Friday, Mar 06, 2015
March 6, 20156:46 am

As global players showcase 4G-enabled phones, homegrown firms will be under pressure to deliver the same.

March 5, 20158:10 pm
GSMA, 2015 Global Mobile Awards, best smartphone

Apple iPhone 6, LG G3 and Motorola Moto E are the best smartphones according to GSMA.

March 5, 20156:48 pm
MWC 2015, MWC 2015 sumary, MWC 2015 launches India, MWC 2015 wrap up, MWC 2015 best,MWC 2015 news

Major brands lined up at MWC 2015 Barcelona to launch their new flagships.

March 4, 20153:44 pm
BSNl, BSNL 3G, BSNL 3G plans,

BSNL estimates that 3G data rates can be reduced by at least 50 per cent.

March 3, 20158:42 pm
Apple, Samsung, smartphone market

Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Xiaomi follows global market leader Apple.

February 26, 20157:50 pm
Tablet market in India, CMR report, top tablet brands in India

Success of phablets in India has cannibalised tablet sales.

February 25, 201510:04 pm
Internet, Symantec, India cyber security, Ramnit,

The Ramnit malware infects Windows OSes and steals bank usernames, passwords and mostly spreads through USB drives.

February 25, 20158:59 pm
TRAI. MNP, pan-India MNP

Pan-India Mobile Number Portability allow subscribers to retain the same mobile number while shifiting to a new city.

February 24, 201510:25 pm
Ford EcoSport, SYNC with Ford AppLink, CWC 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

SYNC with Ford AppLink will be available on the Titanium variant of Ford EcoSport vehicles.

February 24, 201510:12 pm
Surat City Police, NEC, face recogniition

Surat City Police sees this as an important step in its safe city initiative.

February 25, 20158:56 pm
F-secure, The State of Internet in India, cyber security, malware, Internet

Cyber criminals find India to be a very profitable location mainly due to lack of awareness and ease of infecting users.

February 23, 20157:48 pm
India tablet market, iBall, Samsung, Akash Tablet, iBall Q4, iBall tablet Q4, international Data Corporation, IDC, India tablet, Tech News

“Consumers are driving the wave of adoption of low cost tablets as a preferred mobility solution."

February 22, 20153:20 pm

Beyond Verbal introduces Emotions Analytics into voice-capable applications and devices.

February 20, 20154:14 pm

The CERT-In is the nodal agency to combat hacking, phishing and to fortify security-related defences of the Indian Internet domain.

February 20, 201510:54 am
Lenovo, laptops, virus, software, lenovo laptops

Experts say Lenovo had pre-installed a virus-like software on laptops that makes the devices more vulnerable to hacking.

February 19, 201510:19 pm

Over the past few hours many mobile users have been unable to log on to multiple services including Twitter.

February 19, 20154:04 pm
okia Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index,

The average Indian subscriber consumes 680 MB/ month of 3G data.

February 17, 20156:49 am
Faisal 480

Current President of South Asia, Jack Yang, will be leaving HTC for personal reasons

February 16, 20156:40 pm
Samsung Forum 2015, #samsungforum , new samsung 4G smartphones

Samsung’s new president and CEO for India, reiterated that the company was still the number 1 smartphone company in India.

February 16, 20152:06 am
AAP, free WiFi in Delhi, aam admi party, delhi results, delhi elections 2015, delhi assembly results, free WiFI

In a democracy there is a gap between "what you say and what people hear".

February 13, 20159:50 pm
Toshiba, IOT, clean energy, ozone generator, Toshiba electric bus

Toshiba is looking forward to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) and use clean energy to control basic infrastructures.

February 12, 20158:26 pm
samsung, enterprise printers, Multi Function Printer

Samsung CLX-9200 series are available at price ranges of Rs 2,30,000 to Rs 2,90,000 while the SCX-8100 mono A3 MFP is priced at Rs 1,60,000.

February 12, 20153:50 pm
rapidshare, rapidshare shut down

Rapidshare users will need to secure their data before March 31 as all accounts will be automatically deleted after that. File-hosting website Rapidshare will be close on March 31. The website now shows a notice to announce their closure. Users will need to secure their data before March 31 as all accounts will be automatically […]

February 10, 20153:53 pm
Symantec, cyber crime, rmnit botnet, Europol

Do you know that you leave a digital footprint every time you get online?

February 10, 20151:01 pm
Xiaomi MI4, Xiaomi MI4 flipkart, Xiaomi MI4 sale, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G sale, Xiaomi

Apart from Mi 4, Xiaomi is also selling Redmi Note 4G tomorrow on Flipkart at 5PM.

February 6, 201510:33 am
micromax, samsung, counterpoint,

According to Counterpoint, Samsung leads in the overall mobile phone and smartphone market.

February 5, 20152:06 pm

This principle of fairness will go up for a vote on Feb 26 among the FCC's five commissioners.

February 4, 20158:37 pm
lenovo A6000 India, lenovo A6000 price, lenovo A6000 specs, lenovo A6000 Flipkart

The next sale of Lenovo A6000 will be on February 11.

February 3, 20159:20 pm
Idea Easy Share allows two or more family members with multiple connected devices to get a single mobile plan.

Idea Easy Share allows two or more family members with multiple connected devices to get a single mobile plan.

February 2, 20153:04 pm
President Obama, Obama in India, President Barack Obama, Narendra Modi,

The US Embassy was concerned about the high levels of air pollution in the city.

February 2, 201511:14 am
Blackberry, Blackberry Samung, Blackberry samsung deal, samsung

The service license is zero, but users will pay an annual gold or silver license for every device added.

February 1, 201512:42 am

To reach under-served areas, Google is taking the route through the skies.

January 31, 20156:59 pm

Dubbed the ‘Audiophile Sound Booklet’, the sleek metallic Sound Blaster Roar is designed to rival existing home stereo systems.

January 30, 20152:17 pm

Consumers will not need to buy or manage hardware or license "expensive and complex email server software"

February 2, 201512:44 pm
Xiaomi MI4, Xiaomi MI4 flipkart, Xiaomi MI4 sale, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G sale, Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone comes with a great spec sheet but low memory kills it.

January 29, 20158:31 pm
moto g 2, android lollipop upgrade, moto g 2 specs, moto g 2 android lollipop

Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) has been confirmed to have received Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade.