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Kimmel at Oscars and Gurmehar on Ramjas: The contrast in how protests are received

The reaction of the public at large on the violent and threatening reaction to a peaceful protest speaks volumes about the culture of protest in India and the even more ironically the ‘acceptability’ of forms of peaceful protest.

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Kargil martyr’s daughter mocked for slamming ABVP: Is Twitter pushing celebrities to cross the line?

Cricketer Virender Sehwag and actor Randeep Hooda took to Twitter to give their opinion on a Delhi University student who had posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter protesting against the ABVP.

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Kansas shooting: Inaction against racial attacks breed hate crimes in US

In 2017, there have been at least 55 mass shootings in the US, according to Gunviolencearchive.com. There have been 9,043 cases of gun violence.

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Why body shaming Ayesha Takia is not acceptable

It is the system of unfair expectations that needs to be tackled — not victims of it that need to broken.

Facebook Live could have helped me fight cops’ moral policing

Vishnu Vichu’s facebook live video of two cops morally policing him and his girlfriend, marks a new chapter in journalism in India. Not only does facebook live function as a distress signal for the citizens, but through it Vichu also assumed the role of a citizen journalist

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In Rabri’s call for Tejaswi, an RJD desperate to assert its position

Nitish Kumar’s support to BJP’s demonetisation has to do as much with his stand against corruption and black money as with keeping alliance partner Lalu Prasad his on toes.

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Dear CBFC, the idea of women having sexual fantasies shouldn’t seem alien to you

In the 21st century, films which are bold, provocative and re-sculpting the language of Indian cinema should be welcomed with open arms, not suppressed.

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BMC elections 2017: Uddhav Thackeray’s aggression seems to have paid off for Shiv Sena

Winning municipal elections, particularly in Mumbai and Thane is crucial for Sena to recover ground in the state. It will give the Sena a lot more space to fight the BJP in the government’s decisions at the state level.

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Making profits through unnecessary Caesareans: The dark underbelly of India’s healthcare industry

In this country, where conversations regarding women and their concerns are often eclipsed, there is alarming rise in the number of caesareans, feeding the healthcare industry’s money-making agenda

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Body shaming of policemen wrong but why can’t we have regular fitness tests for police like armed forces?

A physical test is mandatory to enter service. But does that mean the recruited police official will stay fit physically and by extension fit for duty till the time he/she retires?

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Health Ministry’s kit for adolescents marks a paradigm shift for a relatively conservative govt

Educational institutes in India have gained a notoriety for upholding and disseminating archaic ideologies pertaining to gender roles, relationships and gender identities. The Health Ministry’s kit challenges these very social norms and taboos.

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Is KCR’s donation to Tirupati temple trust a PR exercise on taxpayers’ money?

During his agitations, KCR reportedly vowed to present gold ornaments to appease deities if his wish for a separate Telangana state came true.

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Live video as a means to protest injustice comes to India too

Laws will have to change over time to take live streaming into consideration. Everyone has a smartphone and can go live at the click of a button these days.

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Can we have a mayoral committee govern our cities?

Last year, the debate of having a Mayoral committee entered public discourse, when Shashi Tharoor introduced it into the Parliament as a private member’s bill.

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From Tata Tea to Titan, Indian brands are adopting a new, socially-conscious language

There has been a surge of beautifully crafted, intelligently told Indian advertisements that either prod us to engage in sociopolitical issues with greater furor, or address issues pertaining to gender inequality and same-sex relationships

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Attack on Malayalam actress: media didn’t cover up privacy, sought sensationalism in coverage

The ethics is knowing when to hold back and how to perform damage-control. In sexual violence cases, that should be done by strictly prioritising survivors over sensationalism.

Donald Trump may have a tricky relationship with new NSA Lt Gen McMaster

Disagreements may cause conflict in the White House as Trump deals with a war veteran whose doctoral thesis ‘Dereliction of Duty’, published as a book in 1997 which won many accolades, questions the failure of generals of the Vietnam War.

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Shashi Tharoor is right, Ramayana and Mahabharatha must be celebrated for their literary brilliance

To read the two epics as a work of religion is unwarranted and nothing but politically motivated.

