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Ryan murder case: It’s time to teach kids empathy

Kids need nurturing, a feeling of connectedness and a safe zone where they can discuss their problems and, most importantly, feelings. But, for that, one needs to put away the mobile phone and learn to talk emotions with a child.

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Will the twain of North & South Korea ever meet? Unlikely

At each of these Unification Centres we are shown short films — stark images of starving children, North Koreans crying and fanatically beating their chests at the demise of their Great Leaders, extreme poverty — a generally unhappy people.

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Indian struggles in 1917: On the eve of the Russian Revolution

In India, too, 1917 was a curtain-raiser to events two years later that would mark the beginning of mass involvement in the movement for freedom. As Gandhi’s critic M N Roy acknowledged in his memoirs, Lenin looked upon Gandhi “as the inspirer and leader of a mass movement” and “a revolutionary”.

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I am the khichdi, and this is my moment of glory

The Khichdi Story: From the high peaks of Himalayas to the serene backwaters of Kerala I withstood your constant demands for moulding me as per your needs. As you battled each other in the name of caste and religion, I stood there sternly uniting you as the one-pot meal suited for all.

Losing Jantar Mantar is like erasing our growing-up years

It was at Jantar Mantar that I watched Maya Krishna Rao perform her powerful “walk” in response to the December 2012 rape; heard Imphal-based protest musician Akhu sing about oppression; and saw two men kiss each other passionately and without fear.

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Panchkula violence: Haryana CM Khattar has some answering to do, especially to judiciary

Gurmeet Ram Rahim case: At least 28 people were killed in the violence by the supporters of Dera chief as paramilitary troops and police personnel deployed outside special CBI court before the judgment failed to prevent the crowd buildup and the resultant mayhem.

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Hizbul Mujahideen ban goes global, but will it reach the Valley?

Though the Hizbul Mujahideen has been projected as the largest “Kashmiri” militant group, during the last decade and half, it had lost the appeal to a more radical section such as the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad.

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Misogyny, sexism, threats: Women fight it all online too

A woman who dares to have an opinion and broadcast it too, is highly likely to be personally targeted by denizens with the aim to ‘put her in her place’ and see her silenced.

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In the minds of people in Bihar, communalism is not a tangible thing, corruption is

The expansion of the anti-secular constituency has to be reversed by fighting corruption.

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Another movie release, another controversy: How outraging on movies is almost part of the script

The paradoxical nature of an individual or a group’s objections or bans on films — that they end up generating a cloud of pre-release publicity and serve to pique audience interest — makes them a fertile ground for suspicion and conspiracy theories.

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s tweet highlights our fixation with skin colour, but it’s not simply ‘racism’

Headlines by many news outlets hailed Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s tweet as criticism of a ‘racist’ remark in Bollywood. But is it really racism that we are talking about?

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What are Mayawati’s options now?

Mayawati’s term as MP from Rajya Sabha comes to an end in April 2018. The BSP chief cannot be reappointed to the Upper House on her own as her party suffered humiliating defeat in the recently held Uttar Pradesh Assembly election.

Silly season for Indian politicians!

And one didn’t expect Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi to come up with this male-bashing statement—”Which men have committed suicide? I have not heard/read of a single case.” A very Pappu thing to do, we would think!

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Noida’s Mahagun Moderne episode is a reminder of discrimination, vulnerability of domestic helps

The specific nature of domestic workers, their workplaces and their employment relations are not dealt with under existing laws and concepts.

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Make road to root searches hurdle-free

Every year, thousands of adopted individuals begin and end their journey to find their biological parents in Pune and other cities of Maharashtra that have traditionally been adoption hubs of the country.

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West Bengal is bullying a small Himalayan state

Sikkim is sandwiched between Tibet, which has flared up on the one hand, and the active non-cooperation of the West Bengal authorities on the other.

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Why is vegetarianism in India linked to purity?

Purity, pollution, authority, and tradition were found to be the chief concerns of Indian vegetarians, as per a 2013 study, as opposed to universalism, animal and environmental welfare which concern vegetarians elsewhere.

