Tuesday, May 26, 2015
May 25, 20155:06 pm

The subjects' reaction times were improved by 11 percent and they experienced a "brain boost" for up to 20 minutes after viewing a 3D film

May 25, 20153:57 pm

Ice loss in the region is so large that it is causing small changes in the gravity field of the Earth

May 24, 20153:32 pm
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The galaxy, named WISE J224607.57-052635.0, is erupting with light equal to more than 300 trillion suns. It was discovered by NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE.

May 24, 20153:29 pm

The glaciers along a stretch of coast about 750 km (470 miles) long in the southern Antarctic peninsula

May 24, 201512:47 pm

Scientists can design a device to self-destruct within 20 seconds to a couple of minutes after heat is applied

May 25, 20158:27 am

The super computer will help India do research in different fields ranging from climate, defence and other areas

May 24, 201510:14 am

The hefty, rapidly ageing star "Nasty 1" may represent a brief transitory stage in the evolution of extremely massive stars

May 22, 20155:36 pm
Cancer research institute, Mick Bhatia, Mcmaster university, blood cells, neurons, Mick bhatia blood cells, blood cells Mick Bhatia, Mick Bhatia neurons, cancer research institute mick bhatia, science news, technology news, world news

The breakthrough to convert blood cells to neurons was led by Mick Bhatia, director of the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute at McMaster University.

May 21, 20155:00 pm

The fossil from the Late Cretaceous period was discovered while collecting ammonite fossils

May 20, 20152:00 pm

The 360 degree panoramic views of the Moon were captured using a rugged camera technology

May 22, 201511:13 am

The work may also help find hidden hydrocarbon resources, and more broadly it could help explore the Earth under East Asia and the rest of the world.

May 17, 201512:00 am
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Developing algorithms that separate the images of tumours or lesions in the brain from the background.

May 15, 20153:49 pm

Scientist discovered a blue silvery fish Opah, moonfish that circulates heated blood throughout its body much like mammals and birds.

May 14, 20154:22 pm

NASA says its goal of landing astronauts on Mars in the 2030s is vital for obtaining evidence of life.

May 14, 201511:22 am

Mysterious bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres are only reflections of the sun's light on reflective material on the surface, possibly ice.

May 14, 201511:07 am

The study of neutrinos could greatly expedite understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe.

May 14, 20159:04 am
Jahn-Teller Effect, Jahn-Teller Metal, Jahn Teller phenomena, Super-conductor, Super-conductors, Superconductors, New metal, Metal state, Technology, Science and Technology, Science news

An international team of researchers made the discovery by studying a superconductor

May 11, 20152:57 pm
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Five-year-old Monty, from Bristol, was placed in water soluble anesthetic during the procedure on his left eye, which cost its owners 200 pounds.

May 11, 20152:51 pm

Curiosity used its Mast Camera (Mastcam) to record the sunset during an evening of sky-watching on April 15.

May 10, 201512:00 am
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Currently, there are no drugs to cure sepsis — antibiotics are useful in removing bacteria but in not regulating the immune system.

May 7, 20157:06 pm
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Researchers paired a smartphone with a 3D-printed plastic base where the sample of blood is positioned.

May 7, 20154:16 pm

The devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 has claimed over 7,500 lives and injured another 16,390 people.

May 7, 201512:38 pm
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As it is difficult to simulate all the aspects of the space environment, testing materials for extended durations is particularly important.

May 7, 201512:10 pm

This mission to Mars is really for the hope of the Arab world and will send them a message to say you can be better, you can improve your country.

May 7, 201511:47 am

The manned mission to International Space Station would be re-scheduled due to the recent failure of the Progress M-27M cargo craft.

May 4, 20151:01 pm

The spacecraft will help NASA abort from a launch or pad emergency and safely carry crew members out of harm's way.

May 3, 20157:43 pm

The irradiated particles that compose these galactic cosmic rays are mainly remnants of past supernova events.

May 3, 20154:00 pm
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Test results have indicated that the use of these techniques leads not only to the reduction of the seismic load, but also the seismically induced permanent displacement of the structure.

May 3, 20151:06 am

Earthquakes, especially the big ones, leave imprints that are evident even after centuries.

April 29, 20158:39 am

The event also marks a landmark in India's effort to develop a big cryogenic engine.

April 26, 20154:29 pm

Researchers have developed a revolutionary 4D printing technique which can create objects that change shape over time to suit their environment.

April 24, 20156:42 pm

The common name of the species is "pocket shark," and its scientific name is Mollisquama species.

April 20, 20151:21 pm

NASA is offering an award of up to $30,000 for innovative design ideas to protect a spacecraft's crew on the journey to Mars.

April 19, 201512:00 am
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Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero is set to perform the world’s first head transplant — on 30-year-old Russian Valery Spridinov (inset), who suffers from a genetic muscle-wasting disease.

April 17, 20159:12 am
self-powered video camera, cave, video camera, Shree K Nayar, Columbia University

When the camera is not used to capture images, it can be used to generate power for other devices, such as a phone or a watch.

April 16, 20159:21 pm
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Pluto is getting its first close-up decades after planets such as Venus, Mars and Neptune received theirs.