Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015
March 25, 20153:51 pm
NASA's rover Curiosity has detected the first traces of nitrogen on the surface of Mars, a discovery that adds to the evidence that the red planet could have once supported life.

A team using the Sample Analysis at Mars instrument suite aboard NASA's Curiosity rover detected of nitrogen on Mars

March 18, 20156:27 pm

The draft policy is currently under discussion with all senior experts and stakeholders for finalization.

March 5, 20155:55 pm

The robot is capable of verbal communication and sets of facial expressions.

March 4, 20151:19 pm

Researchers discovered that an ice sample exposed to UV radiation under space-like conditions produces these essential ingredients of life.

February 25, 20154:14 pm

The component images for the self-portrait were taken in late January, while Curiosity was at a drilling site called "Mojave 2."

February 15, 20151:58 pm

The first version of the telescopic contact lens - which magnifies 2.8 times - was announced in 2013.

February 15, 201512:05 am

Recent techniques have helped those with Swyer’s Syndrome, in which a woman is genetically male but has female characteristics, give birth.

February 13, 20153:11 pm
The southern stretch is mostly uncrowded unlike the northern stretch where temples and religious activities keep the area abuzz with tourists and pilgrims. (Source: Express photo by Swati Chandra)

Jambeck forecasts that the cumulative impact to the oceans will equal 155 million metric tonnes by 2025.

February 8, 201512:40 am

The result has been more electric vehicles in California.

February 8, 201512:34 am

Neutrinos are everywhere. But that’s just what makes them difficult to detect.

February 8, 201512:25 am

‘Gas physics’ might explain the low pressure found in some balls used for the AFC championship game.

February 6, 201512:51 pm
Dwarf Ceres, Dwarf planet

The series of images of Ceres were taken on February 4, from a distance of about 145,000 kilometres.

January 29, 20154:23 pm
NASA congratulated ISRO for its Mars arrival.

They conclude that many of those gullies were formed by meltwater from icy deposits.

January 27, 20151:42 pm

Probes would last an estimated 15 minutes, according to planetary scientists writing in International Journal Space Science and Engineering.

January 27, 20151:32 pm

There are at least two types of neurons in the SFO, including ones that drive thirst and others that suppress it.

January 26, 20157:40 am

The writer is with CNRS, Sciences Po, Paris, and visiting scholar at the sociology department, Pune University.

January 23, 20156:15 pm

The experiment was carried out by a team from the University of Glasgow's Optics Group.

January 19, 20158:09 pm
A material discovered by ETH Zurich researchers led by Dr Semih Afyon and Reinhard Nesper may have the potential to double battery capacity.

A material discovered by ETH Zurich researchers led by Dr Semih Afyon and Reinhard Nesper may have the potential to double battery capacity.

January 18, 201512:00 am

The Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment, among others, has helped CERN become a leader in particle physics.

January 11, 201512:13 am

NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered more than 1,000 planets and some are quite Earth-like.

January 11, 201512:06 am

Five scientists look at the science we missed at the Indian Science Congress.

January 8, 20151:22 pm

VolcanoBot 1 was tasked with mapping the pathways of magma from May 5 to 9, 2014.

January 7, 20154:50 pm

The two most Earth-like planets of the group are Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b.

January 6, 20153:34 pm
ISRO IRNSS 1D satellite launch

The IRNSS 1D would put in place India's own navigation system on par with the Global Positioning System of the US.

January 4, 201512:00 am
coral reef technology

A quick-grow lab technique may make it possible to mass-produce reef-building corals.

January 3, 20153:24 pm

During ACL reconstruction surgeries, tunnels are drilled into the femur and tibia bones to hold the new ligament in a fixed position.

January 2, 20154:26 pm

The real alcohol is locked in the hospital pharmacy, ready to send over for the extra temptation of smell.

December 28, 20141:50 am

In 2015, data science sophistication will increase with an explosion of new tools.

December 28, 20141:32 am

2014 was a big year for space exploration.

December 27, 201412:35 pm

India is taking baby steps towards realising its ambition to send humans into space.

December 23, 20143:59 pm

According to the WHO, Ebola has killed more than 7,500 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

December 21, 201412:31 pm

That story is now coming to light, thanks to an ambitious international collaboration that has been underway for four years.

December 21, 20141:40 am

AI2 is an effort to advance artificial intelligence while simultaneously reaching back into the field’s past.

December 11, 20144:10 pm

WHO guidelines recommend that liquid wastes from patients be flushed down the toilet or disposed.

December 9, 20143:18 pm

In a statement NASA said why this layered mountain sits in a crater has been a challenging question for researchers.

December 7, 20143:46 pm

Artificial enzymes from genetic material hints at the possibility that life could evolve without DNA or RNA.