Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014
September 16, 201410:03 am

The Japanese said there was no danger of a tsunami from the tremor.

September 16, 201410:21 am

"The air strike southwest of Baghdad was the first strike taken as part of our expanded efforts beyond protecting our own people," said US.

September 16, 20149:16 am

The Obama administration says the training operation is needed to establish credible, local ground forces to accompany U.S. air strikes.

September 16, 201412:49 am

But Wales is smaller and poorer than Scotland. It has no oil to make up for the subsidies from London currently sustaining its public services.

September 16, 201412:42 am

According to BBC, if Scotland were to get a ‘geographical share’ based on the median line, about 90 per cent of UK’s oil would be under Scottish jurisdiction.

September 16, 201412:36 am

From Labour to EU to pound, all brace for impact as Scotland prepares for key vote on September 18.

September 15, 20147:46 pm

The military claims it has killed nearly 1,000 militants and lost 82 soldiers since the start of the operation.

September 15, 20147:27 pm

Building collapses are common in Nigeria because of the use of substandard material and flouting of construction regulations.

September 15, 20147:12 pm

The pledge came as US Secretary of State John Kerry stepped up efforts to forge a broad anti-jihadist coalition.

September 15, 20145:31 pm

They decided to step up collaboration in the economic sector, science and technology, culture and people-to-people links.

September 15, 20145:10 pm

As many as 500 migrants could have died after traffickers rammed and sank their boat in the Mediterranean.

September 15, 20143:41 pm

Saeed, designated as a terrorist by the US, has also accused India of indulging in water-terrorism.

September 15, 20143:10 pm

It is the first visit by a leader from Beijing since the former British protectorate gained independence in 1965.

September 15, 20143:37 pm

Typhoon Kalmaegi was over the South China Sea some 372 kilometers (231 miles) west of northwestern Laoag city before noon.

September 15, 201412:46 pm

The spokesman said that Khan's supporters were arrested for violating section 144 which was imposed in the capital.

September 15, 201412:30 pm

The blaze prompted authorities to evacuate about 1,000 residents out of 400 homes.

September 15, 201411:58 am

The money would be made available by blocking for a second year running transfers of funds from the federal budget into the Pension Fund.

September 15, 201411:08 am

Beauty-obsessed Venezuelans face a scarcity of brand-name breast implants.

September 15, 201410:38 am

China's meteorological center forecast heavy rain would continue in southwest and central China until Monday afternoon.

September 15, 20144:22 pm

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been pressuring allies to show a united front to defeat the militants.

September 15, 20142:37 am

The purported executioner appears to be the same British-accented man who appeared in videos with Foley and Sotloff.

September 15, 20141:21 am

job of ‘aircraft captain’ being advertised on Monarchy website; successful applicant must have ‘VVIP’ experience.

September 15, 20141:16 am

PM David Cameron condemns beheading of 44-year-old aid worker David Hainesby by IS as 'pure evil'.

September 14, 20147:43 pm

Matthew Miller tore up his tourist visa at Pyongyang's airport upon arrival and admitted to having the "wild ambition'' of experiencing prison life in North Korea.

September 14, 20147:01 pm

The boat was carrying a wedding party when it met with the accident.

September 14, 20145:34 pm

The difference, supposedly, between IS and Hamas is that the former chop heads off and the others shoot people in the head: Netanyahu

September 14, 20144:12 pm

President Bashar al-Assad's regime has stepped up its air campaign against the jihadists in recent weeks.

September 14, 20142:39 pm

If Scots vote yes to separation on Thursday, a clock starts ticking down to March 24, 2016.

September 14, 20142:32 pm

The meeting comes after Islamic extremists released a video showing the beheading of David Haines and threatening another with death.

September 14, 20141:07 pm

The 400 air force personnel and 200 others in the contingent could be deployed this week, Abbott told reporters.

September 14, 201412:00 pm

The schools will give psychological counseling and recreational activities to help the children transition to learning.

September 14, 201411:55 am

Hussain and a loyal band of followers had formed the MQM and won support from the Urdu speaking population.

September 14, 20149:18 am
U.S. President Barack Obama gestures while speaking during his and Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves news conference at the Bank of Estonia in Tallinn, Estonia, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (Source: AP)

The IS extremists released a video showing the beheading of aid worker Haines, who was abducted in Syria last year.

September 14, 201411:34 am

This is the third execution by the ISIS militants after James Foley and Steven Sotloff, in past one month.

September 14, 20142:23 am

Sunni Muslim tribal figures have demanded a freeze on military action on civilian areas.

September 14, 20141:56 am

Eddie Redmayne spent six to seven months working with a choreographer to get the scientist right.


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