water on mars, liquid water mars, canyons on mars, mars canyons water, mars valleys, mars red planet, glaciers on mars, martian valley networks, greenhouse gases mars, martian surface, martian ice age, science, science news
December 2, 2016 3:29 pm

Climate cycles on early Mars, may have caused liquid water to carve out deep canyons and extensive valley networks on Mars' surface.

element 117, tennesine element, IUPAC, element 117 properties, superheavy elements, radioisotope, berkelium 249, JINR, tennesine formation process, tennesine Vanerdbilt University, tennsine university of Tennessee, halogen tennesine, island of stability, new element periodic table, science, science news
December 2, 2016 2:13 pm

Superheavy element 117 has been officially named "tennessine" - about six years after its discovery was first reported.

December 2, 2016 11:15 am

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will dive through Saturn's unexplored regions and graze past edge of the planet's main rings.

December 2, 2016 11:14 am

Earth's technosphere, comprising of all the structures that humans have constructed, now weighs 30 trillion tonnes.

SpaceX, SpaceX return, SpaceX Falcon 9 accident, SpaceX Falcon 9 return, SpaceX next flight, SpaceX Falcon 9 flight, SpaceX flight, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Falcon 9 accident, space, science, science news
December 2, 2016 10:04 am

Elon Musk's SpaceX hopes to return its Falcon 9 rocket to flight on December 16, said Iridium Communications Inc.

Human ancestors, lucy, lucy climbed trees, hominim fossilised skeleton, national museum of ethiopia, erect walking human ancestor, anthropologist, science, science news
December 1, 2016 8:02 pm

Our 3.18 million-year-old human ancestor Lucy may have frequently climbed trees and nested in them at night to avoid predators

Asteroid, smallest asteroid, 2015 tc25 asteroid, near-earth asteroid, micro asteroids, NASA, infrared telescope facility, mars, jupiter, space, science, science news
December 1, 2016 10:03 pm

Astronomers have observed the smallest asteroid ever characterised - a tiny space rock measuring two metres in diameter

ISRO, ISRO commercial launch, Antrix, TeamIndus, Google Lunar X, Google lunar X prize, Google moon mission, Google space competition, moon mission, india moon mission, isro moon mission, isro news
December 2, 2016 6:42 am

TeamIndus is the only Indian team in the Google Lunar X contest, and has tied up with ISRO for its rover.

December 1, 2016 12:14 pm

First 'water-wave laser' that emits a beam through the interaction of light and water waves has been created by scientists.

exoplanet, densest hot Jupiters, EPIC 220504338b, NASA, NASA Kepler K2 mission, Pontofical Catholic University, European Organisation for Astronomical Research, ESO, FEROS, FEROS spectroscopic observation, Campaign 8, gas giant planets, solar system, biggest planet, science, science news
December 1, 2016 12:13 pm

Scientists have discovered one of the densest "hot Jupiters", an exoplanet transiting a distant six-billion-year-old Sun-like star.

Sulfur oxidising bacteria, bacteria fossil, Great oxidation event, Neoarchean Eon, Journal of geology, Andrew Czaja, modern bacteria, science, science news
November 30, 2016 6:46 pm

Researchers have discovered fossils of 2.5 billion-year-old sulfur-oxidising bacteria that survived without oxygen

2d materials, nanomaterials, smaller faster electronics, 2d materials for smaller devices, graphene 2d material, polaritons, quasiparticles, nano photonics, nano optoelectronics, science, science news
November 30, 2016 12:22 pm

Manipulation of 2D materials such as graphene could make electronic and photonic devices faster, smaller and efficient.

NASA, ESA, Trace Gas orbiter, mars orbiter, Curiosity rover, opportunity rover, Mars radio communication to earth, Exomars, Mars missions, red planet, JPL, space, science, science news
November 30, 2016 12:04 pm

NASA has successfully relayed data from Curiosity and Opportunity Mars rovers to Earth using Europe's new Trace Gas Orbiter

Low mass supernova, creation of solar system, solar system, meteorites, birth of solar system, radionuclides, stellar explosion, proto-sun, sun, planets, isotopic anomalies, science, space, science news
November 29, 2016 8:03 pm

A new study suggests a low-mass supernova triggered the formation of our solar system

Electrical devices, ice filled wires, MIT, carbon nanotubes, thermal properties of ice, nanocavity, ice powered electrical devices, science, science news
November 29, 2016 4:34 pm

The finding might lead to new applications that take advantage of the unique electrical and thermal properties of ice

China, China crack down on polluters, National Development and Reform Commission, India news, latest news, International news, latest world news, Latest news on Climate change
November 29, 2016 4:24 pm

While it is already scientifically possible to split water into Hydrogen and oxygen, highly efficient catalysts are the key to moving the system to one that is economically viable, researchers said.

Astronomy, K2-3d planet, extra-solar planet, national astronomical observatory of japan, muscat, NASA, NASA k2 mission, kepler telescope, nasa kepler mission, Earth, science, science news
November 29, 2016 4:12 pm

Astronomers in Japan have observed the transit of a potentially habitable Earth-like extra-solar planet known as K2-3d

Einstein, Einstein theories, challenge Einstein theories, Einstein speed of light, variable speed of light, constant speed of light, Big Bang, model of Universe, theory of general relativity, Cosmologist, theory of gravity, science, science news
November 29, 2016 12:50 pm

Theory which predicts variable speed of light, not constant as suggested by Albert Einstein, may soon be tested.

nuclear waste, electricity from nuclear battery, man made diamond, electricity from diamond, electricty from nuclear waste, ways to generate electricity, diamond battery, carbon 14 battery, science, science news
November 29, 2016 12:46 pm

Researchers have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current.

Astronauts, Astronaut visual problems, Radiological Society of North America, RSNA, Astronauts blurry vission, Visual Impairment Intracranial Pressure, International Space Statin, Astronaut Cerebrospinal fluid, science, science news
November 29, 2016 10:54 am

Visual problems affecting astronauts on space missions is related to volume changes in clear fluid found around brain and spinal cord.

scientist, hyperspectral mobile device, hyperspectral mobile cameras, mobiles sensing food quality, cameras monitoring health, Micro Opto Mechanical Systems, MEMS, VTT Technical Research Centre, mobiles checking health problems, hyperspectral imaging, driverless cars, Optical spectral imaging, science, science news
November 29, 2016 10:53 am

Scientists are looking at converting smartphone cameras into an optical sensor which can sense food quality.

November 29, 2016 9:49 am

Torobo-kun robot with AI has now failed Japanese National Centre Test for University admission, four years in a row.

fish stocks depleting, marine life monitoring tech, tech to find illegal fishers, illegal fishing, overfishing, Project Issara, bar code fishing, eyes on the sea, fishing vessels monitoring, tech for tuna, global fishing, science, science news
November 28, 2016 6:00 pm

Dozens of apps, monitoring systems aimed at tracking unscrupulous fishing vessels are being rolled out; also help prevent labor abuse at sea.

RDX eating grass, US military base toxins, US military base contamination, transgenic grass species, RDX eating bacteria, switchgrass RDX, creeping bentrgrass RDX, explosive contamination, science, science news
November 28, 2016 1:01 pm

US engineers have developed grass species that eliminate toxic compounds used in explosives.

NASA, US space agency, UAE space agency, Hope Mars spacecraft, NASA UAE umbrella agreement, UAE Mars probe, Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre, MBRSC, technology, technology news
November 28, 2016 11:39 am

NASA to work with UAE's Space Agency to put communications capability on the UAE's spacecraft Hope that will reach Mars in 2021.

World Robot Olympiad, Team High Voltage WRO, WRO Greater Noida, National Council of Science Museums, India STEM foundation, Rap the scrap, Robot prototypes WRO, WRO 2016, WRO 2016 venue, WRO 2016 winners, WRO Football, WRO waste managment, technology, technology news
November 28, 2016 11:03 am

Team "High Voltage" from India won silver in the Regular Junior High category in the 13th World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

Japan, Japan SuperComputer, Japan Super computer, Japan world's fastest super computer, Japan building Super Computer, Super Computer, What is Super Computer
November 28, 2016 9:34 am

Japan plans to build the world's fastest-known supercomputer in a bid to arm the country's manufacturers with a platform for research.

November 28, 2016 12:04 am

What scientists are tweeting about.

November 28, 2016 12:01 am

A speed hump causes a cyclist twice as much discomfort as it causes someone riding a motorised vehicle at the same speed; researchers feel better designed humps can encourage cycling.

hard drive, next gen hard drive, data, writing data, data storage, perovskite material, gadgets, technology, technology news
November 27, 2016 2:03 pm

Materials whose magnetic properties can be quickly and easily manipulated in order to write and access data on them are needed.

environment friendly vehicles, intelligent construction vehicles, next gen off highway vehicles, vehicle carbon emissions, emission reduction vehicles, micro mild hybridisation, science, science news
November 26, 2016 4:57 pm

Researchers are working to optimise fuel economy of next gen off-highway vehicles that could lead to fuel savings and fewer carbon emissions.

ISRO, Mars Orbiter Mission 2, MoM-2 mission, MoM 2 launch date, MoM , Mangalyaan, Mangalyaan objectives, Mangalyaan 2, Chandrayaan, Chandrayaan 2, science, science news
November 26, 2016 4:38 pm

ISRO is seeking scientific proposals for Mars Orbiter Mission-2 to expand inter-planetary research

Belgian space program, Belgian Tintin national treasure, Interfederal Space Agency of Belgium, NASA, Belgian Moon mission, ISAB, EU space industry, China space program, India space progam, SABCA, Europe Ariane rocket, Tintin Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon, science, science news
November 26, 2016 10:10 am

Interfederal Space Agency of Belgium will be set up next year and help local industry retain a 5-percent share of the EU's space industry.

November 26, 2016 9:35 am

A nano size squeeze can significantly boost the performance of platinum catalysts that help generate energy in fuel cells.

computer security, computer sleep mode security, Hypnoguard, RAM encryption, RAM decryption, government computer security, journalist computer security, computer layered protection , ACM conference, technology, technology news
November 25, 2016 4:09 pm

Hypnoguard, designed by researchers, is a new software that can safeguard data even when the computer is in sleep mode.

Antarctica, Antarctic sea, Antarctic sea ice, Arctic ice, ice age, global warming, Antarctic ice cover, science, technology, technology news
November 24, 2016 8:16 pm

The area of sea ice around Antarctica has barely changed in size in the past 100 years, researchers have found.