Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015
April 26, 20154:29 pm

Researchers have developed a revolutionary 4D printing technique which can create objects that change shape over time to suit their environment.

April 24, 20156:42 pm

The common name of the species is "pocket shark," and its scientific name is Mollisquama species.

April 20, 20151:21 pm

NASA is offering an award of up to $30,000 for innovative design ideas to protect a spacecraft's crew on the journey to Mars.

April 19, 201512:00 am
head transplant, sergio canavero, Valery Spridinov, first human head transplant, head transplant news, world news, science news, knowledge

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero is set to perform the world’s first head transplant — on 30-year-old Russian Valery Spridinov (inset), who suffers from a genetic muscle-wasting disease.

April 17, 20159:12 am
self-powered video camera, cave, video camera, Shree K Nayar, Columbia University

When the camera is not used to capture images, it can be used to generate power for other devices, such as a phone or a watch.

April 16, 20159:21 pm
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Pluto is getting its first close-up decades after planets such as Venus, Mars and Neptune received theirs.

April 14, 20154:04 pm

"Our measurements show that these conditions exist at night and just after sunrise in the winter, said Madsen.

April 13, 20157:45 pm

A Portuguese startup that aims to use solar-powered drones to provide wireless internet access to offline areas of the world claims to have successfully completed its maiden test flight.

March 25, 20153:51 pm
NASA's rover Curiosity has detected the first traces of nitrogen on the surface of Mars, a discovery that adds to the evidence that the red planet could have once supported life.

A team using the Sample Analysis at Mars instrument suite aboard NASA's Curiosity rover detected of nitrogen on Mars

March 18, 20156:27 pm

The draft policy is currently under discussion with all senior experts and stakeholders for finalization.

March 5, 20155:55 pm

The robot is capable of verbal communication and sets of facial expressions.

March 4, 20151:19 pm

Researchers discovered that an ice sample exposed to UV radiation under space-like conditions produces these essential ingredients of life.

February 25, 20154:14 pm

The component images for the self-portrait were taken in late January, while Curiosity was at a drilling site called "Mojave 2."

February 15, 20151:58 pm

The first version of the telescopic contact lens - which magnifies 2.8 times - was announced in 2013.

February 15, 201512:05 am

Recent techniques have helped those with Swyer’s Syndrome, in which a woman is genetically male but has female characteristics, give birth.

February 13, 20153:11 pm
The southern stretch is mostly uncrowded unlike the northern stretch where temples and religious activities keep the area abuzz with tourists and pilgrims. (Source: Express photo by Swati Chandra)

Jambeck forecasts that the cumulative impact to the oceans will equal 155 million metric tonnes by 2025.

February 8, 201512:40 am

The result has been more electric vehicles in California.

February 8, 201512:34 am

Neutrinos are everywhere. But that’s just what makes them difficult to detect.

February 8, 201512:25 am

‘Gas physics’ might explain the low pressure found in some balls used for the AFC championship game.

February 6, 201512:51 pm
Dwarf Ceres, Dwarf planet

The series of images of Ceres were taken on February 4, from a distance of about 145,000 kilometres.

January 29, 20154:23 pm
mars, mars trip, mars flight, planet mars

They conclude that many of those gullies were formed by meltwater from icy deposits.

January 27, 20151:42 pm

Probes would last an estimated 15 minutes, according to planetary scientists writing in International Journal Space Science and Engineering.

January 27, 20151:32 pm

There are at least two types of neurons in the SFO, including ones that drive thirst and others that suppress it.

January 26, 20157:40 am

The writer is with CNRS, Sciences Po, Paris, and visiting scholar at the sociology department, Pune University.

January 23, 20156:15 pm

The experiment was carried out by a team from the University of Glasgow's Optics Group.

January 19, 20158:09 pm
A material discovered by ETH Zurich researchers led by Dr Semih Afyon and Reinhard Nesper may have the potential to double battery capacity.

A material discovered by ETH Zurich researchers led by Dr Semih Afyon and Reinhard Nesper may have the potential to double battery capacity.

January 18, 201512:00 am

The Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment, among others, has helped CERN become a leader in particle physics.

January 11, 201512:13 am

NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered more than 1,000 planets and some are quite Earth-like.

January 11, 201512:06 am

Five scientists look at the science we missed at the Indian Science Congress.

January 8, 20151:22 pm

VolcanoBot 1 was tasked with mapping the pathways of magma from May 5 to 9, 2014.

January 7, 20154:50 pm

The two most Earth-like planets of the group are Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b.

January 6, 20153:34 pm
ISRO IRNSS 1D satellite launch

The IRNSS 1D would put in place India's own navigation system on par with the Global Positioning System of the US.

January 4, 201512:00 am
coral reef technology

A quick-grow lab technique may make it possible to mass-produce reef-building corals.

January 3, 20153:24 pm

During ACL reconstruction surgeries, tunnels are drilled into the femur and tibia bones to hold the new ligament in a fixed position.

January 2, 20154:26 pm

The real alcohol is locked in the hospital pharmacy, ready to send over for the extra temptation of smell.

December 28, 20141:50 am

In 2015, data science sophistication will increase with an explosion of new tools.