Wednesday, May 06, 2015
May 6, 201511:25 am
Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi Band, Xiaomi Mi 1, smartband, Mi band price, Mi Band sale, technology news

Xiaomi Mi Band is just another smartband with a game changing price-tag.

May 6, 20153:14 pm
Samsung Portable SSD T1, Samsung Portable SSD T1 price, Samsung Portable SSD T1 features, smallest SSD, lightest SSD, best SSD, technology news

Samsung Portable SSD T1 is meant for professionals and will be priced upwards of Rs 10,000

May 5, 20153:23 pm

A lot of new devices can easily power a full computer, but most of us still prefer to run to an old Windows XP PC in the office.

May 5, 20159:47 am

Much of today's wearable technology has its roots in these academic papers, labs and clunky prototypes.

May 5, 20159:28 am
Motorola, Moto 360, Moto 360 pirce cut, Moto 360 Flipkart

Moto 360 is compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher.

May 5, 20158:26 am

The biggest USP for Timex smartbands seems to be the company's large service network, as after-sales service is hard to find for the other brands in this space

May 4, 20153:27 pm

The power banks are packed with features like attractive colors, bold design and style

May 4, 201512:23 pm

Audio-Technica has launched a new flagship model of headphones as part of its M-series, the ATH-M70x Professional Monitor Headphones.

May 2, 20156:04 pm
Apple Watch, Apple Watch tattoo problems, Apple Watch Tattoo, Tattoogate, technology news

Apple has acknowledged that tattoos might interfere with the Apple Watch.

May 1, 20152:02 pm

Elon Musk's Tesla has entered a completely new segment. The company has announced two sets of lithium ion-based battery packs.

May 1, 20151:05 pm

Apple Inc's Watch has the lowest ratio of hardware costs to retail price across any Apple phone, according to IHS after a teardown study.

May 1, 201511:22 am

Sales of tablets suffer as people prefer smartphones

May 1, 201510:08 am
Micromax, Micromax Canvas LapTab, Micromax Canvas LapTab specs, Micromax Canvas LapTab price, Micromax Canvas LapTab launch Micromax Windows hybird, technology news

Powered by an Intel Atom processor, the Micromax Canvas LapTab is basically an 10.1-inchWindows tablet with a keyboard dock.

May 2, 20156:07 pm

Early adopters of the Apple Watch, Apple Inc's first new product in five years, are complaining that a number of its key functions are disrupted by their tattoos.

April 30, 20151:26 pm

Apple Inc limited availability of the Apple Watch after a key component supplied by a Chinese company was found to be defective.

April 30, 201512:50 pm

First 1,000 units will be sold for Re 1 and registrations for the same starts on April 28.

April 28, 20151:53 pm

China's Tencent Holdings Ltd launched on Tuesday an operating system for internet-connected devices such as TVs and watches that is open to all developers.

April 27, 20155:29 pm

What are critics saying about the saying new Apple Watch? We take a quick look at what the first reviews have said.

April 27, 20151:33 pm

Indulge yourself if you have the money. There is nothing to lose from owning a powerful lens like this.

April 27, 201512:31 pm

If you're one of those lucky few, who've managed to get an Apple Watch, here is everything you need to know about setting it up.

April 26, 20159:04 am

Software developers who tried on an Apple Watch for the first time on Friday predicted a rush of new apps over the next few months.

April 24, 20158:06 pm
Motorola, Moto 360, smartwatch, Moto 360 metal band, Moto 360 Flipkart, werables, technology news

Motorola India is also offering an extra 10% off for State Bank Debit and SBI Credit Card holders.

April 25, 20157:16 pm
Apple Watch, Apple India, Apple Watch India, Apple Watch pre-order, Apple Watch, is taking pre-orders of the Apple Watch from Indian customers.

April 23, 201512:48 pm
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will launch with a whisper rather than a bang on Friday, an unusual start for the company.

April 23, 201512:23 pm

Some Apple Watch buyers who thought they would have to wait until June to receive their new gadgets will get them sooner, Apple said.

April 21, 20156:55 pm
Acer, Acer India, Acer E5-511 laptop, cheap windows laptops, technology news

The Acer Aspire E5-511laptop is no doubt a good buy for those who are sure about their computing needs.

April 20, 201512:13 pm

Nothing wrong with these devices if you are not going for blazing fast performance

April 17, 20155:48 pm
Asus, Asus G751J, Asus G751J specs, Asus G751J gaming laptop, Asus G751J review, Asus G751J gami ng laptop review

Asus G751J is designed to ensure a smooth experience, even when you are overclocking the GPU to the fullest.

April 17, 20152:55 pm

Apple will start offering 'Apple Watch Basics' classes in some of its retail stores from 24 April. This is to help users learn about the Apple Watch.

April 17, 20159:21 am

Apple Inc's watches will not be available to buy in-store in May, according to a memo from Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts

April 16, 20159:13 am

About 6 percent of US adults plan to buy Apple Inc's smartwatch according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

April 15, 20153:58 pm
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro India, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro specs, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro India price, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Flipkart, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro details, technology news

Buy it if you think you will be able to find a use for the extra real estate as well as the projector.

April 14, 201512:14 pm

Apple Inc is likely to quickly ramp up production of the Apple Watch after strong pre-orders outstripped limited supply.

April 14, 201510:08 am

Apple Watch comes with a choice of watch case, band and size — there are 54 possible configurations in all. Here's all you need to know about the Apple Watch.

April 12, 20151:16 am
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It will also be the first mobile device to feature Dolby’s stunning Atmos technology.

April 11, 201511:53 am
Apple Watch

Within half an hour of launch, the company appeared to sell out the initial batch of watches available.