Thursday, Sep 18, 2014
September 18, 201411:19 am

The military action will end only when they have ended the capacity of ISIL to engage in broad-based terrorist activity.

September 18, 201410:58 am

IS in Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan have made Aafia Siddiqui's release a condition for freeing certain foreign hostages.

September 18, 20142:19 am

Obama's message came a day after knowing about a possibility of some ground forces during congressional testimony that worried some Democrats.

September 17, 20141:06 am

President Obama has repeatedly ruled out any combat forces in Iraq

September 16, 20149:16 am

The Obama administration says the training operation is needed to establish credible, local ground forces to accompany U.S. air strikes.

September 15, 201412:30 pm

The blaze prompted authorities to evacuate about 1,000 residents out of 400 homes.

September 15, 201411:08 am

Beauty-obsessed Venezuelans face a scarcity of brand-name breast implants.

September 13, 20149:07 am

The job will require a balancing act that will be familiar ground to the retired four-star Marine officer.

September 12, 20149:08 pm

Officials say other aircraft still in the air in the vicinity were safely recovered.

September 12, 20141:25 pm

If found guilty, Robert face a fine of USD 250,000 and imprisonment up to 20 years.

September 12, 201411:56 am

The ultimate aspiration of al-Qaeda was always the formation of an Islamic caliphate.

September 12, 201410:21 am

The state Department of Children and Families said yesterday children who were living at the home are in state custody.

September 11, 20144:11 pm

This year, Obama's rhetoric of remembrance is circling back to earlier days and striking a less triumphant tone.

September 11, 201410:09 am

Barack Obama said the US will continue to draw on its substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks.

September 10, 20146:37 pm

W0855 was first seen by NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Explorer mission and published earlier this year.

September 10, 20149:59 am

Obama met a group of Congressional leadership ahead of his address to the nation.

September 9, 20143:30 pm

The virus can cause mild coldlike symptoms including runny noses, coughing and wheezing.

September 8, 20141:36 pm

Rescue team official Gustavo Ortega said eight passengers and two crew died on impact after Saturday's crash, minutes after takeoff.

September 8, 201410:38 am

Bergen said that ISIS is more successful than Al-Qaeda in terms of getting territory, money, fighters and establishing a foothold in Middle East.

September 8, 20149:14 am

Obama said the entire international community understands that ISIS was something that has to be dealt with.

September 7, 20142:12 pm

It is the first time that Washington has carried out air strikes in support of Sunni Arab tribal militia.

September 7, 20148:56 pm

The SEAL who took down bin Laden wore the shirt as he killed the then al-Qaeda chief.

September 7, 201412:26 am

The new film by Waltz With Bashir’s Ari Folman depicts a dystopian Hollywood, with a studio creating an actress who is brilliant every time.

September 5, 201410:43 am

Both the protesting groups in Pakistan are seeking re-elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Sharif.

September 5, 201410:55 am

After the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, co-operation between US and India on counter-terrorism issues has increased significantly.

September 3, 20144:48 pm

Obama vowed the U.S. would not forget the "terrible crime against these two fine young men."

September 3, 20148:12 am

American officials said the autheticity of the video is being checked by the US intelligence.

September 2, 20143:04 pm

President Obama and his administration have begun preparations for welcoming Modi to the White House.

September 2, 20141:45 pm

Intelligence and security services suspect that around 500 Britons have gone to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq.

September 2, 20144:27 pm
Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said US military forces have carried out an operation against Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab militants in Somalia.

The Shebab are fighting to topple Somalia's internationally-backed government.

August 31, 20144:18 pm

So far the US has conducted a total of 115 airstrikes across Iraq.

August 30, 20142:40 pm

Clinton said that it has been a "privilege" for her to work at the network.

August 30, 20144:04 pm

Leaders of the NATO countries would respond to Russian actions in Ukraine by providing security assistance.

August 30, 201410:49 am

Obama said people are feeling anxious these days 'if you watch' the nightly news.

August 30, 201410:33 am

Dr. Abadi reviewed with Biden his efforts to form a government prepared to address the needs of Iraqis.

August 30, 20149:56 am
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in an op-ed in The New York Times wrote that air strikes alone will not defeat
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. (Source: PTI)

Kerry said they will build a broad coalition and highlight the danger posed by foreign terrorist fighters.


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