Friday, Nov 28, 2014
November 27, 201412:24 pm

The inmates had been protesting over what they said was inhumane treatment by prison officials, said sources.

November 27, 201411:55 am

Well-known figures have signed under the Twitter hashtags #NotOneDime and #BlackoutBlackFriday.

November 27, 201411:31 am

The case has triggered debates in US over the relationship between black communities and law enforcement.

November 27, 20147:24 pm

What is striking about the video police showed Wednesday is the speed at which the shooting occurred.

November 27, 20142:51 pm

With freezing weather hitting much of the nation, demonstrations around US dwindled on Wednesday.

November 26, 20142:45 pm

Wilson defended his actions, insisting that he couldn't have done anything differently.

November 25, 20141:21 pm

A look at some of the likely next steps in Ferguson.

November 25, 201412:05 pm

A timeline of key events following the fatal police shooting of a black 18-year-old in Ferguson.

November 25, 201411:12 am

They led marches, waved signs and shouted chants of "Hands Up! Don't Shoot.

November 25, 20143:44 pm

Thousands of people protested in U.S. cities including Los Angeles and New York against the verdict.

November 26, 20149:33 am

Obama said it was understandable that some Americans "would be angered" that police officer Darren Wilson wasn't indicted.

November 25, 201411:01 am

A grand jury decided not to indict a Ferguson police officer in the death of Michael Brown.

November 25, 20145:54 pm

Hagel was planning to call his new Indian counterpart this week.

November 24, 20143:29 pm

The two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.

November 24, 20142:26 pm

The incident reignited debate over how police deal with young black men, and the racial tensions in US.

November 22, 201411:51 am
Barack Obama

Obama's new executive order could benefit some 600,000 of the estimated 1.5 million unauthorized Asians in the US.

November 21, 20149:59 pm

Raphel considered one of the leading American experts on Pakistan, was stripped of her security clearances last month.

November 21, 201411:20 am

US on Friday said it is looking forward to India's leadership and its continued participation in regional security.

November 21, 20144:46 am

Immigrants from the three countries at the center of West Africa's Ebola crisis are being offered work permits.

November 21, 201411:37 am
Barack Obama

Barack Obama was poised to announce executive action to protect nearly 5 million immigrants from deportation.

November 21, 20143:55 am
Wintry Weather New York

Roofs began to creak and collapse under the weight as another storm added to epic snowfall in New York state.

November 21, 20143:44 am
Guantanamo Prison Protest

Five prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay as part of a renewed effort to close the detention center.

November 21, 20143:38 am
Matthew Shepard Memorial Bench

Parents of a gay US student tortured and murdered in 1998 are traveling to Russia to spread message of tolerance.

November 21, 201412:43 am

US is promoting entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa as a way to create jobs and counter extremism.

November 21, 201412:36 am

Seven Harvard students filed a lawsuit asking a judge to force the university to divest from fossil fuel companies.

November 20, 201411:38 pm

Colombian cops no longer have to wait until they reach the top ranks to grow a moustache.

November 20, 20144:26 pm
Barack Obama

Harry Reid said Obama's executive actions will give illegal immigrants a line to come forward and get in the system.

November 20, 20144:07 pm

The one-week snow totals for the Buffalo area was expected to approach the average snowfall for an entire year: close to 8 feet.

November 20, 20142:31 pm

It was not immediately known if the wounded were shot by the suspected gunman.

November 20, 20145:07 am
Gay Marriage Wyoming

A federal judge in Montana on Wednesday overturned the state's gay marriage ban.

November 20, 20144:06 am
Guantanamo Prison Protest

American Nurses Association has urged America not to punish the objecting Guantanamo nurse.

November 20, 20143:07 am

A woman charged with lying to investigators about supporting the Islamic State militant group will remain in jail.

November 19, 201411:56 pm
Ebola Q&A

A US health official says the worst-case scenario forecast for the Ebola epidemic in West Africa won't happen.

November 19, 201411:25 pm
Gun Initiative Sandy Hook

A museum in Washington state is removing World War II-era weapons from an exhibit to avoid violating a new law.

November 19, 20144:24 pm

Authorities said snow totals could top 6 feet in south of Buffalo, with another storm expected Thursday.

November 19, 20146:06 am
Brittany Maynard, Debbie Ziegler

Mother of a right-to-die advocate responded angrily to criticism from the Vatican of Brittany Maynard's decision.