Thursday, Oct 30, 2014
October 31, 20143:52 am
Wrongful Conviction Illinois

A prisoner whose confession helped free a death row inmate was released after he recanted.

October 31, 20143:42 am
Lazaro Allegue

For two days, Lazaro Allegue has scoured the waters of Miami's Biscayne Bay in search of his son.

October 31, 20143:27 am
Kaci Hickox

A nurse defied Maine's voluntary quarantine for health care workers, leaving her home Thursday for a bike ride.

October 31, 20141:54 am
Ebola Q&A

NYC's disease detectives were off and running the moment call came in from a doctor who suspected he had Ebola.

October 31, 20141:34 am

The US is not sufficiently committing the resources it should contribute to the world, says John Kerry.

October 31, 20141:24 am
Wichita Airport

Four people were killed today when a small plane lost power after takeoff and crashed into a building.

October 31, 20141:03 am
APTOPIX Hawaii Volcano

A contingent of National Guard troops was dispatched to Hawaii to provide security to the Big Island community.

October 31, 201412:52 am
Jeffrey Fowle

An Ohio city agreed to rehire an American, Jeffrey Fowle, who was arrested and detained in North Korea.

October 31, 201412:09 am
Photo of cat. *** Local Caption *** Photo of cat. Express archive photo

A US family is facing cruelty charges after 150 cats were found living in the walls and rooms of a rural home.

October 30, 20144:05 pm

The operation was ordered by President Barack Obama after the CIA traced Bin Laden's courier to the high-walled compound.

October 30, 20146:38 am
Islamic State Colorado

The journey of three girls who authorities say tried to join ISIS militants has many worried.

October 30, 20144:57 am

Officials say until a judge signs off on an order they don't have authority to prevent a nurse from leaving home.

October 30, 20144:35 am
Canada Shooting

The move is likely to irritate Beijing just days before Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to visit.

October 30, 20143:58 am
APTOPIX Hawaii Volcano

Rain fell on Wednesday on a red-hot river of lava creeping closer to homes and a main road.

October 30, 20143:52 am

A man who authorities say told people he wanted to fly bombs on remote-controlled planes has been sentenced.

October 30, 20143:44 am

A video featuring a woman who is harassed while walking through New York Street has gone viral, with over 8.7 million likes within two days after it was posted on YouTube. The video starts with the woman adjusting a hidden camera to record the reactions of people as she walks across the streets of the […]

October 30, 20143:23 am
Liberia West Africa

The rate of new Ebola infections in Liberia appears to be declining and could represent a genuine trend, says WHO.

October 30, 20143:09 am
Rethinking Pot Nation's Capital

Here’s a look at the status of marijuana laws in some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. ARGENTINA: Personal possession of marijuana was decriminalised under a 2009 Supreme Court ruling that jail time for small amounts of drugs violates Argentina’s constitution. Although the ruling only referred to pot, in practice it extended to most […]

October 30, 20143:12 am
Chile Medical Marijuana

A Chilean municipality planted the country's first medical marijuana on Wednesday as part of a pilot program.

October 30, 20142:00 am
Washington School Shooting

Latest school shooting claimed lives of two students and the teenage shooter less than two weeks before elections.

October 30, 20141:48 am

Ed Rendell is blaming himself for a flap that led to a song being scrapped from a program honoring Malala.

October 30, 201412:07 am
Chuck Hagel

US troops returning from Ebola response missions in West Africa will be placed in supervised isolation for 21 days.

October 29, 20143:31 pm

The Islamic State group has seized about a third of Iraq and Syrian territory and is terrorising civilians.

October 29, 20146:06 am

A former gang member has been put to death for the fatal shootings of three rivals 14 years ago in San Antonio.

October 29, 20145:54 am

One girl who authorities say tried to join Islamic State militants was confused about what her role would be.

October 29, 20145:26 am
APTOPIX Space Station

An unmanned commercial supply ship bound for the International Space Station exploded moments after liftoff.

October 29, 20143:52 am
APTOPIX Hawaii Volcano

A river of asphalt-black lava was within meters of a home in a Big Island community on Tuesday, after weeks of slow, stop-and-go movement. The lava crackled and smoked as it advanced toward the two-story structure in Pahoa Village, smothering an expanse of vegetation. Residents of the small town have had weeks to prepare for […]

October 29, 20143:35 am
Officers Shot Sacramento

Prosecutors filed murder charges against two Utah residents in the slayings of two California sheriff's deputies.

October 29, 20142:50 am
Manuel Noriega

Disgraced Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega's lawsuit over his inclusion in a video game has been dismissed.

October 29, 20142:39 am

The US Coast Guard searched for two missing Cubans after 11 others on their homemade vessel were plucked safely.

October 29, 20141:59 am
George Bush

George W Bush will be back in the public eye as he promotes "41," his upcoming book about his father.

October 29, 20141:46 am
Barack Obama

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the United States can't be seen as shying away from battle against Ebola.

October 29, 20141:05 am
Nathan Cirillo; Kathy Cirillo

Thousands of mourners lined the streets of the Canadian city of Hamilton for the funeral of the killed soldier.

October 29, 201412:58 am

A group of Democrats has called on President Barack Obama to suspend deportations of Central American families.

October 29, 201412:14 am
Amber Vinson

Amber Vinson, a nurse who fueled Ebola fears by flying to Cleveland after being infected, is now virus-free.

October 27, 20142:21 pm

Twenty-one days is the incubation period for Ebola.