Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
October 26, 201412:29 am
Gay Marriage Wyoming

The US government announced on Saturday it would recognise same sex marriages in six more states, following an earlier Supreme Court decision not to take up the debate. The announcement from Attorney General Eric Holder means gay and lesbian married couples in those states will have the same legal rights and federal benefits as heterosexual […]

October 25, 201411:27 pm
Washington School Shooting

A high school worker tried to stop a gunman who opened fire on a crowded lunchroom, killing one girl.

October 25, 20146:06 am
Officer Shot Sacramento

A suspect was arrested Friday afternoon after two sheriff's deputies were killed during a series of shootings.

October 25, 20145:45 am
Barack Obama, Nina Pham

A nurse who caught Ebola while caring for a Dallas patient who died of the disease walked out of a Washington-area hospital virus-free Friday and into open arms. Nina Pham got a hug from President Barack Obama in the Oval Office at the White House. And outside the hospital where she had been since last […]

October 25, 20145:11 am

The governors of New Jersey and New York say they're issuing a mandatory quarantine for travelers.

October 25, 20144:45 am
Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed

A man admitted driving a car onto Oklahoma's state Capitol grounds overnight and into a disputed granite monument.

October 25, 20143:56 am

A Virginia medical examiner has identified human remains found last week as those of missing student.

October 25, 20142:08 am
Canada Shooting

The gunman who shot and killed a soldier once complained that a Vancouver mosque he attended was too liberal.

October 25, 20141:43 am

An American doctor, who became the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in New York, is in stable condition.

October 25, 20141:20 am
Ebola NYC Doctor

Craig Spencer, a Doctors Without Borders physician, tested positive for the Ebola virus.

October 25, 201410:11 am

According to CNN, the shooter used the gun of his father. It is a "high capacity" weapon, the channel reported.

October 24, 201411:50 pm
Canada Shooting

A gunman who stormed Canada's parliament after killing a soldier at a nearby war memorial was a petty criminal.

October 24, 201410:40 pm
John Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday that it was too early to discuss cutting the number of US troops stationed in Asia and South Korea, amid increased tensions on the heavily guarded peninsula. The top US diplomat insisted before any such moves could happen North Korea must first show a serious commitment to […]

October 24, 20145:10 pm

Peru's electoral law allows for tied races to be decided by a coin toss.

October 24, 201412:41 pm

The first person diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil flew from Liberia to Texas and later died in a Dallas hospital.

October 23, 20146:52 pm

Canadian police has now conceded that there was just one gunman in Ottawa attack.

October 23, 201410:18 am

President Barack Obama condemned the shootings in Canada as "outrageous acts."

October 23, 20146:28 am

US President Barack Obama greeted Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists across the world on the occasion of Diwali.

October 23, 20145:14 am

The White House has cautioned against making assumptions about Obama's changes to US immigration rules.

October 23, 20144:11 am

All travelers who come into the US from three Ebola-stricken West African nations will now be monitored.

October 23, 20143:11 am
Financial Markets Wall Street Earns Goldman

Goldman Sachs attacked expert evidence offered by attorneys for ex-female employees in a sex discrimination lawsuit.

October 23, 20142:55 am

US health officials are setting up a network of about 20 go-to hospitals to handle the care of an Ebola patient.

October 23, 20141:56 am
Jeffrey Fowle

The American was arrested and held for nearly six months in North Korea for leaving a Bible at a nightclub.

October 23, 20141:34 am
APTOPIX Canada Shooting

US and Canadian put their air defence on heightened alert following a shooting in Canada's parliament.

October 23, 201412:51 am

Mexico says 19 suspects died in three nearly simultaneous confrontations just across the border from Texas.

October 22, 20146:29 pm

An American man, who was detained by North Korea, had a teary reunion with his family in Ohio, USA.

October 22, 20142:42 pm

Instead of finding the 43, authorities are asking "Who are the 28?"

October 22, 20144:11 pm

A young woman was voting next to Obama when her boyfriend decided to make a wise crack.

October 22, 20145:04 am
Ashoka Mukpo

An Omaha hospital says an American video journalist is free of Ebola and will be released soon. The Nebraska Medical Center said Tuesday afternoon that Ashoka Mukpo’s blood tested negative for the virus. He will be allowed to leave a biocontainment unit Wednesday. Mukpo said in a statement that recovering from Ebola “is a truly […]

October 22, 20144:54 am

Eighty-eight former students were sexually molested by a Franciscan friar who worked as an athletic trainer.

October 22, 20143:54 am

A mentally ill British man accused of trying to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon has pleaded not guilty.

October 22, 20143:22 am

FBI is investigating the possibility that three girls were trying to travel to Syria to join ISIS extremists.

October 22, 20142:58 am
Mideast Iraq

Senior US officials are considering an Iraqi request for more American military advisers.

October 22, 20142:37 am

The United States issued stringent new protocols on Monday for health workers treating Ebola victims, directing medical teams to wear protective gear that leaves no skin or hair exposed to prevent medical workers from becoming infected. The new guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta come as 43 people who were […]

October 22, 20141:18 am
Mideast Syria Assad's Pivot

The Pentagon said that US air strikes has helped to keep Islamic State militants from taking Kobani.

October 22, 201412:51 am

On Thursday, most of North America will have prime viewing of a partial solar eclipse.