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Uttar Pradesh polls 2017: Gadhe ka vigyapan, behenji, poll campaigning gets more dramatic in UP

The race for majority in the 403 seat house has turned the fight into a bitter exchange of below the belt blows, personal attacks and non-issues highlighted to gain brownie points and applause to sway large crowds.

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PM Modi’s ‘graveyard’ remark was not divisive, media got it wrong     

PM Modi’s tirade against the current dispensation in Uttar Pradesh was woefully misinterpreted.

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Govt plans to restrict maternity benefit to first child only. As usual, it’s the women who suffer

One could argue that this step would reflect better in population control. Would it though? Or would just make it far worse for pregnant women who desperately need financial assistance?

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Kalindi Express derailment: Is the government swift enough to rectify security lapses?

The express train rammed the freight train from the back and its locomotive ripped apart a couple of bogies, which shows the severity of the accident.

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At JNVU, an attempt to gag intellectual exercise through bullying

What Professor Ranavat set out to do was her job, because teachers are responsible for providing opportunities for students to open up their minds to all point of views — even if some of them cause discomfort.

Chennai: A view of Tamilnadu Assembly during the  Vote of confidence motion in Chennai on Saturday.PTI Photo

Tamil Nadu Assembly drama: From Stalin to Palaniswami and Panneerselvam, how each protagonist played their role

What was meant to be a vote of confidence turned to a violent ruckus. Chairs were thrown, documents torn and hostility was rampant on the House floor.

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Delhi man run over multiple times: What has made bystanders in our cities so insensitive?

These incidents call into question how desensitised we as bystanders have become to ignore the dire need of victims of violence and accident.

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Tamil Nadu ruckus: People might have not seen what happened inside House, but they know for sure

What was witnessed from afar on TV screens was in fact behavior befitting goons, rather than elected representatives of the people.

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Is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra the feminist icon India has been waiting for?

Perhaps, it’s time that this country spawns a leader who is a vocal and fierce women’s rights advocate.

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Smriti Irani’s latest attack on Priyanka Gandhi only ends up amplifying her importance in UP elections

While Irani’s effort to drag Priyanka into a petty political battle may be deemed as petulant behavior, all eyes are currently on Priyanka who is campaigning in Raebareli

Attack on Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine was an attack on everything Sufism stands for

Sufi shrines are visited both by minority Shiite and Sunni Muslims, but radical militant groups like the Islamic State consider the practice to be against Islam

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Demonetisation 100 days: PM Narendra Modi’s pledge to fight black money and his push for digital economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has meandered around the idea of demonetisation but never clearly gave away his agenda.

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After two ceremonies and a funeral, can we please move on Tamil Nadu’s sake

In the last two months, Tamil Nadu has dominated the media attention. In the last two months, there have been two swearing in ceremonies, a funeral and a prison sentence; there has been Cyclone Vardah and the Jallikattu fiasco. Perhaps it’s time to finally move on.

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Proposed Lok Sabha bill to prevent extravagant and wasteful expenditure in weddings: Pros and Cons

A legal fix for a social issue is a hard sell in pragmatic situations, as it proposes to regulate a strictly private affair of citizens.

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MNS mantra: If you engage in gunda-gardi, you will be rewarded

The MNS nominates the wives of two party members who participated in wrecking havoc before the release of Ae Dil Hai Muskhil. In doing so, it conveys that those who participate in gunda-gardi will be rewarded, directly or indirectly.

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ISRO shows why we have to invest more on innovative institutions

Consider this to be a swift boost for the Indian morale to stratospheric levels. With its 35th successful PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle ) mission, this is a proud moment for India – its homegrown space agency has successfully transcended the records established by Russia and the United States.

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Sasikala seems to take pledge at Jayalalithaa’s memorial, thumps ground thrice before heading for prison

Sasikala was convicted in the case for amassing illicit wealth and conspiracy. But the court that convicted her, found Jayalalithaa guilty as well. So, her invoking Jayalalithaa sends various signals.

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Patriotism cannot be taught nor enforced: After cinema halls, is the national anthem compulsory in theater halls as well?

Can we explicitly convey our sense of patriotism? Can we express how emotionally bound we are to our country?