Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
August 26, 20146:32 pm

A small amount of fuel remains to conduct debris avoidance manoeuvres to ensure the satellite remains safe.

August 24, 20143:26 pm

Currently, there is no ground- or satellite-based global network monitoring soil moisture at a local level.

August 22, 20144:49 pm

While rodents have flown on space shuttle flights in the past, those missions have only lasted a week or two.

August 20, 20148:45 pm
You can also blame the Sun's activities for increasing global warming: study

Sun's variation influences the climate in a similar way regardless of whether the climate is extreme.

August 20, 20148:31 pm

The mission team is now exploring possible alternative routes that would take Curiosity north of the valley.

July 19, 201412:38 pm

The gene known as ASF1A is key to the making of stem cells.

July 17, 20143:37 pm

The TSS tool provides information to controllers about the speeds they should assign to aircraft.

July 13, 20144:19 pm

One-third received only text message queries about their drinking and one-third received no text messages.

July 12, 20143:41 pm

ISRO has planned another trajectory correction manoeuvre in August before the Mars Orbit Insertion in September.

July 12, 201411:31 am

The researchers also used gene therapy to "rescue" mice with RP due to MFRP mutations.

July 11, 20143:46 pm

Astronomers used a telescope made by stitching together telephoto lenses and discovered seven new galaxies.

July 6, 20142:59 pm

Research says that high carbon dioxide levels may hinder the ability of fish to recognise one another.

July 4, 20145:14 pm

The initial flight-test configuration will provide a 77-tonne capacity.

July 2, 201410:10 am

NASA said the countdown stopped because of the failure of the launch pad water suppression system.

July 1, 201411:32 am

Its field of view is about one square mile (three square kilometres), so even wispy clouds can obscure its measurements.

June 30, 201412:35 am

The space agency launched its Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) test vehicle Saturday from the US Navy’s Pacific Missile Range Facility.

June 29, 201412:44 am

A 2012 study (involving 17 coma patients and 20 healthy ones) tracked 417 brain regions for changes in blood flow.

June 29, 201412:36 am

A start-up plans to create a space servicing system. But first, they’ll send a Japanese sports beverage to the moon.

June 29, 201412:32 am

A businessman interested in finding a solution to gravity contributed significantly to understanding it. But it remains a force that confounds scientists.

June 24, 20144:02 pm

The clouds are responsible for both precipitation and temperature condition on the planet's surface.

June 22, 20143:58 pm

The race to revive the long-lost ISEE-3 — launched in 1978 and abandoned in 1997 — began this April

June 22, 20143:54 pm

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is the first in which goal-line technology (GLT) has been used to cut out refereeing errors.

June 22, 20143:55 pm

Researchers have long suspected that there is a massive water reservoir deep within the Earth. Now, that theory has been confirmed

June 21, 20144:32 pm
White Sharks 01

"The species appears to be recovering," said Cami McCandless.

June 16, 20145:04 pm

New technology to repair damaged tooth from cavity without any filling or drilling!

June 13, 20142:00 pm

The according to researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico.

June 11, 20142:09 pm

The final stage of Earth's formation is around 60 million years older than previously thought, researchers said.

June 9, 20144:13 pm
Ice age animals go extinct due to human hunting

Modern man exterminated many of the large animals due to hunting.

June 9, 20141:52 pm

The mystery of 'double fertilisation' process is how each single pollen grain is able to produce twin sperm cells.

June 4, 20143:48 pm

The biochip is made from quartz, silver and thousands of nanoscale interferometers.

June 1, 20145:40 pm
Raptor robot1

Raptor is almost as fast as the world's fastest legged robot, Cheetah.

June 1, 20145:06 pm
Sun 2.1

According to NASA, a curtain of solar material erupted outwards at speeds of 1.5 million miles per hour.

May 29, 20141:22 pm

The biomaterial also dissolves once repair is well underway and its stealth coating makes it invisible to the immune system.

May 28, 20145:42 pm

CHESS is equipped with a spectrograph, which can parse out just how much of any given wavelength of light is present.

May 26, 20143:27 pm

The crater spans half the length of a football field and first appeared in March 2012.

May 25, 20141:13 am

A fast-paced, digitally enhanced memory tournament was an unusual collaboration between industry, academic scientists and science, to develop drugs for cognition.


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