Friday, Nov 21, 2014
November 16, 201412:34 am

Kip Thorne recently published a book with a foreword by Christopher Nolan, The Science of Interstellar.

November 13, 20148:28 am

Scientists at European Space Agency successfully landed a probe on the surface of a comet 67P.

November 12, 20146:33 pm

The audacious landing attempt is the climax of a decade-long mission to study the 4-kilometer wide comet,

November 12, 20144:17 pm

An estimated 3.4 million children are living with HIV/AIDS, according to the World Health Organisation.

November 13, 20148:30 am

It would be the climax of a decade-long mission to study a 4 kilometer wide lump of dust and ice known as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

November 9, 201412:03 am

Every time neurobiologists tried to look at the brains of jumping spiders, the spiders would explode. Now, researchers have devised a technique that allows them to peer in.

November 9, 201412:02 am

Randall Munroe, the creator of the Web comic xkcd, explains complexity through absurdity.

November 6, 20141:38 pm

In a small patient trial, the drug was shown to be effective at eradicating the superbug MRSA.

October 18, 201412:00 pm

The simulations showed that energy likely was deposited by electrons travelling at about 20 per cent of the speed of light.

October 16, 201412:53 pm

Satellite IRNSS is designed to provide accurate position information service to users in the country.

October 7, 20144:29 pm

Prize for the inventing blue light-emitting diodes, a new energy efficient and environment-friendly light source.

September 26, 20145:08 pm

The scientist said the most complex part of the mission was to keep an engine idle for 300 days and make it activate after a long gap.

September 25, 201410:01 am

On August 25, ISRO changed its Twitter handle from @ISROofficial to the shorter, easier-to-search-for @ISRO.

September 25, 20148:03 am

India is the first country in the world to make it to the Red Plant in the first attempt.

September 22, 20147:44 pm
Soon you can train your smartphone to respond to gestures

Researchers have now developed a new form of low-power wireless sensing technology that recognises gestures in the space around the phone.

September 23, 20148:14 am

Mars Orbiter Mission entered the Mars Gravitational Sphere of Influence ahead of its scheduled Orbit Insertion.

September 22, 20143:29 pm

The spacecraft is scheduled to enter the Mars Orbit Insertion on Wednesday.

September 22, 201410:08 am

Then Maven will start probing the upper atmosphere of Mars; it's not meant to land.

September 21, 20145:24 pm

Submissions are due by November 21. A winner will be announced in mid-January 2015 and receive an award of USD 20,000.

September 21, 201412:49 am

Higgs, now 85, doesn’t own a television or use email or a cellphone. Not that he is uninformed about the world around him.

September 21, 201412:37 am

It was taken on September 7 with a CIVA camera on Philae, from a distance of 50 km from the comet.

September 21, 201412:36 am

Despite a 10-fold hike in budget, NASA is way behind on its mission to track asteroids dangerous to Earth.

September 21, 201411:51 am

At any given time, 60-70 people are at work on the mission. The peak period has been 11 am to 11 pm IST, when the Orbiter would be visible from ground station near Bangalore.

September 18, 20142:03 pm

The dwarf galaxy containing the black hole, called M60-UCD1, is the densest galaxy ever seen, researchers said.

September 18, 201411:30 am

The micro cold storage system has a capacity of 5 metric tonnes and a price varying between Rs 5 to 6 lakh.

September 16, 20149:08 pm

Colossal squid sometimes inhabit the world of fiction and imagination, but have rarely been seen in daylight.

September 14, 20141:42 am

To prove the hypothesis about how nutrients are transported in plants, a biologist is at work for 20 years.

September 14, 20141:40 am

Its rotary joints are extremely resilient; the smallest, at the wrist, can withstand up to six tonnes of pressure.

September 12, 20145:23 pm

The researchers at the Chalmers University in Sweden have succeeded in making acoustic waves couple to an artificial atom.

September 12, 201412:19 pm

The storm is moving medium fast, about 2.5 million mph meaning the soonest it could arrive is early Friday.

September 10, 20147:24 pm

The disposal of nuclear waste is very challenging, with very large volumes destined for burial deep underground.

September 10, 20146:25 pm

GEDI will provide crucial information about the impact that trees have on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

September 7, 20143:35 pm

The Higgs field is credited with giving other particles mass by slowing their movement.

September 7, 201412:46 am

Scientists looking across human, fly and worm genomes find shared choreography.

September 3, 20146:36 pm
Google starts quantum computing research project with NASA and USRA

The project aims to build new quantum information processors based on superconducting electronics.

September 3, 20146:32 pm

Unlike malariachikungunya is a virus carried by the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquito species.