Sunday, Sep 21, 2014
September 20, 20147:29 pm

The worst-hit area was the mountain village of Luayon where some 45 houses were damaged and 15 destroyed.

September 19, 20142:34 pm

The meeting is expected to discuss regional issues such as terrorism, drug and human trafficking and cyber crime.

September 18, 20143:19 pm

Syria's civil war has killed at least 190,000 people, according to the U.N.

September 17, 20148:14 pm

With Imran stepping up pressure on the government, Qadri also reiterated PAT's demand for Sharif's resignation.

September 17, 20143:01 pm

The Tribunal's ruling triggered the deadliest political violence in the country's history.

September 16, 20141:07 pm

There were 44 reports of fallen trees and some parts of the city were flooded, but no reports of landslides.

September 16, 201410:39 am

Taliban insurgents have been exploiting the uncertainty, launching bombings and attacks on government officials across the country.

September 16, 201410:03 am

The Japanese said there was no danger of a tsunami from the tremor.

September 15, 20145:31 pm

They decided to step up collaboration in the economic sector, science and technology, culture and people-to-people links.

September 15, 20143:37 pm

Typhoon Kalmaegi was over the South China Sea some 372 kilometers (231 miles) west of northwestern Laoag city before noon.

September 15, 201412:46 pm

The spokesman said that Khan's supporters were arrested for violating section 144 which was imposed in the capital.

September 15, 201411:58 am

The money would be made available by blocking for a second year running transfers of funds from the federal budget into the Pension Fund.

September 15, 201410:38 am

China's meteorological center forecast heavy rain would continue in southwest and central China until Monday afternoon.

September 14, 20147:43 pm

Matthew Miller tore up his tourist visa at Pyongyang's airport upon arrival and admitted to having the "wild ambition'' of experiencing prison life in North Korea.

September 14, 20147:01 pm

The boat was carrying a wedding party when it met with the accident.

September 13, 20145:15 pm

Qadri alleged that PML-N government has launched a crackdown on their supporters.

September 13, 20143:41 pm

The city of Multan has been saved after officials created several breaches in the protective embankments to divert the floods.

September 13, 201412:41 pm

Vladimir Putin wants another frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine, says Yatseniuk.

September 13, 201412:47 pm

China's leaders have vowed to strike hard at religious militants and separatist groups.

September 12, 20147:15 pm

The EU measures, details of which were released on Friday after a preliminary agreement on Thursday.

September 11, 20148:47 pm

China said in the past a number of Uygur Islamic militants from the volatile Xinjiang province went to Syria to fight by joining IS forces.

September 11, 20146:39 pm

The rights activist was found guilty on Thursday of disturbing public order.

September 11, 20145:48 pm

Police said an unknown number of suspected insurgents first opened fire today in front of the Makrud Municipality building.

September 11, 20145:14 pm

The army is using helicopters and boats to save lives and provide food to the people.

September 11, 20143:35 pm
Asia Arm Buildup

Several Asian nations are arming up, their wary eyes fixed squarely on one country: a resurgent China.

September 11, 20145:04 pm

An unprecedented number of people have been charged with lese majeste offences since the coup, Amnesty said.

September 10, 20143:52 pm

Life-size cardboard cutouts are being distributed to churches, schools and malls in the Philippine capital to generate "papal fever".

September 10, 20143:16 pm

Lo Chi-cheng was convicted of selling classified information to China multiple times between 2007 and 2010 in return for about USD 250,000.

September 10, 201411:06 am

Indonesia's Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency said that there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

September 7, 20142:03 pm

Kwon Ri-sae, 23, died Sunday morning at a hospital in Suwon, just south of Seoul.

September 7, 20141:33 pm

Miller was arrested in April after Pyongyang said he ripped up his visa at immigration and demanded asylum.

September 7, 20142:47 pm

Some IS graffiti also appeared on walls of buildings in Srinagar.

September 6, 20146:39 pm

On Thursday, another Sikh man was stabbed to death by unidentified attackers in northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

September 6, 20145:28 pm

The online ad placed by China's 1,500-year-old Shaolin temple has drawn a brisk response.

September 6, 20142:56 pm

President Putin last year ordered the military to return to a base on the far-Northern New Siberian Islands.

September 6, 20144:45 pm

The downpour started on Wednesday and has since continued to lash certain parts of the country.


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