Monday, Jan 26, 2015
January 24, 20156:48 pm
Aadhaar, UIDAI, Data Security Council of India, NASSCOM,

Experts fear that the breach might occur at the Aadhaar centre of enrollment itself.

January 23, 201510:47 am
Microsoft Windows 10_sathya nadella-480

Microsoft seems to have lost an opportunity to awe its large user base with some cutting edge features.

January 22, 20155:46 pm
Yu yureka, amazon India, yureka smartphone

Yu Yureka claims to have sold 15,000 units of its Yureka smartphone today on in four seconds.

January 20, 20157:40 pm

Shubham built a Braille printer with a Lego robotics kit as a school science fair project last year.

January 16, 20158:10 pm
Embibe, IIT online coaching, best online JEE coaching

Embibe's analytics detects students' weaknesses and claims to help them focus on critical areas.

January 15, 201510:04 pm
Adobe Lightroom Android

Lightroom mobile is a companion app to Lightroom 5 desktop software, available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

January 15, 20158:51 pm
Yu Yureka, Amazon India, Micromax

Amazon India says sorry for charging Rs 12,499 for the Yu Yureka smartphone which costs Rs 8,999.

January 15, 20154:13 pm
A Furby, an American electronic robotic toy, was released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics.

The most advanced robotic kits can recognise colors, movements or even speech.

January 14, 20153:27 pm
Mobile Internet India

The number of mobile Internet users stood at 173 million at the end of December 2014 and is expected to reach 213 million by June 2015.

January 12, 20155:19 pm
Idea, Windows Store, operator billing

Idea subscribers using any Windows Phone can buy apps with their pre-paid or post-paid account.

January 10, 20153:18 pm
Mercedes Benz F 015, Mercedes Benz F 015 ces 2015, ces 2015 news

The Mercedes Benz F015 could well be the car of the future, the car that doesn’t need to be driven.

January 8, 20159:27 pm
Opera TV

The Opera Devices SDK 4.x series will launch on Android TVs by long-term Opera Software OEM partner, Sony.

January 8, 20152:40 pm
CES 2015, CES tech trends, best of CES 2015, CES 2015 news

Here is our pick of the biggest trends that we think will dominate 2015.

January 7, 20157:21 pm
Intel Selfie drone CES 2015

Called Nixie, the camera-equipped gadget in November won a wearable computing contest sponsored by Intel.

January 7, 20157:09 pm
Intel at CEs 2015, Intel CEs 2015

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich unveiled a button-sized device for new connectivity.

January 6, 20154:45 pm
Samsung, CES 2015, SAmsung at CES 2015, Internet of things

By 2017, all Samsung televisions will be IoT devices and will invest more than USD 100 million in its developer community in 2015.

January 7, 20151:53 am
Samsung, CES 2015, Samsung UHD TV CES 2015

Samsung has collaborated with the leading Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox to optimise content to meet premium quality SUHD standards.

January 6, 20151:09 pm
Toyota hydrogen car, Toyota Mirai, CES 2015, hydrogen powered car

Toyota has opened up its technologies to anyone, even its competitors to speed development of hydrogen-powered cars.

January 5, 20157:04 pm
Cybercrime India

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets for online banking and other financial transactions have increased risks.

January 6, 201512:28 pm
CES 2015, Nvidia CES 2015, Nvidia Tegra, Nvidia Drive

Nvidia Drive computers are based on Tegra X1 mobile superchip which is built on its latest Maxwell GPU architecture.

January 3, 20156:08 pm
Intex, top 3 smartphone brands, Intex smartphones, top smartphone brands in India

Dark horse Intex Technologies has come from behind and is all set to beat top brands to India’s No. 3 spot.

December 31, 20144:50 pm

Google wraps up the entire year in its New Year's Eve doodle, which claims to reflect 2014 trending topics.

December 29, 20141:31 pm
tata_sky 209

Nuance is able to service customers in English, Hindi and ten additional Indian languages.

December 28, 20148:59 pm

Game users took to Twitter to celebrate PlayStation's return.

December 27, 20148:09 am
Smartphone users shouldn’t think of bait of free data as free meal

A smartphone-user is sure to end up being a data hogger, and that is when the companies will tighten their grip.

December 26, 20142:13 pm

"The Interview" is released on Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft's Xbox Video and separate Sony website.

December 26, 20141:31 pm

Problems in Microsoft Xbox affected Xbox Live Core Services, while other applications were up and running.

December 26, 20146:56 pm
Airtel, VoIP, Skype, Viber, Airtel VoIP packs

Airtel wants to charge VoIP calls at standard rate of 4 paise per 10 KB on 3G network.

December 24, 20148:52 pm
Airtel, VoIP, Skype, Viber, Airtel VoIP packs

Airtel will soon charge it's pre-paid customers for using VoIP services which allow free calls.

December 29, 201412:59 pm
Xiaomi, Mi 4, Mi TV 2, Mi band, Mi Pad

Xiaomi India will venture into wearables, smart TVs, smart home solutions and more in 2015.

December 23, 20146:31 pm
OnePlus vs Micromax: Our OS is different says OnePlus to HC

The bench observed Cyanogen has not been fair to both Shenzhen as well as Micromax.

December 19, 20144:49 pm
Google working on Android cars

Direct integration into cars ensures that drivers will use Google's services every time they turn on the ignition.

December 17, 20149:58 pm
Amdocs with Triotech to enable SBI mobile financial services via BSNL

The service will offer customers of any mobile operator to get a mobile wallet account.

December 16, 20146:31 pm
Coast 2-480

Opera has also introduced compression technology made popular by its Mini browser to the Coast 4.0 app.

December 16, 20144:11 pm
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, Yu Yureka, Lenovo A6000

Xiaomi has contended that it did not infringe Ericsson’s patents as Qualcomm has obtained a licence from Ericsson.

December 16, 201410:54 pm

This new feature will be in addition to the free Skype-to-Skype calling that is currently available to all Skype users.