U.R. Rao's work laid the foundation for India's satellite programme

Capping stent prices may affect indigenous research, innovation

Mithali's team stole not only hearts but eyeballs as well

More than the Doklam issue, Bhutan worried about hydropower deficits

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Bangladeshi refugees, Dalai Lama, US President Jimmy Carter
June 30 1977 forty years ago: Atal Bihari Vajpayee on refugees

On China, the minister said that based on the old five principles (panchsheel), we must have as our goal the forging of beneficial bilateral relations as is appropriate between two large Asian countries.

Let Harry go

Those who grew up with J.K. Rowling’s works have not had a chance to grow out of them

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The ineffective state

After the Delhi 2012 gangrape, outrage and breast-beating became the substitute for thoughtful analysis and policy-making. Let it not happen again, after the lynchings

Law and disorder

In a notable departure, the police in Giridih have foiled a lynch mob

The PM’s word

It could be a mere Akhlaq echo. Or it could be a beginning

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Why we need nuclear power

Solar power may be price competitive, but it is subject to vagaries of weather

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Don’t Tax Clean Energy

GST Council’s confusion on solar power casts doubt on its commitment to renewables

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A school without textbooks

We need to nurture skills, encourage children to engage with environment

Modi US visit, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, India US ties, India US new schemes, Trump on China, Trump on US
Redraw the triangle

New Delhi had tilted too far towards the US, been too aggressive with China

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Dalits, rotting carcasses and a monsoon

One year after the Una flogging incident which became a defining moment in Dalit self-awareness, Gujarat’s Dalits are eyeball-to-eyeball with a state which prefers symbolism to taking hard decisions on their uplift.

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Why I support #NotInMyName: My daughter is Shahana. And I will stand like a wall if that name bothers you

Do I support it? Yes, I do. Warts and all. Some people (and, an admission: most of my “ideas” about the “rest”, and the rest there appeared many, were formed from social media posts. So I apologise if I am missing you out, dear reader) had questioned the nomenclature.

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Iran’s Khamenei names Kashmir, calls for jihad

Among the most wanted stone pelter in the Valley is a seven-year-old. If the average age of stone-pelters in J&K is from 7-17 years, the Indian state is sitting on a volcano that is belching lava.

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China takes a leap of faith in the Hindu Kush

As Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi’s travels to the AfPak region demonstrate, the US may even feel relieved that China is stepping in because the US has exhausted its strategic options in Afghanistan.

Chowkidars Of The Raj

The incident at Delhi Golf Club illustrates unreformed colonial attitudes. One can see the stone-etched names of such contractors while moving towards the Viceregal Palace, now renamed, as the Rashtrapati Bhawan. They and their children inherited the membership of elite clubs like Delhi Golf Club.

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The Modi-Trump meeting, in detail: 5 hours, 3 hugs, 2 handshakes

The Modi-Trump meeting, in detail: Not bad for two gentlemen whom we saw perched rather uncomfortably on the edge of their seats in the White House where Times Now had claimed they would meet for “5 hours, one to one”.

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Progress in the making

Unlike earlier initiatives, ‘Make In India’ is addressing the constraints to manufacturing sector growth

Darjeeling protests, Gorkhaland, West Bengal protests, Gorkha janmukti Morcha, GJM,
A Gorkhaland West Bengal could live with

A constitutional amendment is possible to create a state without bifurcating an existing state

Global Entry Programme, Trump Administration, Indians entry into US, Mazie K Hirono
Read between the US lines

India-US relations in the age of Trump are becoming more transactional, less strategic

Any Time Money

Fifty years after the first ATM, a cashless economy beckons

Party and state

For the BJP, the statehood demand of the Gorkhaland agitation presents a new dilemma

Don’t be evil

The fining of Google by EU’s competition commissioner is not just about the money

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Letter to the Editor: Forced refugees

But the reason people gave the BJP a clear majority was because they believed the party’s promise to bring about change. But what we see today are a minority forced to become refugees in their own land.

PM Narendra Modi, Donald trump, H1-B visa, H1B visa, Sushma Swaraj
Modi-Trump multiple embraces signals India-US ties on strong footing

The joint statement reaffirmed US-India strategic convergence, but didn’t resolve the question of whether the two countries similarly look at the China challenge – without which US-India defence cooperation could eventually wane

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By naming Salahuddin, is Trump mediating in Kashmir?

The US terrorist declaration against Salahuddin is a diplomatic win for India. But it will not create any problems for Pir sahib. He isn’t interested in visiting the US or having assets there

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View From The Right: The GST challenge

Underlining the structural changes the GST requires, the editorial in Organiser stresses that “not only the government agencies but our traditional business houses will have to adapt to the new regime”.

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For J&K, lessons from Chauri Chaura

The lynching of Ayub Pandit must make people of the Valley pause and ask: Is the Kashmiri soul being brutalised ? Kashmiri leaders will have to talk to their people frankly like Gandhi did after Chauri Chaura.

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Diplomacy’s edge

Saudi Arabia’s ultimatum to Qatar threatens to deepen conflict in the region.

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A city laid waste

A new rapid bioremediation process that can remove garbage hills and end their ill effects, promises a low-cost solution to waste management and disposal. It is very important that alternative technologies are carefully evaluated on their merit.

innocent vareed thekkethala, kerala mp, malayalam film industry, malayalam film, association of malayalam movie artistes, amma, women in cinema collective, indian express news
Reform gently

Government needs to hand-hold small businesses through the initial transition to the GST regime.

innocent vareed thekkethala, kerala mp, malayalam film industry, malayalam film, association of malayalam movie artistes, amma, women in cinema collective, indian express news
A Trumpian tango

India-US move forward on defence, but there are disturbing signals on the economic relationship.

Forty Years Ago, June 28, 1977: Presidential Polls

The Election Commission announced the programme for the election to fill the office of the president.

Ram Nath Kovind, Ram Nath Kovind NDA presidential candidate, Kovind, Lok Sabha MP R Radhakrishnan, All India NR Congress chief N Rangasamy, indian express news
Dalit vs Dalit

But the presidential contest invokes a hollowed-out caste identity, distanced from its ground realities.

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Call It By Its Name

India needs to legally reclassify hate crimes as acts of terror.

An elopement in Bijnor

Love will find a way even in communally sensitive Bijnor, where the Hindu Jagran Manch is up in arms about a young couple who recently decided to get married.

prime minister narendra modi, modi on cow protection, modi on lynching, lynch mobs, lynching, narendra modi, Sabarmati Ashram, mob lynching narendra modi, mob lynch narendra modi, indian express opinions
The PM’s Trail: Modi’s triumphal US visit has many sub-texts

The symbolism of Prime Minister Modi embracing Donald Trump is matched by the substantive direction of the India-US relationship, on terrorism, Pakistan as well as the economy.

Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud
Letter to the Editor: Crown of thorns

The crown prince’s appointment comes at a time when the kingdom is mired in number of crises like drop in oil price, the Arab Spring, war in Yemen and more recent crisis with Iran and Qatar.