Saturday, May 30, 2015
May 30, 20155:54 pm

Friday's meeting in Bangkok was attended by representatives of 17 countries, along with the United States and Japan officials.

May 30, 20159:45 pm

Eyewitness say the quake has shaken buildings, but officials say no Tsunami threat.

May 30, 20151:10 pm
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Kim, now 79 and living in Brazil, is trying to return to his North Korean hometown, at the arrangement of a movie director who's making a documentary on him and his fellow ex-POWs.

May 30, 201512:58 pm

The first explosion was caused by a grenade near a mosque at the police compound in the Sulu provincial capital of Jolo late Friday. It was followed minutes later by a more powerful blast from a home made bomb.

May 30, 201511:14 am

The fraudsters, who owned a beef shop, were accused of injecting water into more than 100 cattle via a pipe through the animals' noses to fill their stomachs before they were slaughtered.

May 29, 20156:51 pm
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In a turnaround, Malaysia and Indonesia agreed this month to provide Rohingya with shelter for one year. It is unclear what will happen after that, they will seek help from US.

May 29, 20153:36 pm
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So far the US Navy flights have been operating out of Subang, Malaysia, while the US waited for permission from Thailand.

May 29, 20153:42 pm
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The agency raised the volcano alert level for Kuchinoerabu island, where Shindake is located, to five, the highest on its scale. Shindake also erupted in August last year.

May 29, 20153:04 pm
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Li was found by the court to have raped or sexually abused 26 girls aged from 4 to 11 when he was a teacher from 2011 to 2012.

May 29, 20156:08 pm
rohingya people, boat people, rohingya boat people, rohingya migrants, boat people migrants, rohingya muslims, asia rohingya boat people, international news, news

In the past month, more than 3,000 Rohingya muslims have landed in the three countries amid a regional crackdown.

May 29, 20158:56 am

A pyroclastic flow of super-heated gas and rock flowed down the side of the peak and reached the ocean, NHK said, but there were no immediate reports of injuries to the island's roughly 150 residents.

May 28, 20155:51 pm
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The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, told The Australian newspaper that the world cannot ignore the plight of the more than 3,000 desperate Rohingya migrants.

May 28, 20154:41 pm
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Thailand launched a crackdown on the camps, where migrants were typically held until a ransom was paid after finding at least 36 bodies on its side of the border in early May.

May 27, 20154:34 pm
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The suicide attacks came by IS just hours after the Iraqi government announced the start of a wide scale operation to recapture areas under the control of the group in Anbar.

May 27, 20153:04 pm
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Longyou court has put fine on Jinfanda Biochemicals which makes glyphostate and its considered to be the highest fine levied ever on any Manufacturer in Zhejiang province.

May 27, 20159:38 am
Singapore Airlines, Singapore flight, Singapore plane power, Singapore flight engine, Singapore Airlines engine, Singapore Airlines flight

Singapore Airlines is reviewing the incident with engine maker, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.

May 26, 20159:30 am
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In recent months China has made other claimants and their common ally the United States bristle by landfilling tiny islets, a way to extend its reach.

May 26, 20159:08 am
China fire, China care home fire, China old age home, Pingdingshan fire, fire in China, China fire death toll, China news, world news

Search and rescue operations were continuing, Xinhua said, and the cause of the fire remained unclear.

May 25, 20151:00 pm

The quake was centered in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture, a state northwest of Tokyo, and 50 kilometers below ground level.

May 25, 20159:31 am

So far, nearly 3,100 Rohingya and Bangladeshis have landed in three Southeast Asian countries, according to the International Organization for Migration.

May 24, 201511:43 am
Taliban assault, Afghan police officers killed, Mohammad Ismail Hotaki, Sangin district, international news, news, afghanistan

The director of Helmand province's Joint Coordination Office, says Taliban fighters attacked 10 police checkpoints in the province's Sangin district.

May 24, 20154:55 pm

Police discovered 30 large graves containing the remains of hundreds of people in two places in the northern state of Perlis, which borders Thailand.

May 24, 201510:49 am

The group of 30 women from 15 countries made a final appeal to authorities on both sides to allow them to walk across the demarcation line, but were turned down.

May 24, 20159:15 am
Gen. Prayuth Chan ocha , Thai coup, Thailand, international news, news, superficial calm, superficial calm

The military can boast that it has restored stability and kept this Southeast Asian nation calm. But the bitter societal fissures that helped trigger the putsch are still simmering below the surface, unresolved.

May 24, 20156:05 am
Islamic state, ISIS,

The latest publication of the propaganda magazine Dabiq claims that the group has threatened the modern world that it would intensify its brand of violence in less than 12 months.

May 23, 20154:40 pm
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Mohammad Ismail Haqyar, district chief of Charcheno, along with his bodyguard were killed while they were on their way to their office.

May 23, 20154:24 pm
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UN Secretary-General discussing the emergency with Southeast Asian nations urged them to provide search and rescue operations and options for resettlement to the Rohingya migrants.

May 23, 201510:41 am

The group of 30 women, led by American feminist Gloria Steinem, are scheduled to cross the demilitarised zone (DMZ) dividing North and South Korea on Sunday to promote peace and reconciliation.

May 22, 201511:55 am
South korea, Cho Hyun-ah,Cho's actions, Seoul High Court, Nut rage, former Korean Air executive, December arrest, international news, news

The upper court sentenced Cho Hyun-ah to 10 months in prison and then suspended the sentence for two years.

May 22, 201512:20 pm
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The Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank posted more videos on Thursday of the aerial patrol above the Spratly island chain which it said had been released by the US Navy.

May 21, 20155:55 pm
Malaysia , Rohingya Boat, Malaysia Rohingya boat, Rohingya immigrants, Rohingya boat missing, Rohingya news, Malaysia news, World news

The UN refugee agency believes that more than 3,000 could still be at sea, although some activists put the number at 6,000.

May 21, 20151:43 pm

WAZA characterized the Taiji hunt as "cruel," and decided that none of its members should acquire dolphins in such a way.

May 21, 20159:19 am
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Osama bin Laden's aides tried to reunite him with a beloved son Hamza before the US operation in Abbottabad.

May 21, 20158:26 am

Aid groups say thousands more are stranded at sea after human smugglers abandoned their boats because of a crackdown by authorities.

May 20, 20158:42 pm
China President, XI Jinping, Humorous photo, Chinese artist, Dai Jianyong, eclectic photos , international news, news, china news

Chinese leader, Xi Jinping warns, religions in china regarding the independence from foreign influence.

May 20, 20152:43 pm
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The driver had veered off the road and struck two border policemen, before being shot dead by a third.