Sunday, Aug 31, 2014
August 30, 20142:13 pm
creative woof

If you habitually listen to songs on your phone's or laptop's speaker, then the Creative Woof is a good option.

August 28, 20148:57 pm
The Gear S will start selling in October, but there is no pricing available yet.

Gear S, differs from its predecessors with a bigger 2-inch (5 cm) curved display and will run on Tizen OS

August 28, 20147:43 am
samsung NX Mini SMART

Samsung NX Mini SMART camera comes with 1-inch 20 MP BSI CMOS sensor, NFC and WiFi.

August 22, 20148:47 pm
logitech Z 213 multimedia speakers

Logitech Z 213 multimedia speakers comes with two satellite speakers and a dedicated sub-woofer.

August 21, 20142:07 pm
Creative T30W_PR

The T30 has been created for a mobile environment devices with wireless connectivity

August 19, 20143:15 pm
sony 4K sd card

Available in 32GB and 64GB, the cards offer data transfer speeds of 95MB/s (read) and 90MB/s (write).

August 19, 20142:16 pm
Hp Stream 14

HP's Stream 14, priced at under $200, comes with a 14-inch screen and Windows 8.1 OS. Might kill Chromebooks.

August 16, 20146:41 pm
Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 review

Smart Pulse M 9010 looks like a watch and is worn as one. But the toughest thing to do is to check time on it.

August 14, 20147:43 pm
LG launches X-BOOM PRO sound system at Rs 1,24,000

LG launches X-BOOM PRO has a built-in DJ sound effect called the Smart DJ that mixes music together.

August 13, 20144:12 pm
Prices start Rs 790

Both headphones will please bass lovers and have a 30mm dynamic driver

August 11, 201410:52 am

I will also suggest this primarily for people who need an extra wireless keyboard for a windows desktop or laptop

August 9, 20144:19 pm
binatone 3G SIM-based Mifi Router with Turbo Power Bank

Binatone is offering both connectivity and power support in one device.

August 7, 20145:18 pm
portronics power slice portable charger

Weighing 75 gms, the Power Slice can connect to only one device at a time.

August 7, 20144:31 pm
Logitech Bluetooth Adapter

Logitech is offering its Bluetooth audio adapter for Rs. 1,995.

August 7, 20142:26 pm
Harman Kardon Nova

The Harman Kardon Nova delivers all the power you need for a powerful home audio system.

August 7, 201410:29 am
Garmin vivofit

Garmin vívofit comes with a decent sized curved display and has a battery life of over a year.

August 5, 201412:45 pm

The Powershell will make you want to hide your iPhone

July 31, 20145:34 pm

LG launches its first Chromebase computer which is powered by Google Chrome OS.

July 31, 201411:00 am
Bose FreeStyle has a very young look

FreeStyle is a good in-ear headphone set for people looking for something to replace smartphone ear-buds

July 30, 20143:33 pm

Willing to spend Rs 10,000 for a backpack which solar charges your phone? This is a complete No No.

July 29, 20147:01 pm
MacBook Pro with Retina display now has a faster processors, double the memory a lower price

The starting price of the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro has also been cut by Rs 11,000 to Rs 78,900.

July 28, 20143:53 pm

The 3G card is for small offices, home users, business professionals and families with multiple devices.

July 22, 20145:00 pm

Three choices of one-side cable style portable headphones: ATH-S500/ATH-S300/ATH-S100

July 21, 201410:47 pm

Phone maker Micromax today launched a 32-inch LED TV which would be sold exclusively on e-commerce platform

July 16, 20142:59 pm

Fine-tuned, and engineered for Women, the line is complimented by premium fabrics and materialization.

July 15, 20145:12 pm

The speakers uses special lighting effects to create a disco like appeal at home.

July 15, 20143:11 pm

The new XW H1/2/3 range of headphones H1/2/3 have balanced, clear sound with nothing added and nothing left out.

July 13, 201411:37 am

The super slim TV has absolutely no controls on the front, is a compact LED TV with the 1080p full HD screen.

July 12, 20148:46 pm
Free with Sony Xperia Z2 and Rs 5,990

The Lifelog makes the Sony SmartBand the best and easiest wearable band in the market

July 8, 20147:36 pm

Spice will provide a Bluetooth notification, APK file that needs to be downloaded to pair with the watch.

July 7, 20144:59 pm

The headset has a voice prompt alert for pairing with Bluetooth devices and for power on/off.

July 4, 20142:29 pm

ATH-AX3 looks plasticky, but is a good option for serious music lovers.

July 3, 20146:50 pm

The three headsets are optimised for MP3, iPod, iPhone and portable media players

July 3, 201411:18 am
The 3M anti-glare screen cost Rs 1,600

There will be some of us who are willing to spend Rs 1,600 to protect our eyes.

July 2, 201410:17 pm

The company added a new Elite 700 series PCs in a range of desktop form factors.

July 1, 201410:54 am
The Media Centre version costs Rs 5,500

This is a good upgrade, one that makes a very innovative gadget more functional.


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