Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
October 19, 20145:35 am
John Kerry, Yang Jiechi

The US and China pledged Saturday to overcome mistrust, manage their differences and cooperate.

October 19, 20144:58 am
World Trade Center Church

Hundreds of members of New York's Greek Orthodox community attended the blessing ceremony for the new church.

October 19, 20143:55 am
Mideast Libya

This came as fighting raged between Islamist militias and forces loyal to Libya's elected government.

October 19, 20143:37 am
Italy Ebola

Response in monitoring movement of workers who care for Texas patients with Ebola has been inconsistent.

October 19, 20142:56 am
Josephus Weeks

Thomas Eric Duncan was remembered Saturday as a big-hearted and compassionate man.

October 19, 20142:44 am
FBI Director Beheadings

A video showing James Foley's killing at the hands of Islamic State extremists was posted on the Internet in August.

October 19, 20141:32 am
John Kerry

Congratulating Iraq, US Secretary of State John Kerry said it was a "very positive step forward".

October 19, 20141:19 am

Hungary has no plans to investigate corruption allegations which have resulted in entry bans.

October 19, 20145:49 am
Tropical Weather-Hawaii

Hurricane Ana was carving a path south of Hawaii early Saturday, producing high waves, strong winds.

October 19, 201412:10 am

Papers of Nobel laureate Toni Morrison are now part of the permanent library collection of Princeton University.

October 18, 201411:26 pm
Indian Schools

Federally owned schools for Native Americans on reservations are marked by remoteness and extreme poverty.

October 18, 201411:54 am

The World Health Organization admitted making mistakes in failing to contain the outbreak still spreading out of control in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

October 17, 20142:36 pm

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, at the joint conference with Kirby, said the US is working with European leaders on de-legitimising the Islamic State.

October 16, 201412:03 pm

The nurses' cases have brought new scrutiny to national Ebola protocols that had never before been put to the test at a general hospital.

October 16, 20141:32 pm

Obama also sought to ease growing anxiety and fears in the U.S. in the aftermath of a second nurse being diagnosed with Ebola.

October 16, 20148:55 am

"Essentially any hospital in the country can take care of Ebola. You don't need a special hospital room to do it," Dr. Tom Frieden.

October 15, 20141:49 pm

The option of freezing their eggs would give women the flexibility to put their fertility on hold while focussing on their careers.

October 14, 20144:29 pm

Jessica said she was speaking as the head of the Cantlie family because her father, Paul, was terminally ill.

October 14, 20141:28 pm

Time said it compiled its list of 25 teens - 29, counting accolades shared by siblings and partners.

October 14, 20141:11 pm

Nurse Nina Pham was among about 70 staff members at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan.

October 14, 201411:58 am

Arab nations including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates would also participate in the meeting.

October 13, 20141:07 pm

The infected woman was among caregivers for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died on Wednesday at a Texas hospital.

October 11, 201410:09 am

The boy's father and grandfather said they threw a camera bag and an empty water hose spool at the animals, causing them to drop the child,

October 10, 201412:15 pm

"This here was racial profiling turned deadly,'' state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed said at a news conference Thursday.

October 10, 201411:51 am

Police say the officer who killed Myers was returning fire, but Myers' parents say he was unarmed.

October 9, 20149:58 am

US President Barack Obama has pledged to destroy IS and also to keep US ground forces out of combat.

October 9, 20149:35 am

The patient initially sought treatment two days before being admitted, but was sent home with antibiotics.

October 9, 201412:01 pm

The fact is more countries can and must step up in order to make their contributions felt, and this chart tells the story.

October 8, 201412:25 pm

Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam declined late Tuesday to speculate on any link between the speech and the violence.

October 8, 201411:20 am

The motion authorizes air strikes in Iraq for up to six months and explicitly states that no ground troops be used in combat operations.

October 7, 20141:05 pm

The newly created preventative unit of the federal police was tasked with keeping order in Iguala.

October 7, 201412:16 pm

US Central Command said that the Navy has dropped roughly 185 munitions, including 47 cruise missiles launched from ships in the region.

October 7, 201411:14 am

Mohammed Hamzah Khan was arrested at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on October 4.

October 7, 201411:19 am

Earnest was responding to questions about the statement made by Netanyahu in an interview over the weekend.

October 6, 20143:14 pm

A year after a spasm of huge anti-government protests across Brazil, Dilma Rousseff piled up more votes than any challenger.

October 6, 20144:12 pm

The chief prosecutor of violence-plagued Guerrero state said it would take at least 15 days to identify the 28 bodies in the grave.


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