Wednesday, May 27, 2015
May 27, 20158:46 pm

U.S. officials are pressing countries such as Germany that have strong economies and finances to invest more and stimulate their economies.

May 27, 20156:27 pm
World hunger, World poverty, United nations, UN MDGs, UN news, world news, Millennium Development Goals,

The agencies said improved agricultural productivity, and better social protection measures like food vouchers or school meal programs had had the most impact in reducing hunger.

May 27, 20156:21 pm
Bangladesh trafficiking, bangladesh news, bangladesh migrants, Sheikh Hasina, bangladesh border trafficking, asia news, world news

At a makeshift landing station on the Bay of Bengal, 19-year-old Mohammed Rubel described how traffickers transported the terrified migrants to the large boats that carry them out to sea.

May 27, 20154:49 pm
UK, England, Britain, sting operation, sting, lobbying sting, officials caught lobbying, stil operation lobbying, lobbying sting operation, corruption, UK corruption, Britain coruuption, World News

"It is so humbling to be receiving this award and to be honest it still hasn’t really sunk in. I am inspired everyday by the students that I work with and Esther is a prime example of that," Sidhu said.

May 27, 20154:34 pm
Iraq IS attack, ISIS, Islamic State, IS attack on Iraq, Iraq suicide attacks, Iraq-IS war, IS kills troops, Iraq troops killed, Suicide attacks IS, extremists, Iraq sunni muslims, Sunni war Iraq, Brig. Gen Saad Maan Ibrahim, anbar offensive, Iraq IS war, IS on Iraq troops, IS news, iraq news, asia news, world news

The suicide attacks came by IS just hours after the Iraqi government announced the start of a wide scale operation to recapture areas under the control of the group in Anbar.

May 27, 20153:04 pm
China manufacturer, Manufacturer fined in china, China court puts fine, China fined Manufacturer, chemical manufacturer fined, Jinfanda Biochemical Co., Jinfanda Biochemical Co. fined, chemical manufacturer issue, china news, asia news

Longyou court has put fine on Jinfanda Biochemicals which makes glyphostate and its considered to be the highest fine levied ever on any Manufacturer in Zhejiang province.

May 27, 201510:20 am
boko haram, boko haram attack, boko haram militants, boko haram suicide bombers, UN boko haram, UNICEF, female suicide attack, world news, UN news, international news

UN children's agency said women and children have carried out three-quarters of all reported Boko Harem suicide bombings with girls blamed for nine such attacks since July.

May 27, 20159:38 am
Singapore Airlines, Singapore flight, Singapore plane power, Singapore flight engine, Singapore Airlines engine, Singapore Airlines flight

Singapore Airlines is reviewing the incident with engine maker, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.

May 27, 20159:36 am
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Raqqa, at the center of IS-controlled territory, is cushioned from the fighting around its edges.

May 27, 20158:57 am
India, India South China Sea, India South china sea conflict, China, China South China sea conflict, Millitary expansion, China Military expansion, China Military expansion South China Sea, Spratly archipelago, United States, World News, Asia News, India news, China News

A State department official said the US is "carefully" monitoring China's military developments.

May 27, 20158:29 am
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Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi said the siege ended in the morning with the deaths of four heavily armed attackers though no civilians or security personnel were injured or killed.

May 27, 20157:39 am
A ball of fire rises following an Israeli air strike on a building in Gaza, in the northern Gaza Strip. Source: AP photo

The Israeli military said it struck four "terror infrastructures" in the southern Gaza Strip and that hits were confirmed. There were no reports of any casualties or damage.

May 27, 20156:49 am
kabul attack today, kabul attack, kabul guest house, kabul guest house attack, un guest house attack kabul, guest house attack kabul, afghan attack, kabul news, world news, latest world news, latest kabul attack news, latest kabul news

Over a dozen blasts were counted in the first hour of the attack, while bursts of gunfire and multiple explosions continued into the morning.

May 27, 20155:55 am
Kabul guesthouse attack, Kabul

It began just after 11 p.m. (1830 GMT, 2:30 p.m. EDT), with heavy explosions accompanying sporadic automatic weapon fire.

May 27, 20156:07 am
Abdullah al-Thinni, Libyan PM Abdullah al-Thinni, assassination attempt, attack on Liyan PM Abdullah al-Thinni, world news, international news, Libya News, Indian Express

Thinni has faced increasing criticism for running an ineffective rump state in the east.

May 27, 201512:15 am
Nepal, Nepal earthquake, earthqake news, Nepal news, earthquake in Nepal, nepal earthquake relief, Nepal, quake Nepal, nepal earthquake rescue india, World news, Indian express

For these seven families who lost a member each to the twin earthquakes in Nepal, it is the little belongings they left behind that keep the memories alive.

May 26, 20159:40 pm
Austrian Police, smugglers in Austria, Austrian police arrest smuglers, US smuggling, State Prosecutor, State Prosecutor Friedrich Koehl, Austrian Police crack down, smugglers crackdown, Austria news, world news

State Prosecutor Friedrich Koehl said on Tuesday there had been at least 11 cases of smuggling between last fall and February.

May 26, 20159:11 pm
Al-Shabab, Al-Shabab firing, Al-Shabab attacks on kenya, Al-Shabab Somanian border, Kenyan Police killed, 5 Kenyan killed, Al-Shabab Killings, Al-shabab bombings, Kenyan Police commander, J.K boinnet, Al-qaeda, Kenyan news, world news

Al-Shabab has carried out several attacks in Kenya in retaliation for Kenya's military involvement in Somalia.

