province killing 11 and injuring 24.

December 15, 20144:09 pm

China is believed to execute more people for crimes than the rest of the world combined.

December 15, 20142:45 pm

Hong Kong police tore down barricades and arrested protesters on December 15 ending demonstrations.

December 15, 20142:20 pm

"I want to boldly implement the 'Three Arrows'," Abe said.

December 15, 201411:14 am

A South Korean unit of eBay, said that sales of macadamias surged nearly 1,200% during the 5 days to Sunday.

December 15, 201410:45 am

Police had told the protesters to leave "immediately" from the short stretch of road in Causeway Bay.

December 15, 20143:04 am

Snap election - I believe public approved of two years of our ‘Abenomics’ policies, says PM

December 14, 20144:11 pm

Ghani called on all religious, political and social leaders to condemn the violence.

December 14, 20143:17 pm

Abe was echoing sentiments shared by many Japanese.

December 14, 201410:09 am

It comes at a time when the Chinese are traveling more but also becoming notorious for rough behavior.

December 14, 20143:22 pm

Abe called for the election, saying he wanted a fresh mandate for his economic program and other policies.

December 14, 20141:18 am

Artificial reproductive techniques and the budding field called ‘de-extinction’ could be the last hope of survival for the world’s most endangered mammal

December 14, 201412:41 am

Afghanistan’s Bruce Lee “reincarnation” is an Internet hit.

December 13, 20144:36 pm

Security in Kabul has been stepped up as Taliban have warned that attacks will continue.

December 13, 20144:12 pm

The protests sparked a wider political awakening among the city's residents, especially the young.

December 13, 20143:59 pm

Afridi worked with the CIA on a fake vaccination operation to confirm the location of Laden in Abbottobad.

December 13, 20142:52 pm

The two sides have agreed to resume formal talks from Sunday after they were suspended in August end.

December 14, 20143:16 pm

Hundreds have been evacuated from central Java where a flood of mud and water cascaded down a mountainside.

December 13, 201410:59 am

China marked its first national memorial day on Saturday for the Nanjing Massacre.

December 13, 201412:24 am

The PTI call to shutdown Faisalabad earlier this week ended in violence.

December 12, 20141:29 pm

Lai has been the main financial patron of the movement since Hong Kong's 1997 handover to Communist Party rulers.