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Why I support #NotInMyName: My daughter is Shahana. And I will stand like a wall if that name bothers you

Do I support it? Yes, I do. Warts and all. Some people (and, an admission: most of my “ideas” about the “rest”, and the rest there appeared many, were formed from social media posts. So I apologise if I am missing you out, dear reader) had questioned the nomenclature.

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The PM’s Trail: Modi’s triumphal US visit has many sub-texts

The symbolism of Prime Minister Modi embracing Donald Trump is matched by the substantive direction of the India-US relationship, on terrorism, Pakistan as well as the economy.

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The PM’s trail: Why is Modi not breaking his silence over Junaid Khan

Even as he focuses on his all-important meeting with the US President, all the PM’s men have not had one word to say in condolence on the lynching of a 15-year-old boy

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Sadak ka goonda comment: Sandeep Dikshit’s remarks unsavoury, but did Gen Rawat bring it on himself?

The office of the Chief of Army Staff is an exalted one and that which should be kept away from the hurly burly of political oneupmanship

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Maharashtra farmers’ strike is also about politics and power

Fadnavis government in the state was not helped by the party’s internal struggles in dealing with the farmers’ strike which has continued despite the announcement of a loan waiver.

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Nepal: Are the Supreme Court and Parliament still on collision course?

Legislators accuse Karki of playing ‘favouritism’ in constituting the bench for this issue, and fast tracking it while a similar case is pending before the court for the past three years.

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Nepal: Are the Supreme Court and Parliament still on collision course?

CJ Karki, who is to retire on June 10, due to her age, has not held any bench since but has assigned cases to benches as usual.

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Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution stayed: Moral victory for India, but his fate remains in the hands of Pakistan’s generals

To get a sense of what choices Islamabad faces, it’s important to get a sense of what the The Hague has actually said.

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ICJ order on Kulbhushan Jadhav decoded: It’s actually a win each for India and Pakistan at The Hague

Sushma Swaraj tweeted her gratitude to India’s counsel at the Hague, who had argued that there was significant concern that Pakistan’s military court would have executed Jadhav in the dead of night.

Pakistan’s military courts are a shortcut to fix larger ills plaguing its judiciary, and it’s not working

Pakistan’s judiciary — historically, arguably, the most vibrant section of its civil society — has been crumbling under a weak state that cannot afford it protection.

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Why the mythology of an incorruptible Kejriwal is important for AAP

The story the party weaved was that Kejriwal was incorruptible, allowing him incredible and almost unprecedented electoral success.

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Sofa, AC at slain BSF constable’s home run counter to CM Yogi’s image he hopes to create

The Chief Minister talked to the family in the drawing room and was photographed handing over a cheque to the martyr’s family.

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Why the TMC needs to hold onto power at the grassroots level in Bengal

The violence, which marked the civic polls in three of the seven municipalities of Bengal, is perhaps a reflection of the ruling Trinamool Congress’s desperation to hold onto power at the crucial grassroots level.

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OBOR issue: India’s balancing continues

The balancing act of handling the Chinese threat along with economic development goals is a leitmotif in the Indo-Chinese geopolitical landscape.

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RSS’ custom babies and Hindutva theory of Aryans as the ‘original Hindus’

A local myth suggests that German women traveled to India to be impregnated by the Aryan ‘seed’.

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Putting the system to test: NEET controversy shows how implementation of rules can be senseless

Interpreting instruction in an over-the-top manner, especially before an exam, is playing with people’s future prospects.

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These are the reasons why Macron’s win is unprecedented

Macron’s win is unprecedented. To have a man who has never held an elected office before, win on a national scale, with a one-year-old party certainly sets a new record for France.

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Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen: Here is what awaits France

The two finalist candidates for the Second Ballot cater to diametrically opposite visions for France, unlike the relatively sober differences between the traditional right and left parties in the past.

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The truth of ‘Blue Whale’ challenge: A game said to ‘brainwash’ teens into committing suicides

The claim is that “Blue Whale” game has been responsible for more than 130 suicides in Russia.