Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
August 30, 20144:04 pm
Air Asia aims to offer low-cost WiFi connectivity to passengers on board.

Air Asia aims to offer low-cost Internet connectivity to passengers on board.

August 30, 20145:50 pm
Meet the Indian American scientist who invented e-mail 32 years ago

In 1978, this man developed a full-scale emulation of the interoffice mail system which he called "E-mail".

August 28, 201410:00 pm
NNG iGOprimo nextgen

NNG iGOprimo nextgen navigation solution supports 9 Indian languages along with Indian English.

August 28, 20147:13 pm
IRCTC launches BlackBerry 10 app to book train tickets

The official IRCTC App can now be downloaded from BlackBerry Store on BlackBerry 10 phones.

August 27, 20148:24 pm
Pioneer launches DJ products in India

In India, Pioneer DJ product range is available through Pioneer’s distributor Rivera International.

August 27, 20145:33 pm

Seagate has already commenced shiping of the drives and wide scale availability is expected next quarter

August 26, 201411:02 pm
Hugo Barra, vice president, XIaomi

Hugo Barra says they can afford to take a price cut, primarily because they don't need to spend on advertising

August 26, 20144:05 pm
ESYCAST helps you to stream mobile content to HDTV or projector

ESYCAST acts as wireless bridge between your mobile and TV. You can stream content from your mobile to HDTV.

August 26, 20142:24 pm
What is Twitch? And why Amazon bought it for $970 million

Amazon seeks to take part in video gaming's growth as an online spectator sport.

August 25, 20144:53 pm

Here are some of those classic retro games that make you wish you still had them, along with some interesting facts about them.

August 25, 20148:17 pm
G N Saibaba

Court said a prima facie case exists against the DU professor for involvement in Maoist activities

August 24, 20141:00 am

A browser that accelerates browsing speed and a cool lock screen application: four apps that you should download right now.

August 23, 20143:37 pm

The researchers tested the method and found it was successful between 82 per cent and 92 per cent.

August 22, 20147:40 pm

With smaller cities being the drivers e-commerce players try to be user-friendly.

August 22, 20143:33 pm

A madrasa school for poor children in Delhi shows how gadgets and apps can eliminate expensive notebooks and schoolbags.

August 22, 20147:10 pm

The next Windows also likely to feature Cortana

August 19, 201411:28 am
The site is well designed and easy to navigate

The government is tapping the power of the social media, which lets it engage like never before

August 16, 20149:39 pm
Internet under attack! Blame sharks

Sharks are reportedly feasting on underwater Internet cables which connect our digital lives.

August 15, 20142:49 pm
Empire & Big Farm

Looking for new online strategy games? Here's Empire & Big Farm. Play here for free.

August 14, 20145:44 pm
With the launch of the system, now 1,20,000 concurrent users can book e-tickets simultaneously against the earlier capacity of 40,000 concurrent users at a time.

The next generation Indian Railways e-ticketing system has the capacity to book 7200 tickets per minute.

August 14, 20141:59 pm
Soon you can withdraw cash from convenient stores, courtesy Oxigen

Oxigen will enable mWallet users to withdraw cash from biometric ATM-like machines from convenient stores.

August 13, 20146:25 pm

A live commentary will be streamed on the museum's website.

August 13, 20145:37 pm
Bhopal Municipal Corporation to launch mobile app to automate citizen services

CityApp will help in issuing of marriage certificates, birth and death registrations along with other services.

August 13, 201411:27 am

Google associate launches Internet carts with web-enabled devices in Madhya Pradesh

August 12, 20148:51 pm
indian flag

#MicromaxUniteAnthem urges citizens to rise above the diversity and embrace music that unites all on I-Day.

August 12, 20148:09 am
Yahoo Headquarters in Sunnywale, California.

"The user’s core daily habits have all gone mobile and this is our business," says Yahoo's Nitin Mathur.

August 11, 201411:59 am
Lost your Android smartphone or tablet? Your Gmail account will help you

Don’t panic! You can lock, erase or even find your Android device via your Gmail account.

August 10, 20141:24 pm
Zicom indoor HDTV UHF/VHF antenna

Zicom claims this to be the only indoor HDTV antenna in the market that can receive both UHF and VHF.

August 9, 20147:27 pm
Google Drive

You can now view, create, and edit docs, sheets, and slides without Internet connectivity.

August 8, 20149:24 pm
Now get credit or debit cards in an hour

The time to issue a credit or debit card has been reduced from two to three weeks to 1 hour.

August 8, 20148:51 pm

The Indian team,CodeBlue, beats teams from 34 countries at Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2014.

August 8, 20145:06 pm
tips to create stronger passwords

Most of us take our digital lives casually. Remember, it is highly personal and you have to secure it.

August 8, 20141:34 pm
F&D F1200U review

The F&D F1200U is a good option for those who are not all that choosy about the brands that play their music.

August 6, 20149:56 pm
Asus CN^) Chromebox

The CN60 Asus Chromebox comes with either an Intel Celeron, Core i3 or Core i7 processor.

August 6, 20147:28 pm

Consumers pre-ordering the Xbox One will get the blockbuster game FIFA 15 for free.

August 6, 20141:48 pm
Mitashi 4K UHD LED TV

Mitashi claims it to be India’s first 4K LED flat panel priced below 1 lakh.


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