Sunday, Apr 26, 2015
April 25, 20156:09 pm
Nepal, Nepal earthquake, earthquake nepal, earthquake, Nepal earthquake deaths, deaths Nepal earthquake, World News

74 casualties reported after the biggest earthquake in 80 years hits Nepal and neighbouring countries.

April 25, 20158:48 pm

Nepal's Home Ministry could only confirm 10 deaths, but admitted death toll could rise.

April 25, 20156:11 pm
Nepal, Nepal earthquake, earthquake nepal, earthquake, India earthquake, earthquake india, China earthquake, Pakistan Earthquake, Asia Earthquake, Asia news, World News

Massive earthquake hits across countries. Nepal, India, Pakistan, China all experience tremors.

April 23, 201512:02 pm

The losses suffered by militants may increase as the details of attack are still coming.

April 22, 20154:43 pm
Two years after taking charge of the ruling Communist Party, Xi is considered the most commanding Chinese leader since Deng Xiaoping at the height of his powers in the 1980s (Source:AP)

Evidence of the ink attack was quickly cleaned up, and order was rapidly restored on the square.

April 22, 20151:33 pm
FILE - In this June 27, 2013 file photo, a freighter, left in foreground, carrying MOX, a mixture of uranium and plutonium oxide, arrives at the Takahama nuclear power station in Takahama town in Fukui prefecture, northwestern Japan, when the power plant received the first shipment of reprocessed nuclear reactor fuel from France since the 2011 Fukushima disaster that forced it to shut down reactors, hoping to use the fuel once they get the go-ahead to restart their reactors. (AP Photo)

The government respects the decision made by the Nuclear Regulation Authority to resume plants that it considers meet safety standards: govt

April 22, 201512:48 pm
nawaz sharif, pakistan, saudi arabia

Sharif is expected to meet King Salman, who, according to sources, had refused to meet the younger Sharif last week.

April 22, 20151:29 pm
Afghanistan Taliban abducts 19 de-miners.

It will be the first fighting season in which Afghan security forces will battle the insurgents without the full support of NATO.

April 22, 201510:47 am

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam outlined the reform package's details on Wednesday to lawmakers.

April 22, 201510:12 am
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The police are investigating the possibility it had crashed during a flight.

April 22, 201510:43 am
Malaysia Najib Razak

Malaysia toughened its colonial-era Sedition law earlier this month.

April 22, 20159:48 am

The DMZ is considered the world's most fortified border, separating the two Koreas still technically at war.

April 22, 20159:14 am

Critics are skeptical that salvaging the ship will provide new revelations and find the missing.

April 21, 20157:05 pm

JR Central said the train rOperator eached 603 kph in a test run on Tuesday, surpassing its previous record of 580 kph.

April 21, 20153:22 pm
Japan, japan war shrine, hinzo abe, shinzo abe war shrine, japan war shrine controversy, war shrine shinzo abe, abe war shtine, war shrine abe, world news

Previous visits and offerings to the controversial Yasukuni shrine have drawn sharp rebukes from China and South Korea.

April 21, 20153:08 pm
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The award was given for Xi's outstanding contribution in promotion of China's relationship with Pakistan.

April 21, 20152:42 pm
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Former Pakistan diplomat warned that American weapons will end up being used to fight or menace India, not deployed against Jihadists.

April 21, 20151:32 pm
Afghanistan, Kandahar, Kandahar blast, Kandahar police station blast, Taliban, afghanistan taliban, Kandahar bomb, afghanistan bomb attack, afghanistan bomb, World News

Bomb in police station kills 3 in Kandahar province of Afghanistan; Taliban likely responsible.

April 21, 201512:07 pm

Many Hong Kongers say they feel more alienated and less trusting than ever of the central Chinese government.

April 21, 201511:48 am
Xi Jinping, Nawaz Sharif

Chinese President Xi Jinping applauded and vowed to stand by Pakistan's anti-terrorism efforts.

April 21, 201510:04 am

Lee Wan Koo has been at the center of a corruption scandal that flared after a businessman killed himself earlier this month.

April 20, 20152:14 pm
Taliban, Afghanistan, Taliban kidnappings, Taliban kidnaps workers, taliban aghanistan, afghanistan taliban, taliban abductions, taliban abducts de-miners, World News

Afghanistan Taliban militants abduct 19 working on land mine clearance in an eastern province.

April 20, 20151:30 pm

"We have compelling reasons to raise our voice to tell the whole world the adverse effects of China's aggressiveness," said Philippines.

April 20, 201512:05 pm

3 people were wounded when a suicide bomber struck the gate of the compound in Lashkar Gah late Sunday: police

April 17, 20157:05 pm
China, China Border, Vietnam, Vietnam border, Chinese-Vietnamese border, terrorists, terrorists killed Chinese-Vietnamese border, Asia news

Chinese authorities and state media say two terrorism suspects have been killed near the Chinese-Vietnamese border...

April 17, 20153:51 pm

The assets reference was initiated against Zardari and Bhutto in 2001 but its hearing adjourned indefinitely in 2010.

April 17, 20155:03 pm

Islamic State's Pakistan chief when a roadside bomb he was planting went off.

April 17, 20151:35 pm
South China Sea, China, Spratly Islands, China Spratly Islands, Spratly Islands China, South Sea China, Asia trade, Asia ship trade, World News

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said China's movement in the South sea is of global concern because it'll hit trade.

April 18, 20158:40 am
China, South China Sea, South Sea China, Spartly Islands China south sea, china military, China defense, china infrastructure, World News

Recent images show China acquiring an airstrip on a trade route through which $5 trillion trade passes every year.

April 17, 20154:36 pm
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The 71-year-old journalist, Gao Yu, denied the charges.

April 16, 20157:17 pm
Vietnamese fighter jets, Vietnamese fighter jet collision, Vietnamese fighter jets crash, Sukhoi Su-22, Sukhoi Su-22 crash, Vietnam training exercise, South China Sea, South China Sea crash,

Two Vietnamese fighter jets crashed into each other during a training exercise over the contested South China Sea on Thursday...

April 16, 20155:27 pm

"We are confident we have the best search equipment ... if the plane is in the area we will find it.," said Warren Truss.

April 17, 20157:14 am

The agreement was reached during a meeting in Moscow between Pak Defence Min and his Russian counterpart.

April 15, 20155:01 pm
China, South China Sea, South Sea China, Spartly Islands China south sea, china military, China defense, china infrastructure, World News

Philippines seeks "substantive" support from its long-time security ally US to counter China's rapid expansion.

April 14, 20154:47 pm
China claims virtually the whole South China Sea.  (Source: Reuters)

The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have overlapping claims over the region.

April 14, 20151:51 pm
Japan Nuclear

The Fukui District Court ordered the operator not to restart the reactors at the plant, rejecting regulators' safety approval for the facility.