Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
September 2, 20142:51 pm

The pressure specially mounted on Monday when protesters occupied the state-run television and army was called to evict them.

September 2, 201411:43 am

TEPCO, has routinely used several layers of contractors and subcontractors in the clean-up and decommissioning work at Fukushima.

September 2, 201412:05 am

Slow reforms, long absences from parliament, poor relations with the military and his powerful family have all gone against Pakistan PM.

September 1, 201410:16 pm

Peter said that the family was grateful to the Vatican for arranging a personal audience with the Pope at a short notice.

September 1, 20148:55 pm

Twelve workers were buried after the landslide with one rescued later, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

September 1, 20145:51 pm

Pro-democracy supporters chanted slogans and waved signs accusing China's central government of "breaking its promise".

September 1, 20141:20 pm
Sergey Lavrov

Representatives of Kiev, Moscow and the OSCE are to meet on Monday in Minsk.

August 31, 20145:51 pm

Pras had two buckets of ice water dumped on his head along Pyongyang's Taedong River.

August 31, 20148:13 am

The situation was very tense in the capital as a number of demonstrators refused to budge from the protest site.

August 31, 20141:14 am

A pattern of bold offensives by militants has emerged across Afghanistan in recent weeks during the summer “fighting season.”

August 31, 201412:39 am

Both Khan and Qadri have been demanding the ouster of Sharif with Khan alleging that last year's general election was rigged.

August 31, 201412:01 am

Formerly a festival for baby billionaires of the tech world, Burning Man now hosts attendees with aides, private compounds and models flown in from NY. Drugs flow as free as candy.

August 30, 20141:18 pm
In a late night development, Qadri's camp was visited by a delegation of Imran Khan's party, who convinced the Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief to delay his next move.

Developments came after direct talks between the government and protesters failed to break the deadlock.

August 30, 201412:48 pm

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack.

August 29, 201410:05 pm

Sharif said that 'neither had I asked army nor the armed forces sought a role in the present political crisis.'

August 29, 20144:22 pm

The 42-year-old company will be de-listed by the end of the year under the broad revival plan.

August 29, 20143:32 pm

Khan and Qadri had said they agreed to army chief's role as "mediator and guarantor'' in further talks with government.

August 29, 20143:26 pm

NHCR expressed dismay over Colombo's arrest and deportation of dozens of foreign asylum seekers by force.

August 29, 20141:36 pm

After meeting Gen Sharif, Khan told his weary protesters that army has become "neutral umpire" in the crisis.

August 29, 20141:05 pm

Hishammuddin said the Russian ambassador to Malaysia had assured him about Moscow's commitment to a fair and transparent investigation.

August 29, 201410:16 am

Those injured have been sent to local hospitals and are in stable condition.

August 28, 20148:48 pm

MH370 vanished during a flight that was meant to go from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing.

August 28, 20141:13 pm

It was announced on March 24 that Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

August 28, 201412:06 pm

Pakistan has swung between democracy and military rule for decades and the army's position is key to what happens next.

August 27, 20148:15 pm

The migrant workers turned violent at the factory run by a Malaysian firm JCY International.

August 27, 20144:22 pm

Sharif expressed hope that this phase will pass and Pakistan will be steered towards prosperity.

August 27, 20143:20 pm

Co-founder of al-Qaeda linked East Turkestan Islamic Movement was indoctrinated in a madarasa in Pakistan.

August 26, 20145:50 pm

The issue of recent border "skirmishes" was also a subject of discussion in the meeting, Dawn News reported.

August 25, 20141:42 am

Government representative Ahsan Iqbal said the demand for resignation of the Prime Minister was not acceptable.

August 23, 20147:23 pm

Pakistani flag currently holds the record for the world's largest human flag.

August 23, 20146:12 pm

The Sikh stowaways, aged between one and 72, were found at Tilbury docks in Essex a week ago.

August 23, 20145:48 pm

Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has been hit by several attacks since mid-June which have left scores dead.

August 23, 20142:01 pm

The members from the two sides are going to meet today again.

August 22, 20147:20 pm

Zardari's spokesman Farhatullah Babar said the two leaders on Friday talked to each other and agreed to meet on Saturday.

August 22, 20141:27 pm

The National Assembly is meeting again on Friday to discuss the prevailing political situation.

August 21, 20146:25 pm

Khan called on his supporters to expand the civil disobedience movement into all the provinces.


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