May 26, 20157:48 pm
A human jaw is photographed near an unmarked grave in Wang Burma at the Malaysia-Thailand border outside Wang Kelian, Malaysia on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Malaysian forensic teams exhumed a body from a shallow grave at an abandoned camp on Tuesday that was used by human traffickers, the first of what police predicted would be more grim findings as they combed through a cluster of jungle camps on the border with Thailand. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)

Malaysia exhumes bodies suspected to be migrants buried in 139 grave sites as fresh details of alleged human trafficking camps emerge.

May 26, 20159:10 pm

Rezaian, an Iranian-American, has been held since July last year in a politically sensitive case that has unfolded while Iran and world powers conduct nuclear talks

May 26, 20154:42 pm
Karachi attack, Karachi shooting, Gunmen karachi, karachi bus attack, Pakistan news, Terrorism in Pakistan

Khurram says that in the first raid, three militants were trapped in a building and killed themselves by detonating explosive vests.

May 26, 20152:35 pm
islamic blogger killing, bangladesh blogger killing, blogger killing, islamic militant group outlaw, islamic militant groups, Ansarullah Bangla Team, ABt, Avijit Roy, Ananta Bijoy Das, Washiqur Rahman, blogger killing news, bangladesh news, asia news, world news.

Bloggers Avijit Roy, Ananta Bijoy Das and Washiqur Rahman were hacked to death by Islamic militant groups earlier this year as they wrote against certain aspects of Islam.

May 26, 20159:56 am

According to the National Crime Agency, in Britain the number of women suspected of being trafficked for sham marriages in 2013 doubled from the year before.

May 26, 20159:30 am
India, India South China Sea, India South china sea conflict, China, China South China sea conflict, Millitary expansion, China Military expansion, China Military expansion South China Sea, Spratly archipelago, United States, World News, Asia News, India news, China News

In recent months China has made other claimants and their common ally the United States bristle by landfilling tiny islets, a way to extend its reach.

May 26, 20158:48 am
General Motors, General Motors death toll, General Motors India, General Motors wiki, General Motors brands, Kenneth Feinberg, international news, news

GM recalled 2.6 million of the cars last year, but acknowledged it knew about problems with the switches for more than a decade.

May 26, 20159:08 am
China fire, China care home fire, China old age home, Pingdingshan fire, fire in China, China fire death toll, China news, world news

Search and rescue operations were continuing, Xinhua said, and the cause of the fire remained unclear.

May 26, 20158:22 am
Flight AF111 was forced to land in Hamburg, Germany, early on Wednesday to refuel. (Reuters)

US military jets escorted an Air France flight into New York City after someone claimed a chemical weapon was aboard the aircraft, the FBI said.

May 26, 20157:04 am
rohingya, rohingya muslim, rohingya migrants, malaysia rohingya, rohingya malaysia, malaysia news, world news, muslim news, migrant news

Rohingya face a tenuous existence here, unable to legally work because Malaysia, like Thailand and Indonesia, doesn't recognize asylum seekers.

May 26, 20156:34 am
brazil prison, brazil prison riot, brazil riot, prison riot, Feira de Santana riot, Feira de Santana prison riot, Salvador de Bahia, Salvador de Bahia riot, Salvador de Bahia prison riot, brazil facility riot, brazil news, world news

Police said prisoners killed eight fellow inmates after the mutiny began late Sunday afternoon during family visits to the facility. A ninth died yesterday of his injuries.

May 26, 20159:56 am
taliban attack, afghanistan attack, afghan taliban attack, Zabul province taliban attack, taliban suicide attack, taliban suicide bombings, Kandahar suicide attack, afghanistan news, world news

A Taliban truck bomber detonated about 1,000 kilograms of explosives, outside a government complex in southern Afghanistan wounding more than 70 people.

May 25, 20156:46 pm
UK, UK's Labour party, Britain's opposition Labour Party, Harriet Harman, international news, news, london, referendum, Britain

Nearly 6,15,000 Indian-origin voters were expected to vote in the May 7 elections this year.

May 25, 20157:07 pm

The strikes targeted several areas of the city, including some close to the city's famed Greco-Roman ruins, a UNESCO world heritage site.

May 25, 20153:48 pm
Ehud Olmert, Israeli PM prison, Israel news, Middle east news, world news, olmert prison, Israeli PM jail, news, Breaking news

The court had convicted Olmert in March of illegally receiving, using and concealing at least USD 153,950 funds in envelopes from New York businessman Talansky between 1993 and 2002.

May 25, 20153:23 pm
Islamic state, ISIS, IS militants, Bangladesh IS, Bangladesh Islamic State, Islamic State Bangladesh faction, Bangladesh ISIS militants, World news, Bangladesh news, IS news

Two persons have been arrested in Bangladesh for their alleged links to the dreaded Islamic State (IS) militant group, the police said.

May 25, 20151:00 pm

The quake was centered in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture, a state northwest of Tokyo, and 50 kilometers below ground level.

May 25, 201510:59 am

A day after the little Princess was born, Prince Harry had quoted, she was absolutely beautiful and that he couldn't wait to meet Prince George's little sister.